Venom & Faith - Larkin Poe User Reviews

  • Just wonderfully done

    By Peymon
    Never get tired listen to

    By KpHorvath
    This was a great turn on. Very AWESOME !!
  • Love this band!

    By CharlesofBadPenny
    Such style, stellar talent and groove! Got to see them live in Reno and I’m hooked!
  • Today's Best Music

    By CurtisRay
    You just can't beat Larkin Poe for authentic rootsy blues rock. These ladies will be around for a long time at the top. Can't wait to see them live.
  • Phenomenal

    By rbeery
    I don’t think I’ve heard one bad song from these two, and that includes all of their YouTube covers! They are phenomenal live as well. Highly recommend this and all of their albums.

    By 247horseman
    This’s so fresh & clear !!!
  • Rock Solid Blues Rockers

    By LBTS Alumni
    There’s not a weak spot anywhere on the record, and that’s not a surprise. Rebecca and Megan Lovell have the lifelong-earned, magnetic vocal and guitar chops of seasoned road warriors, but the youthful fresh approach that wins everyone over. Live or recorded, Larkin Poe brings fun to hear and watch rock solid blues rock every time.
  • YES

    By Heather_34
    These women put an intense modern sound into the blues songs and it is so refreshing. The singer's voice is amazing! I love their sound and I look forward to the next album. I also recommend the previous album, "Peach."
  • Original

    By music mover
    These girls have a style of their own. From blues to rock roll they make it their own. They need a big record deal to share their music world wide, maybe Bob Seger could start this.
  • Great Album!!!

    By Grimlore
    Two great blues/rock albums in a row. You can't go wrong with these two, espically when they play slide guitar.