VGM Acapella, Vol. 8 - Smooth McGroove User Reviews

  • 🤬🤢

    By Awesomsauce1003
    I guess this is considered music in the 21st century, the worst century ever. R.I.P. my ears
  • Awesome

    By Morty87654
    I loved listening to this music in the games as a kid! Now Smooth McGroove has brought them back to life in such a fun, happy way that it puts me in a good mood every time I turn it on! I love the devotion and thought that goes into each one of these masterpieces! Smooth McGroove, thank you for sharing your talent and creativity! It brings me happy comfort of nostalgia and awesome video games! Can't wait to see what you do next.
  • Ace Attorney!!!

    By Superkitteh
    I was currently playing Ace Attorney when these songs came out and I absolutely fell in love with them!! Fantastic and a delight to listen to!
  • Beautiful Music from Authentic Musician

    By Merrick Baliton
    Once again, the mighty Smooth McGroove delivers an honest, authentic, non-Auto-Tuned album of nostalgic a capella music from video games. "Metal Man" from Mega Man 2 is catchy as can be, "Outset Island" from Zelda: Wind Waker is a pure delight, and "Cerulean City" from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow is a blast from the past! Bravo!