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  • Amazing!!!

    By Morgancorvett
    Sail On neVer sounded so good!!! LoVe It! You two can sing to me anytime! :))
  • This is a joke

    By boomer09
    The Tracy Lawrence song isn't even the one with Tim and Kenny, it's just Tracy singing a song by himself on a "Tim McGraw" album. How can you release an album like this and NOT include "Sell a Lot of Beer" by The Warren Brothers also featuring Tim and Kenny?? I've been searching for a high-quality copy of that song forever. The only good thing that could come out of the Tim/Curb Records situation would be for them to put out a bunch of unreleased Tim McGraw stuff (like the song "Dear Santa") so I will continue to hope for that. Buy Tim's real new album TWO LANES OF FREEDOM out on Tuesday, Feb 5, instead of this compilation.
  • Garbage!

    By NYFan
    I'm a big Tim Mcgraw fan. WARNING THIS IS NOT NEW MATERIAL! The songs that are on this are duets and most of them quite frankly stink! I wouldn't give a cent for this junk. Let me know when the real album comes out!
  • Awesome!

    By Stetzel20
    I love Tim McGraw, I love the music he puts out, and I can't wait for Two Lanes of Freedom!!
  • Curb Records is stupid!

    By klaybird
    Anything they put up from now on is just for money reasons. If they would have let Tim have his ways, then maybe their business would be flourishing. I hope nobody buys Curbs creations anymore.
  • Ermahgerd

    By ReviewsUcanTrust
  • Nice try Curb Records

    By Arealgoodman
    To put it simply, yes, this is a great album. However, it is all recycled music with hardly any new music. It is a pathetic attempt at yet another unnecessary McGraw compilation, and coincidentally his old record label that just lost to him in court releases it right before his album of new music on a much better record label. Two thumbs down to Curb Records for this sad shot at trying to make more money off of an artist that they lost due to their crappy treatment. When I say that, I mean how they treated both Tim creatively and us fans because we had to suffer through numerous greatest hits albums when Tim had new music ready and waiting for us that they delayed to keep him tied down to his contract. I give the album five stars because the songs are top notch, but if you must choose between this album and his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom coming out on February 5, please wait for the new material and don't support Curb records. I already have almost all of these songs on other albums, but if I did not, I would pirate them and not give Curb Records a penny of my money.
  • Curb trying to get there $$$$$$$

    By Honey4TJ
    I love Tim/his music so I'll give it a 5 but this is crazy. I already have the greatest songs that are on this CD so not gonna buy this one for principle. Waitiin on the new stuff!!!!!!!
  • Guess I will be buying 2 "new" Tim CDs

    By LaurenBruniFanUSA
    The music is good on this album, I couldn't figure out why Truck Yeah wasn't on this. Guess I was duped. Well played Curb. It's fine though, They'll be bankrupt now that he's gone and they are dropping all their acts.
  • Shame on you, Curb

    I HATE having to give this a low score, because I adore Tim McGraw. But this is simply absurd. Just an "up yours" to him RIGHT before he releases his new material. Not to mention, this is such a recycled album. Shameful.

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