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  • "Greed Is Good"

    By ScooterChapman
    Have to disagree with the other reviewers here, who claim this is simply record company greed. These are different versions, and in my opinion, better versions in some cases. Compare "Time To Bum Again" with the previously released version. This version features drums and sounds to me like what you might have heard if Waylon played it live at the bar down the street. It rocks, you know? This version of "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" is fantastic, even better than Johnny Cash I think. And "Just To Satisfy You" is nearly twice as long as the hit version. You get more bang for your buck! Yup, if this is greed, Gordon Gekko had it right: "Greed is good."

    By C_E_Y
    Love this album. It's nice to hear these songs raw from one of country's greatest. Real country!!!

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