Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors - Tim McGraw User Reviews

  • All We Ever Find

    By redmayniac4ever
    This song is everything I grew up with. I used to sing it on the way to preschool when I was five. I HIGHLY recommend this album but especially this song.
  • Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors

    By alyssakate18
    Such a great album! Reminds me of my childhood when my mom and I would listen to this in the car :) Great songs and amazing memories to go with it
  • Best Album Ever

    By Jessk4
    This is my favorite album, country or otherwise. Every song is awesome. I have had it since it came out and I've never gotten sick of it. My favorite song on here is "Home."
  • Amazing

    By k double dizzle
    This album is without a doubt a must buy for any Tim McGraw fan. From comfort me to tiny dancer, every song has a strong rhythm and great vocals from the man himself. If you just want one song to see what it's like, either buy comfort me, or that's why god made Mexico first. This album deserves a 5/5.
  • What!

    By Alwe
    This idiot redid Tiny Dancer, What a fuggin dip shid. It sounds like a big steaming pile of chesney dump.
  • HDillon

    By HDillon
    McGraw's 2nd best album: this is the first album that Tim recorded with his 'road' band... The Dancehall Doctors. Must Download: That's Why God Made Mexico!!
  • Using the Road Band was a good idea

    By fox_mulder03
    Love every song and every song sounds great live as the road band was his studio band. Real Good Man, Sing me Home, Who are They, and Tickin' Away are my favs.
  • Love It!

    By Football Is The Best
    "She's My Kind Of Rain" is a must!
  • So Good!!!

    By sky goddess
    Why didn't Tim receive more kudos for this album? It is so good! I like all kinds of music, and this colllection really shows off Tim and his band's talent. It seems to me that this album is hidden away. It shouldn't be. If you love Mr. McGraw..don't pass this one up.
  • Concert

    By Burlingtonkat
    Tim is fantasic in concert. I saw him when he was touring for this album. I love this album & enjoyed the show very much. In one on the songs, he sings another song about hitchhiling in a 18 wheeler.....what or whos song is that?

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