The Visitors - ABBA User Reviews

  • The real ABBA gold

    By Owenr1000
    This has to be ABBA's most mature and brilliant albums. Each song is expertly done, no bland dance music. The Visitors is a dark and thrilling story of home invasion by the government. Head Over Heels is a spunky tune about a strong personality. Two for the Price of One is a fun and slightly messed up story of a threesome hookup. When All is Said and Done is a song based off the divorces of two of the band members, it's a sweet and peaceful end. I Let the Music Speak is haunting and beautiful at the same time, full of thoughtful ideas of the life of a singer. One of us is another breakup song of regret and pain Soldiers is a wise song that talks about fear in a very mature way Like an Angel Passing Through my Room is a calming and thoughtful moment The Day Before you Came is a masterpiece of mood and tone Should I Laugh or Cry is a perfectly composed melody that is so much fun to listen to And lastly the bands last single, Under Attack which has a timeless sound to it and will be remembered forever.
  • One of the Best

    By Hanglono4$,
    One of their best albums ever, this has some hidden gems, like The Day Before You Came
  • Love this album!

    By Smilelover44
    I think that this group will always be an important part of music. Such clear vocals and touching songs on this album.
  • Abba's last album

    By therreid
    It had some of their best work. So underrated! The title song, the visitors brings the group into the 80s with it's futuristic sound. Way ahead of its time! Head over heels is very catchy and addicting. When all is said and done most likely talks about Benny and Frida's split and has a very good message, the love still goes on but just in a different way :). Slipping through my fingers is the saddest song of all time :'( but I still love it so much. The day before you came is such a Beautiful song and video. Agnetha proves she still has it even in their last album. Under attack was their last single and was also way ahead of its time. It sounds like it could have been made now imo. Even though abba's last album had a more melancholy sound, it was still genius, and very underrated.