Western Stars - Bruce Springsteen User Reviews

  • Excellent!

    By RosieSkis
    I’m a long time fan, going back to his first album. The Boss is s supreme story teller; the vignettes he creates with each song are vivid and put you in the scene along with characters. I’ve been listening to this all day and just love it. Great job Bruuuuccceee!!!😘
  • A little Lightning in a Bottle

    By Bobby The Critic
    If for nothing else , I give this album 5 Stars for Moonlight Motel. As good as any song Bruce has ever done. Music has evolved and so has Bruce as an Artist. Enjoy this for what it is. A Master Storyteller, telling new stories. He’ll be back next year to Rock us all . Sit Back , Pour yourself a drink and enjoy the Stories
  • Terrible

    By Hugh Kares
    Not getting better with time
  • Great Album

    By kirkjurg42
    The older I get, the more I appreciate his songwritting skills. The arrangements on this album are mellow and wonderful. Great story teller!
  • A Troubadour for These Times and All Times

    By Dr1jobas
    Amazing storytelling, gorgeous songs with breath-taking, heart-stopping twists in the narratives. How many ways does this man have of touching us with his poignant portraits of the human condition and sideways glimpses of eternal truths? Keep going and keep growing Bruce - your music is one of the best things about being alive in these challenging days...
  • Ouch.

    By UncleMontyOnHoliday
    There's a big reason Glen Campbell never tried to be Bruce Springsteen - and an even bigger reason Springsteen should never have tried to be Glen Campbell. A painful genre mashup gone horribly, horribly wrong.
  • A beautiful album

    By Paco1542
    We live in a world of immediate gratification so when an album with subtle understated beauty comes along our first reaction can be sort of a yawn. This was sort of my initial reaction but after more contemplative listening I am blown away by this album especially after reading and understanding the lyrics to cuts like “Sunshine”. I don’t know if there’s ever been a better song about melancholy and depression.
  • Brilliant

    By Jesusdoesntloveyou
    What a beautiful and profound album.
  • Good Song

    By LizardKing72
    Nice album, took me a few spins to get into it but I really like the flow and feel of this one.
  • Lush Western Longing

    By riverpeace
    Country is not my typical genre, but I appreciate the masters of any genre. Now here comes our favorite common man hero spinning his version of more western than country music. The storytelling is exceptional and reminded me of both Glen Campbell and Bob Dylan. The vocals are still Bruce, but it’s pretty easy to get used to them in this context. The arrangements are lush with strings, brass and slide guitar with occasional pops of prior work shining through that just served to remind us that yes, this is a Springsteen album.

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