• this a good song

    By Gundoggie
    this a good one you whacking this
  • where is steve perry

    By rarjr
    i miss steve perry where the heck is he
  • Awesome

    By Luke Galloway
  • This song is great!

    By austinhlear50
    This song is great, but a first glance he looked like a woman
  • Real Singers

    By jesusglue
    Steve's vocals are so spot on. I got this video as part of a unit on Journey for my general music students. My kids asked two questions: "Why is Steve Perry dressed like a girl?" and "Is he really singing". Every age group can't help but appreciate those amazing BA (Before Auto-tune) vocals.
  • Don't Stop Believin"

    By JoniEricJann
    More Steve Perry please!
  • Journey

    By MAN4454
    Journey is AMAZING. I'm going to see them on jul. 18 2011!
  • Need More JOURNEY!!!

    By Tayfan15
    Please add more Journey video's along with some Steve Perry. We will buy them if u get them. PLEASE!!! I've been a Journey fan since high school & that was back in the late 70's. Lol
  • yes please more Journey videos

    By BRATT324
    please please more Journey videos!

    By Godfathr03
    Had the opportunity to meet Steve Perry while stationed at Camp Pendleton years ago. Not only is he JOURNEY!! But he is the nicest of any successful rock group I have ever met in person!! STEVE send your fill in back to the Phillipines or where ever the hell he's from and make the ULTIMATE COME BACK!!! PS load more JOURNEY VIDEOS WITH STEVE!!!

Journey Concert Tickets

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23 August 2019
Friday 05:00 PM
Journey - Hampton
The American Theatre - Hampton, VA 23663
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