To Tulsa and Back - J.J. Cale

To Tulsa and Back

J.J. Cale

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2004-06-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2004 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., a BMG Company

J.J. Cale Tracks

Title Artist Time
My Gal J.J. Cale 4:24 Download Sheet Music
Chains of Love J.J. Cale 3:37 Download Sheet Music
New Lover J.J. Cale 3:12 Download Sheet Music
One Step J.J. Cale 3:20 Download Sheet Music
Stone River J.J. Cale 3:42 Download Sheet Music
The Problem J.J. Cale 4:31 Download Sheet Music
Homeless J.J. Cale 3:25 Download Sheet Music
Fancy Dancer J.J. Cale 4:50 Download Sheet Music
Riot J.J. Cale 3:46 Download Sheet Music
These Blues J.J. Cale 3:49 Download Sheet Music
Motormouth J.J. Cale 3:17 Download Sheet Music
Blues for Mama J.J. Cale 4:07 Download Sheet Music
Another Song J.J. Cale 3:25 Download Sheet Music

To Tulsa and Back - J.J. Cale Lyrics

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  • So glad that I listened to this Album

    By Jolie Lives
    Jolie Lives- 18th Nov., 2016 Quite happy that I listened to this Album after listening to "ROLL ON". I have lived a great deal of my life with JJ's music in the background. So, 1 step forward and 2 steps back is what the Music Industry has just suffered with the loss of JJ Cale. Even though there are quite a few upbeat Songs on this Album there's a subtle sadness to it as well. I can't yet bring myself to listening to all of the Songs on this Album, as it's the last JJ Cale Album that I haven't heard in it's entirety. Like a great book, where you realize that there are fewer pages left to read, I want to hear the rest of the Songs. Once I do so though, I don't have any new Songs, by JJ, to hear. So, I'm going to take my time getting to the last Song on this Album. It's classic JJ Cale, though "ROLL ON" is among his Best. I am a really fortunate person, to have had the ability of having enjoyed the Music of JJ Cale, woven throughout my life.

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