This Could Be Heartbreak - The Amity Affliction User Reviews

  • I’m F$&!?D Up

    By L.R.V. 206
    What an amazing album beyond stoked with the music these guys continue to put out.
  • Come back to the nati ASAP.

    By Iuggdsdchj
    Even better Live if you are in the USA and you miss them shame on you. #graveyardtour2017
  • Amazing, But One Request

    By Superspeed0522928
    Guy's it's an amazing album, got it when it first came out and love every song on it. I just have one request though. I think it'd be awesome to hear A Sleepless Winter done over again with how you guys are now. From how you've progressed from Glory Days. I know it's a lot to ask for and I'm pretty sure you get requests all the time but if you could that'd be awesome.
  • A Decent Album

    By Gumpers96
    The singles are good. The rest of the songs are decent at best. Worth the buy.
  • Amazing

    By xXTacoGrandeXx
    This is by far their best album and I can't wait to see what else they got later in the future!
  • Not metal just like....

    By Coolcolbyisfun
    All the bands that get on the charts. iTunes you need to put this in like rock or something
  • what is this?

    By Ryantheblazed
    Screaming then singing like a boy band, then popy preppy rock? lame, just because you put a little bit or guitar in there and scream doesnt make you hard or metal! This sounds like moody music for agnst ridden 14 year old girls
  • Absolutely Wonderful

    By Shadowninja12
  • love!!

    By pupper 3003
    Been listening to TAA for 2 1/2 years and this is my favorite album yet💞💞
  • Flawless

    By Pandasixx
    Wouldn't change a thing. It's the definition of perfection.

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05 October 2021
Tuesday 06:30 PM
Sleeping With Sirens with The Amity Affliction
Cargo Concert Hall - Reno, NV 89501
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