Tkol Rmx 1234567 - Radiohead User Reviews

  • Ableton deserves album credits

    By seandrews
    With the dizzying advancements in proaudio software, especially those coming directly through Max/MSP and Ableton Live and all the technological groundwork paved there for time/pitch shifting and limitless control and agency over signal processing and automation and loop creation/editing, today's remixing should just be absolutelty astounding and original because tue only curbing for the artist are the scope of their vision and creativity and yet i still have yet to hear a radiohead remix that rivals the projects Zero 7 came up with after borrowing some of OK Computer's raw tracks from fellow university audio engineering major Nigel Godrich (unless you count RH's own sister mixes of Morning Bell as a mix/remix). I keep waiting for the remix to move beyond the clichéd jumpcut drumloops and the frozen feedback stacked digital delays to extend measures beyond the bar, and really recreate a new sonic experience, something Radiohead has used this technology to do ever since the Iron Lung EP cemented their partnership with Nigel and the world of sonic manipulation, and the ceaseless groundbreaking that has become their single predictable trademark. Im not fair to Radiohead because I expect everything with their name on it to be better than almost anything else that's contemporary. They are my generation's Beatles, and I have similarly unreasonable standards that i hold them both to, and this is a bit "You know my name." I know: "Be reasonable man, get off my case" Though i mean this as a compliment.
  • radiohead--pushing all our musical boundaries

    By mondoleo
    i find most music to be so derivitive and uninspired. then along comes radiohead and pushes us all, both listener and musician, to explore what can be. then radiohead crosses genres, offering an already exquisite album to djs, who take this gem of a record, deconstuct it and create new landscapes that have the ability to infuse a tired dance/trip hop scene further. often, i find myself pushed away by each new radiohead offering, disillusioned & unenchanted, only to return later when i have not been challenged elsewhere. this is their modus operandi and their raison d'etre. and, like a moth to a flame, it is what continually draws me to their artistic fire, ever humbled as i am, by their musical majesty and brilliance.
  • Sheeeesh...........

    By Telecaster Magician
  • Worst...Album...Ever

    By TennisDavid22
    I purchased this steaming POS at a record store and after a day I threw it away. I just assumed Radiohead would put their name on something decent. Stay clear of this one. They need to allow for a zero star rating.
  • Just buy King of Limbs, skip this

    By Edub122
    If thome and mr greenwood were responsible for any of this, maybe I'd like it more. I always wonder where they find some of these people...maybe they held a "remix a radiohead song" contest? I could do better in my sleep, and so could anyone with an ok computer. A few keepers, mostly a waste. keep your money, you'll need it the next time radiohead comes to town.
  • Excellent!!

    By mandobanjobass
    Different music serves different purposes. I am a runner and I rely on my i-pod to get me through my long runs. This remix serves as the perfect backdrop, while staying upbeat and providing familiar references from The King of Limbs at exactly the right moments.
  • Advancing Further

    By JamesRock1043
    When I first listened to TKOL RMX I thought it was a disjointed mess. I was surprised that Radiohead had allowed their own songs to be so radically altered. The King of Limbs album like most Radiohead projects had a flow and purpose. It starts off somewhat cold clinical and electronic and morphs into something warmer and more organic. When listening to this album as a whole, instead of concentrating on specific songs I saw a bigger picture and a more complete theme. Some of the songs are able to stand on their own like Good Evening Mrs Magpie(Modeselektor) and Lotus Flower(SBTRKT) while other songs act more like intermissions. Some songs barely resemble the original but on their own are interesting experiments in sound like Give up the Ghost (Brokenchord) and Bloom(Harmonic 313). If I were to rate this album on individual songs I might be a little less favorable but as a whole I think it works with a theme and flow.
  • Come on, guys.

    By FMnot
    That's why it's called "RMX".
  • Why?

    By Spiderman01810
    Cheap electronica. These guys are better than that.
  • Greatness

    By Sean Zissou
    Radiohead will always be an awesome band. The reason they always will be, is because they are not afraid to disappoint people and branch out into something new. I think what you have to do is take in each album for what the album is, don't drag the rest of the bands past into it. I'm guessing the reason most people who call themselves Radiohead fans fell in love with the band because they heard something different in this band than they what was popular at the time. And then I read those same people criticizing Radiohead for doing something different.... It's a bit of an oxi-moronic view point in my opinion. All that to say, I love this band, and hope they continue to push the boundaries of what is "normal" or "popular" in the music industry.