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    By King of Pop 2010s
    This is one of her BEST albums! Juicy Pop!!!! No need to argue... Full Stop
  • True Blue

    By Drew Armani
    This is Madonna at her best. She was completely untouchable by 1986 and in some ways could do no wrong. This album talks about Madonna’s visions of love, dreams, hopes, and disappointments. Inspired by her then husband Sean Penn. This is the album that made her Madonna the superstar and global icon and has aged gracefully.
  • True Blue Classic

    By yensid98
    This is the album where Madonna cemented her hold on pop and US culture in general. Five of the nine tracks were released as singles. All of them made the top 5. Three went #1. In short it was a massive smash. A gleaming success that hasn't lost a bit of it's shine 30 years on.
  • True Blue speaks to Madonna fans and the entire 1980's generation

    By SAG in MA
    This Madonna classic featured more top 10, top 5, and #1 songs than any other Madonna album. It also propelled her into legendary status and stadium tours. It is among the most diverse and pop-friendly collections with some of her best singles: the #1 lead-off ballad Live to Tell, the legendary Papa Don't Preach (#1) that showed off her now legendary platinum blonde hair with the artistic controversial video that became her signature, the fun sing-a-long True Blue (#3), the #1 dance classic and yet another controversial video, and the Spanish-flavored classic La Isla Bonita (#3). A five-star album by the one-and-only Madonna: True Blue is a must-own for all fans of 1980s music!
  • Best Old Madonna album

    By jackgagafan
    In my opinion I think this is one of Madonna’s best albums. I mean I like a lot of her albums but this is one of those I Don’t Need To Skip A Song album.
  • Her best album 👌🏻💯

    By zarrydoll
    When you think of Madonna, the first song that pops out is Material Girl or Like A Virgin. Today people regard her as a hackneyed 80s pop star. Madonna is not given credit anymore for her influence on every single female artist today. This album, this particular album SHOWS EXACTLY WHY MADONNA IS THE QUEEN OF POP. It's so different and not seen today. Where do you hear songs like "La Isla Bonita" or "Papa don't preach" today? Her songs hold truth behind the upbeat and catchy tempo. 95% of female artists today are Madonna wannabes. Even Queen B used her as an inspiration. She's the true and original queen of pop culture.
  • YAS

    By jodyj31
    fav album by Madonna by FAR
  • her bestselling studio album

    By therreid
    this has some of her best songs ever! every song is amazing. but the standout is live to tell!!
  • By far the best album from Madonna

    By Salvibautista
    Hearing the songs bring back what it was to grow up in the 80s. I even have the album cover as a canvas print in my home. So many hits but La Isla Bonita and True Blue are my personal favorites.
  • Live to Tell

    By JaK_5quat
    Live to Tell in my opinion is Madonna's swan song. Her best work. I have never been a huge fan, though I recognize that she cut the path for many of the divas to follow her and I have nothing but respect for her as an artist. Live to Tell is one of those songs that goes beyond whatever level it may have reached or not reached in the charts; it goes beyond any reckoning of monetary gain; on a deeper level it's the kind of game-changer in an artist's career that has the power to establish a Core of Intent, an unshakable Base of Heart; a Hub, if you will, that reaches both forward and back and colors the listener's perception of everything the artist has already recorded or will ever record. It brings an understanding of accomplishment and a sense of place and time and a reason to forgive the missteps and be moved by the moments of perfection. It validates the quest and gives meaning to a Body of Work. It gives the artist the "legs" to stand the test of time. Live to Tell is That Song for Madonna!

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