The Very Best of Sting & The Police - Sting & The Police User Reviews

  • Police

    By Cinderella Boy
    They are so good they can influence people in so many was my favorite song is Roxanne it’s a really good song
  • Classic

    By Snake_Eyes_J3
    What's not to like??
  • Best of the Best of Sting

    By Strong Eco Warrior Wombyn my personal opinion. I will never stop loving these following songs: Desert Rose (I was 10 years old when I saw the music video and for the longest I was trying to find the song. It felt like a distant memory/dream I couldn’t recall until 11 years ago when I re discovered this gem) Every Breath You Take Fields of Gold Fragile
  • Eh....

    By Runner_812
    The melding of songs from The Police catalog with some of Sting’s solo “hits” only serves as a reminder of how much better Sting was with the accompaniment of Messrs Copeland and Summers. An overall pointless collection.
  • Awesome and just genuine!!!

    By Nittany06
    I have loved The Police and Sting since I was a kid and I’m 34. This is truly a very artistic band!!
  • Love it

    By writemydreams
    So many great songs!

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