• song

    By JCracker
    Why can't we download this song on itunes ??? Cry is a classic.
  • Where is the song?

    By odufreak
    I Love my IPhone and everything Apple has done to make it & ITunes the Best in the market. But to not have only the video and not simply the song available is ABSURD!!! 🤯 I am not the only person who loves this classic. 😡 Make It Happen!!! 🤬
  • cry

    By donnapoo
    video good but how can we get the song on i tunes
  • I wanna cry!

    By Renee from Pa
    Please someone tell me why u can buy the video and the ringtone but not the song?????
  • Want the song!

    By SweetMelissa_01
    I love the video, but I want the song! Thank you!
  • put it in a song….

    By ChancyJo
    I've collected all the old Miami Vice songs…..please Apple….put this in song format.
  • Cry

    By rothwoman
    Wasn't this the first "morph"? I loved it in 1985. Now I get to own it. Thank you iTunes!
  • Cry

    By Murph331
    First heard on Miami Vice.
  • Diappointed

    By HiDefBear
    Unfortunately, this is the edited video of "Cry." I'm guessing that an issue with rights clearance necessitated the removal of Gonzo (from The Muppets) in this version, but that was one of the funniest bits in the original. A shame it's gone.
  • Cry

    By PookieLouise
    First saw this on MTV about 1985 -86 and loved it! I am thrilled to find it on itunes! Way to go!