Top of My Lungs - Phillips, Craig & Dean User Reviews

  • amazing

    By ninja elf man
    crazy good song perfect to play when josh hamilton comes up 2 bat
  • Top of My Lungs

    By JCRush08
    Fans of Newsong/4Him will enjoy this album. Top of My Lungs is a great representation of this group's sound, and the harmonies on this specific album are outstanding. I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys contemporary pop with a great message.
  • Worship and Praise at its best...

    By RobLaw
    PC&D are one of the few Doctrinally sound Worship groups that truly allow a Christian to Worship in Spirit and in Truth. As for the ITunes Critic...if you love worship, buy it (And I suggest the church listen to the critics that know the Word well enough to understand what inspires a Believer to Worship, and not just critique what they think are not catchy lyrics). "His Name" glorifies the thing the Lord says is above all others. Who He is. PC&D understand that as well and better than any band out there. Keep it up guys and keep in Him. This album is a must have.
  • Touching Music

    By Andrew Bronson
    This album is wonderful. "Your name" is such a powerful song. You can't miss out on this great cd.
  • Disagree entirely with iTunes

    By Mr. Christian Music Critique
    I disagree with Mr. iTunes reviewer. Calling "Saved the Day" and "Top of My Lungs" syrupy and over-sweet was mean. I loved the orchestral work. And I disliked "One Way" and "That's My Lord." To top it all off, he basically ignored the greatest thing on this cd, "Your Name". It's amazing.
  • Top of My Lungs

    By DonW64
    This CD is in true PCD fashion. It's done with worship to our God in song and each song has powerful lyrics.
  • top of my lungs

    By duckswillwin
    love this album...especially songs 2,3, and 5....
  • It's all about God

    By Bentorkelson
    Worship is all about the One Who saves. It is God Who loved us. It is He Whom we praise. And we praise Him no matter what we feel like or what has happened to us. It's all about Him, not us. These men bring that across well.
  • Modalism

    By roamingtxn
    These guys sing very well. I used to enjoy their work, but i cannot any longer. They do not accept the trinity, therefore their music is not to God. Look up modalism to learn more about what they believe, and decide if you want to support them.
  • Exceptional

    By Lerdy
    There is no other song that as spoke to me in the way that "Saved the Day" has. It is truly a wonderful album. Highly recommended.

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