Dedicated To You

Nat "King" Cole

  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 1960-03-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:53

Dedicated To You - Nat "King" Cole Music Video

Dedicated To You - Nat "King" Cole Lyrics

[King Lil G]
King Lil G - Tattood Gunz
Baby Gunz In The House Suckas
Drummer Boy - Its That AK
Its That AK
Bang Bang Bang, Bang

[Chorus: King Lil G & Baby Gunz]
My Whole Click Is Like That
Like What?
My Whole Click Is Like That
Like What?
We Sip Forties & Smoke Heavy
I'm High Ass Fuck With My Camp
My Whole Click Is Like That
Like What?
My Whole Click Is Like That
Like What?
Gettin' Jumped By My Enemies
And I'm Still Down To Fight Back

[Verse 1: King Lil G]
Drummer Boy Came Through
With A Ounce Of The Purp
And I Couldn't Even Think Straight That Day

[Drummer Boy] My Eyes Real Low

Me Too
And I'm Laughing At These Haters
Who Be Trippin'
We In First Place
I Got This Girl
Who Be Staying Out In Burbank

[Drummer Boy] Who You Talkin' Bout?

The Girl With The Mercedes
She With Me
She Ain't Really Gonna Work Lately
She Be Loving Me
I'm Talkin Bout This Girl Crazy
Top Shelf
Yeah I'm Talkin Bout The Medical
Can't Nobody Handle Me
I'm Something Like An Animal
Pocket Checkin' Your Homies
Thats For Collateral
In A Room Full Of Bad Hoes

[Drummer Boy] Sucios Worldwide & They Know About It

Dedicated To My Fans
Who Never Ever Doubt Me
Rowdy In A Cloud Full Of Loud
Started With A Click
Now We Deep In The Thousands
Style So Repetitive
I Represents The Elements
Of Drummer Boy & Baby Gunz The Menace
We The Infamous
I'm Tellin' You I'm Gettin It
While Smokin' On This Medicine
And All I Wanna Do
Is Stack Up On Dead Presidents

[Baby Gunz]
Baby Gunz The Menace
AK47 Blowin' Up
Neck Full Of Gold
Son Of The King
You Already Know Whats Up

[Chorus: King Lil G & Baby Gunz]

[Verse 2: Drummer Boy]
Yo We Hop Out The Ride
Blowin' Loud Smoke
My Whole Click
Make Your Bitch Go Down Low
Let Em Know
When We Fly
Out Of Town Though
Where We From G?

[King Lil G] L.A. West Coast

Where We Got Finest Dro
Bitches Say They Come From Mexico

[King Lil G] Different City & Area Codes

Hell Yeah
I Swear We Got The Baddest Hoes
We Don't Really Trip About Hoes Man
We make Our Money Grow Like Rogaine
You Think You Alright
When You Fucking With Me

[King Lil G] Hell Naw, You Fucking With The Whole Gang

AK Logo On The Fitted
Girl Came Down
And She With It
Ugh Take Her To The Spot
Where My Bros At
Let Em Know We All Gon Hit It
Yeah I'm Smokin' Out Of That Woodgrain
My Homies Moving That Cocaine
I'm Faded Off Of That Potion
My Blood Is Full Of That Potent
Can't See Me
Cause I'm Ghostin'
My Pistol Never Be Holsted
Aye Yo G Tell Em Where We At

[King Lil G] In L.A. We Just Posted


[Chorus: King Lil G & Baby Gunz]

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