The Very Best of Ultravox - Ultravox User Reviews

  • It's a must if you don't have all of them....

    By TJSkierka
    The Best Of Ultravox is one of those albums you buy first and then think...maybe I should get the songs that I am missing....It's a spectacular collection and playlist. Those purist who complain that there is no representation of John Foxx era should also understand that there is a reason they call this...THE BEST. Thankful it does not disregard White China and the songs for U-Vox which wasn't a bad album and never released in America until later for some unknown reason, yet it managed to garner three hits. Put this album on your playlist...put on the headphones and drift to a time when these musicians took time to make something more than a bunch of hooks and beats to dance too. It's music that you pay attention to all of the sounds and lyrics. One Small Day and Passing Strangers will blow your speakers and for the young geeks of our early day...the music withstands our dungeons and dragons.

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