Western Stars - Bruce Springsteen User Reviews

  • With open expectations, this album is gorgeous

    By texastwostep
    Just one more voice of someone who is open to the fact that Bruce is not 28 years old anymore. This album is successful, strikingly beautiful in many places and confidently assured in others. He won't make another BTR, and probably not another "Rising". But most that listen to this album for what it is will enjoy it -- I am loving it.
  • Awesome... but bleak.

    By cvplummer
    This is in the same boat as Nebraska and Tom Joad.. it’s a 180° from The Rising and Wrecking Ball. Instead of themes of joining together and standing up and realizing we are all in this together- Bruce is saying screw y’all, I’m getting away. It sounds like a road trip staring and ending in LA, going to the remoteness of the West and reflecting.. and when he gets home, he sounds like he still unhappy. The song near the end where it makes like he calls his wife (supposedly)a liar.. the dream where he is shot by John Wayne... this is a man who sounds like he had it in these times.
  • I’ll j

    By uhuyrnk
    D kkjij
  • Why?

    By deaf moon
    "Life is hard... On the boulevard. "
  • Excellent

    By musiking
    Saw The Boss live in 1986. Put on a energized show. Never bought or downloaded his work before. This one I have. Classic.
  • Dreadful

    By hooperseven
    He needs to stop this now. Nails on a chalk board sound better.
  • Sounds good to me.

    By billyblazejowski
    I like The Boss is trying to do something different, instead of the same old same old.
  • Meh

    By Syke
    That sums it up
  • Western Stars

    By Astroboy6791
    Won me over after just one listen. Lyrics and music are on point here. It's also a very cohesive concept album that you can listen from start to finish. My favorite tune: There Goes My Miracle.
  • Beautiful

    By Magicwave
    How many artists are able to continue to create relevant, meaningful music like Bruce does? Fifty plus years and he’s still got it. He’s not afraid to try something different, and this album is just beautiful. The arrangements, lyrics of course, and his voice. Cannot stop listening to it! Definitely a gift to us fans!

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