When Was the Last Time - Darius Rucker User Reviews

  • Worth it!!

    By iAppStore
    Love his album😍🤟🏿🔥
  • Sexy and heartwarming

    By Spike.ch
    This is one singer who has the ability to sound sexy while singing songs that tell a story and touch hearts. Songs that talk about life. Lives of average people like the ones who listen to them.
  • Stuck on county

    By Kornetta...
    I started listening to country seven years ago and I love it. Darius is my favorite, go to a concert every year in another state as a weekend getaway 😍😍😍🤠🤠🤠.
  • Disappointing

    By Small teeth, big heart
    This album was subpar compared to Darius’s other albums. Might be time to go back to your roots, rejoin Hootie and the Blowfish, and make heart-felt songs again. Cracked Rear View is an iconic album, much better than any country album he’s ever done. Just my thoughts.
  • Pretty good

    By Baseball man 1717
    Dont think its his best album but very good nonetheless
  • Goat

    By kingram125
    Great mf album
  • Mesmerized by his voice

    By Redheadclub
    Amazing as always. LOVE his style and voice.
  • Sorry but this is not a very good record

    By frenchghetto
    I am sorry to say but Darius Rucker really let me down with this album. His last album Southern Style was terrific but this one is overproduced mainstream pop. It's almost sellout material especially when he collaborates with Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Charles Kelly. He uses auto tune in more than half the songs and most of them are party tracks. Come on DARIUS RUCKER you are so much better than that. HOPEFULLY YOUR NEXT RECORD WILL BE BACK TO YOUR ROOTS!! I MISS YOUR SOULFUL POWERFUL VOICE!!
  • He just keeps getting better

    By Shark Fanatic
    Darius is aging like fine wine! His music doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. “I’m here to stay and if you think that could change, don’t.” Some of the best music I’ve heard this year! Some filler music, but the majority is quality!
  • Thumbs dumb

    By Dough$
    It’s not his best work

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