Therapy Session - NF

Therapy Session - NF


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2016-04-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2016 Capitol CMG Label Group

Therapy Session - NF Tracks

Therapy Session - NF User Reviews

  • بد

    By الدطبدر
    😊I love it
  • I love you

    By dosododododod
    NF’S music is so good and I live it so much becuse I can really relate to it on a personal level. NF is the reason why I’m alive, just a few months ago I was on the verge of suicide until I discovered him. I realized I’m not alone and that I can get through what’s happening. I’m a side note I cried during his song “why would you leave us”

    By drachbro
    NF is a master lyricist, probably the best I’ve heard.
  • Real music. Not trash

    By Jaycee/ NF fan
    i love this album it is my favorite one from NF. the song "how could you leave us" just broke me. i understand how he feels, loosing someone that you where really close to is hard. the rest of the music just speaks to me. i am sooo happy i found NF. this album is how i found him. im kinda sad i didnt find him until 2018 i wish i would have found him sooner. if your looking for a good Christian rapper you might be able to relate to then i recomend NF.
  • I’m adopted and my birth parents gave me away because they didn’t want me

    By LuLuPlayz(Subscribe Pleaz)
    Yo I feel the same way. I can’t believe my birth parents would leave me and abandon me. I feel angry, sad, and left alone. I have a picture of my birth mom, but like you, I need the real thing. NF, you inspire me, but I still feel down. Thanks for the songs NF. Amazing rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  • Amazing

    By Zack1232684
    He has been an awesome friend to me and this is the lest that I can do for him. It is all TRUE
  • Thank You

    By Junior from problem child
    WOW. The song oh lord helped me get threw some tough times in life.
  • This album is AWESOME!!!!!!!

    By peppapigfordayzzz
    The song “How could you leave us” literally made me cry. I almost don’t want to play it because it makes me cry every time but it’s NF come on !! His lyrics are so real and genuine. And I agree that although the gospel is happy and joyful, there is also anger in it. Righteous anger. There is a verse in the Bible that says that it is ok to be angry but have righteous anger. NF is amazing and I listen to him every day!🔥😜🙌
  • Most Consistent rapper Ever WOW

    By Sylence 2015
    This guy is ridiculous his skill level is so high and the beat choices always on par. Every song you can really hear the passion and the truth. You can try to find a song you won’t like but hey good luck cuz all of his music is great. NF albums are always worth buying the whole album not just individual tracks buy all of his music you won’t regret it. There a reason his albums are all very high rated with nothing but high praising reviews
  • Nf

    By Sachabrewer
    Is incredible