Viejos Amigos - Pedro Infante User Reviews

  • Not Known??????

    By DJ Rebel D
    With all due respect DJ Gers, Pedro Infante is the Father of musica Ranchera and everyone who knows great musica ranchera knows Pedro Infante. It's like saying that Sinatra is not well known, or that Hendrix isn't well known, or that Pedro Infante isn't (in your words) too known in his genre. "Amorcito Corazon" would not be the inmortal song it is today if it weren't for Infante, among other songs. Either way, I'm glad you've discovered his music and enjoy it.
  • The Classics that Never Die

    By Sandra A
    Even though Pedro Infante has been gone for 50 years, his music will live on forever. These are the true CLASSICS!
  • El Original

    By Dj Gers
    The best mexican singer thats not too known. I loved his music

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