Under the Table and Dreaming (Expanded Edition) - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Hey Wrong Year,

    By CTsMom
    2014 was when this album was put onto iTunes. That's why it doesn't say 1994.
  • The Best of What's Around

    By RFJB
    I don't throw this term around carelessly...this album is an instant classic. Supple, strong, mysterious, haunting, quirky and beautiful, Under the Table will hook you from the very first seconds of the first track and never leave you. Over and over you can take this album in. Bravo DMB.
  • This is AWESOME

    By skd14223
    This whole CD is great from top to bottom, well worth the price & belongs in anyone music collection.
  • Under the Table and Dreaming

    By lyndelvagnini
    In love, that is all.
  • Most influential album ever

    By Man-a-lover
    DMB's most influential album ever.
  • Granny

    By Unchained81
    Finally the Granny we should have gotten 25 years ago. Awesome version! No idea how Granny got bumped in favor of PFWYG.
  • 100% of the album/100% DMB

    By BiteSize84
    Amazing! So glad to finally have the real and FULL album, the way it should be!!
  • Under the Table and Dreaming

    By Wrong Year
    This says the album was released last year...2014??? Get your life together ITunes!
  • Waste of money

    By dalprin
    You're an idiot if you buy this full album just for a studio version of Granny. This is greed to the highest degree.
  • Excellent Album

    By ApplegotwhatNintendon't
    I'm a loyal DMB fan, but never really gave this album a chance. For some reason I jumped into "Crash" and enjoyed every album after that. I decided to complete my collection by adding "Under the table and dreaming". Can't believe it took me over 22 years to finally get into this album, and I must say its Amazing... All the tracks are done very well and quite original considering this came out during the peak of the Grunge era led my Nirvana. Dancing Nancies acoustic might be one of my favorite songs of all time.. Dave's voice is just amazing and the lyrics are superb.. Great album that should not be overlooked.

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