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  • Why did they bury Lemmy face down?

    By Rhyno X
    So Rob Halford could drop by for a cold one after work. Seriously grrreat covers LP with rock solid production values. Standouts that do the originals proud are Whiplash, Sympathy, Hellraiser, & Shoot 'Em Down. I could do without the cover of The Nuge. You know how you drive Ted Nugent crazy? Tell him to go piss off in the corner the next time he's in The Oval Office done telling the Trumpster fire how very bigly smart he is.
  • Motorhead Heroes

    By Texas Panty Puller
    The best cover of David Bowie's "Heroes". For my taste I alsocrank it up for Jumpin Jack Flash and Shoot'em Down. What a way to go out; - covering those songs that brought joy to your own ears.
  • For fans of Motorhead & Lemmy!

    By salEdawgz
    You've got some pretty good covers by Motorhead here. Some are new and some old ones that you probably own already. It would've been nice to have more new covers or maybe an alternate version of the ones already issued. In my opinion, the covers are really good and have that gritty, heavy and distinct Motorhead sound. For us fans, we've gotta have it all! Long Live Motorhead \m/
  • Really a Metallica Song???

    By Real rock 67
    Heard it before, but somehow the Motorhead version makes you wonder just who wrote Whiplash...... sounds like a Motorhead tune and better by them than Metallica (although Jason N. was close when he was given chance to sing it live).......listen to many of Metallicas early works and now (being much older/wiser) they do sound like clones of classics...... Creeping Death has a strange riff resembalance to DIO's stand up and shout.....just sayin
  • wow

    By rlane1968
    R.I.P. Lemmy They gonna still try to make money off you from the grave. Love Motorhead
  • Nothing WRONG with the Songs...

    By Stealer13
    It's just that Lemme ISN'T HERE ANY MORE =( (I believe that this album is OVERPRICED). (Should be 7.99 or 6.99). For my PERSONAL PREFERENCE; I'd get the "Best of Motorhead". The one that was released in August 2000 when I was graduating ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, lol =)
  • Guest

    By bluenite
    Who is the other vocalist on Starstruck?
  • All About the Money...

    By SoulKeepa
    I don't dislike the music…I just strongly disagree with what this is. Lemmy made it publicly clear to his fans on many occasions how he felt about the music industries history of using his music and the music of other artists to make a promotional "money grab". He was particularly upset by the sale of the Motorhead box set and he made an effort to ask his fans not to buy it. This seems to fall under the same category as those things Lemmy would rail against.
  • Overpriced

    By Xrage
    I know a lot of these songs were already availabe on other albums but it is nice to have them all together in one package. That being said $9.99 is a bit steep. BTW whiplash is one of the coolest covers i have ever heard.

    By db playlist

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