• Great song that helped them get into the big time

    By CliffG84
    This is one of my favorite songs by DMB. The video captures the song very well, which from my point of view is about how we get caught up in doing so many things that we forget to slow down and enjoy life. Leroi Moore sadly lost his life last August from an ATV accident. He was a gifted saxaphone player who added another dimension to the overall DMB sound and he will be sadly missed by many. RIP Leroi.
  • Good Video

    The guy in the video is Alex from Grey's Anatomy
  • DMB rocks

    By music genius to the max
    this is DMB's best song and video. an upbeat video for a upbeat song. just what the docter ordered. for all DMB fans out there , the saxophonist (i cant remember his name, brain fart) died while riding his atv. trajic loss for DMB. he was an exellent saxophonest and added more depth to the band.
  • OK???

    By EmmyRox999
    i love the song but the music video scares me
  • great

    By Iamnate12
    love it.
  • it is a must buy

    By tonyk
    if your a true dave fan this should be in your collection.
  • Classic must have video!

    By veefourteen
    A must have music video for any die hard fan or just the weekend listener.

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