Works, Vol. 1 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer User Reviews

  • 1973 And ELP

    By Nowgot
    I saw them at the SF Auditorium & later, at Filimore West. I never got to hear them do this and later, I saw them two more times in the late 90's. This song is my Raider Song. Pirates. The rest I listened to, in the late 70's, on vinyl. These guys were fun!
  • Great Diverse ELP album

    By Mike Wolfson
    This is a great collection of diverse works by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. It really shows and highlights each one's own very talented skills even great talent in songwriting by dummer Carl Palmer in his own right. Overall, though Volume 2 did feature some good tracks on there, This is The Better Half of the Works records. Also, RIP to both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.
  • My teenage crush

    By cobridgetts
    I drive hundreds of miles multiple times to see this group perform when I was a teenager. Greg Lake's voice is silky, rich, and stunningly beautiful. Listen to 'Closer to Believing' and you'll fall in love a little. I am so sorry you're gone. You made a teenage girl happy. Rest In Peace, Greg and Keith.
  • Classic group

    By Snidleyc
    I read such wildly divergent terms such as avant-garde and narcissistic applied to this album and ELP. So from someone who is an admitted novice in music, I play no instruments and cannot read music. I enjoy a wide variety of styles and love this album. There are elements of gospel, rock, ballads, and classical present here. I enjoy and have enjoyed Works 1 since first hearing it on my audiophile friends superb system in 1977. That being my introduction to ELP. This album and Brain Salad Surgery my favorites of their work. All these years later still two of my top albums of all my collection.

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