You Deliver Me - Selah User Reviews

  • "I have decided"

    By Victory Fish
    This song is so awesomely powerful!! If you only buy one song from this album buy "I have decided".
  • Unredeemed

    By Palella
    Great song!
  • My Jesus I love thee

    By NjeriB
    Beautiful just beautiful
  • Lord's Love Shines with Selah

    By charliegirl4u
    Let me start by Praising our Lord, Savior! Selah never let's you down with powerful worship music that does slams what our Savior did for us as a Free Gift of Salvation through the cross with faith, straight home to the Heart. Psalms 46:10 alway's comes to my mind when I hear them. Through their Albums you find that message. That is what it's all about. Listening when u can to the message brought through with beautiful voices and harmonies I know Jesus is very pleased with. What a God given gift. Their music is never disappointing. God bless.
  • Amy Perry

    By kmfors
    I want to hear more from her....her voice is so powerful!!! Amazing!!

    By Bailz2015
    I've noticed alot of Christian music is shallow. It doesnt say enogh about God Himself just about our problems and what we need from God. Why can't music be like this Album? We need more about God Himself not humans. I pray people will open their eyes and write songs about God like the old hym writers. I know God is happy to see things about Himself proclaimed in music. Thanks Selah for putting a GREAT album out. Ya'll did GREAT!!! Keep putting music out like his PLEASE!!!!!!
  • Selah is 

    By Dianne Orth
    Their music is so moving and well... amazing!!! I love listening to them!
  • Selah always delivers!

    By godhearted
    I have followed Selah for many years. I never cease to be amazed at their depth, clarity, and beautiful music. Their love and life in God is obvious in every note and every word. Thank you Selah, you never let us down.

    By meganeerickson
    I LOVE this! Selah is my most favorite Christian band! They're in the middle of Gospel and Christian Contemporary. Love them! :) I highly recommend this!

    By Noya247
    WoW Such a Beautiful Worship song...My Heart is reduced to tears everytime I listen to it...other than Hillsong, Selah Albums are always # 1 in my Book...Please Buy it...You won't regret it. To God be the Glory

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