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  • Arrogant Reviewer

    By Zero Two
    The guy who said, "there's no bigger American Who fan than me"-That's a pretty arrogant thing to say. Anyway, Move over Gretta Van Fleet for the real rock band!
  • Best album in modern years

    By WaffeBoneZ
    The Who still kick you in the ears with so of the most creative works of music
  • Who’s Best

    By withnailandi1438
    I have counted these guys out so many times. Every tour I say is going to be my last. But every tour they blow my socks off and it reminds me why they are the best rock band ever. Just throwing in ‘Imagine A Man’ was worth the price of admission. So the hardest thing for older rock bands is to make a good album. Something that isn’t a rehash, b-sides, or just plain boring. Now Endless Wire didn’t change my world, but it was better than ‘It’s Hard’. This album, on the other hand, is such a huge jump forward. A noble nod to the past, smart lyrics, and such a diverse mix. Proud of you Pete and Roger. Imagine if you cut and album together in the studio!?!?
  • They did it. The Who are relevant again!

    By CaveDweller1
    An amazing come back album by one of the greatest bands ever to perform. Thoughtful, cynical, angry- in other words, the Who at their best. Fans wil love it. Newbies will certainly dig into the past history of the band and find this work stands in comparison to the very best The Who have produced. Better than Who Are You and almost as good as Quadrophenia. Thanks for going out in style guys.
  • Long Time Fan

    By pmarlowevo
    Pete and Roger need be commended on this album (or as much of it as we have to go on) because they have captured the essence of the original band with a 21st century production value. Sonically, it's great to listen to loud and the hooks (guitar and vocal) are tremendous. The rhythmn section is superb (sorry Keith and John) and that backbone really gives this the feel of a GENUINE Who Album. Younger rock bands ought to pay attention, because this is how it's done...
  • Awesome new album from a great band!

    By Eattivo1
    I started listening to The Who when I was around nine or ten. Now I am eighteen and I still listen to them at least once everyday. Their music is amazing and they are even better when they perform live. The fact that they are coming out with a new album means so much to me, and I’m sure that it means just as much to the new and older generations who have continued to listen to their music. Thank you so much Pete and Roger for your wonderful contributions to music!
  • who new

    By billyboyfl12345
    fresh and enthusiastic. like it a lot.
  • ....one of my favorite all time bands!!!

    By Sizzlefry58
    The Who! What more really needs to be said, one of the greatest rock bands of all time! I grew up with this band, from their very first album, and with this release, they’re still rockin’ strong, and hard. Although it’s just Roger and Pete that are left, you can’t help but hear the traces of John and Keith in their midst. Throughout their career they’ve always held true to their beliefs, and given us fans, more than we could ever have asked for, or expected. Thanks Roger and Pete, for this album, and the tour! Hope to see you on the road once again soon! Cheers🌈🌅🎸🤟
  • Pete Townshend is my God

    By scott3474
    I don’t care Who it is. As long as Townshend is writing the music. I’m listening to it(more than once)!!!
  • Oh Yeah!!!!!

    By docturJimmy
    UK Tour 2020 won’t come soon enough; alive at LEEDS!!!!!

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