Tim McGraw: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 - Tim McGraw User Reviews

  • Quite the wrong thing

    By scorpioneck
    Very bad of Curb. He released one two years ago, how much new stuff can you put on this one? How many people do you expect to buy this? Do you think we're stupid? Definitely a reason why Tim did not approve this being released. What a bad decision to do.
  • I<3THIS!

    By Joelle Clapier
    i don't care what you say this album is great!
  • Nine Lives

    By Dacord
    Wow. Who would have thought that Tim McGraw actually worked "Nine Lives" with Def Leppard. That song rocks.
  • Tracy Lawrence (Find Out Who Your Friends Are)?? Tim McGraw Greatest Hits?

    By ipkiss68
    I agree that this is not really a Greatest Hits album. 4 of the 12 are greatest hit for Tim. And what is with Tracy Lawrence track 9 on Tim McGraw's greatest hits? I love Tim's music, but it time for him to get rid of the record company and do it himself. Release and album on his own for free from his website and then have a spot for people to contribute for the album if they want. That would be big news and imagine how many more people would be exposed to Tim's music. I bet he would even make more money then through the record company.
  • Good songs, but Curb Records is not correct.

    By moosic33
    This is a good collection of songs, but Tim McGraw did not approve of this album. Curb Records, instead of releasing McGraw's new album, released another hits CD. I will not buy this in support of McGraw. Curb Records- learn to listen to your stars!
  • Great Job Tim!

    By Emmy_Line
    Why anyone would prefer the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus to this wonderful man is beyond me. Tim is a wonderful singer/songwriter and I am in love with his work. He's so much better than the Jonas Brothers could ever be! His songs are so touching. I almost cry when I hear 'If You're Reading This". And you KNOW that only a TRULY great artsit can have 3 greatest hits ablums, and I'll bet there will be another one in the near future.
  • awesome!

    By JHAAS242
    i beg to differ about these other reviews its great
  • Disappointed

    By Disappointed Tim Fan
    I agree...where's the new music??? Seriously, these are good songs, but I don't think "Do you want fries with that" and some of the others on here qualify as "greatest hits". I think it was pretty dumb to put Nine Lives on here, too... If you're a Tim McGraw fan and have his last couple CDs why buy this???
  • weak

    By dtalley54
    they could not have had a worse version of real good man, any tim fan knows that the live version has the extra verse with te reference to hank williams, weak!!
  • Tim McGraw!!!

    By <3 FeArLeSs <3
    I LUV Tim McGraw! i've grown up listening to him and he's an amazing role model! im only 13 but he's one of the greatest country singer/songwriters ever! every song he sings is amazing

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