They Don't Know - Jason Aldean User Reviews

  • Better but it’s time to drop the rap and go back to good county like Garth Brooks

    By Kaname2010
    Let’s start this off right
  • Actually, we all know

    By JJO1995
    Same old same old in the Nashville world I guess. “Bro, let’s makes some songs about small towns, pickups and beer! That’s country!” Great. Real creative. Ain’t no one got time to listen to garbage
  • Great album, great voice.

    By Thejesus6
    Any Ol Barstool is great traditional-sounding country song. Jason Aldean has definitely carved his own style in modern Country music. I can relate to many songs on this album.

    By KamiBami
    I am absolutely in love with all these songs. Jason Alean is my favorite artist and he never disappoints.
  • Awesome music

    By Cyntnia88888
    Awesome music great voice I appreciate it all thank you very much I am a fan of his music and that is all about it all because he came to concert here in October 28 2017 last year I didn’t get to go to it because of the money
  • They Don’t Know

    By HU4L7809
    His best album to date. Incredibly. Love this man’s music.
  • I love this album so much!

    By Ashley92054
    My favorite song is For The First Time with Kelsea! It’s a beautiful duet.
  • This is his best song yet

    By Chloe Bre
    I literally just love Jason and his songs. I have no words! 😇🧡
  • Awful

    By Fastbullet27
    I hate junky pop country, he writes about the same thing just changes up the notes
  • Pretty Good!

    By 1_country_boyBRS
    I'd have to say I could listen to they don't know on repeat for hours! Like his past hits like Fly Over States, She's Country, Big Green Tractor, and The Truth, They Don't Know in my opinion is his best song on the album.