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ESSAYS THAT STILL NEED SOME LOVE!!!WHAT DO I DO ONCE I'VE RECEIVED FEEDBACK?1st PeriodPrompt: Discuss the greatest challenge you have faced or expect to face.

I expect college to be a challenge. It may not be the most difficult challenge but it would be formidable. However, like any challenge I have faced it will be crushed.

I’ll have to learn new concepts that are at least new to me. I might be perplexed by the way the system functions. However, I have a general idea of how college will operate. I just don’t have all the details. Will I like the professor? Will I not? I don’t know much about it. I will have to find out.

I know the expectations will be different than any typical high school. Also, some high schools are more challenging than college. I’ll have to adapt to the new environment and change my study habits. College could also be easy. I don’t know. I still have many questions and I’ll assume that they will be answered. I guess it will be a new adventure. I still don’t really know. It’s just another step up.

Even if I’m entering strange territory, I’m still confident; I’ll see what they throw at me. I know that we can request are classes to be spread out and if this is the case it will be easier because of the extra time per class. Whether it’s challenging or easy I’ll finish it. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

“My mama always used to tell me: ‘If you can’t find somethin’ to live for, you best find somethin' to die for,” – Tupac Shakur. My greatest influence is Tupac Shakur. His words have always resonated with me. I’ve looked up to him since I was a young boy. I credit my father for introducing me to my greatest role model outside of my family.

“A coward dies a thousand times, a soldier dies but once.” The best influence I gained from Mr. Shakur was to have a strong heart, will, and mind. With these things intact no way you can be deterred by anyone else. Letting someone break your down your heart to fight to can break your will. If you lose your will you can become weak minded and you need all three to survive. It’s like he always said, “If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day.”

“I think I’m a natural-born leader. I know how to bow down to authority if it’s authority that I respect.” Another lesson I learned was to never give in to anyone and say what’s on your mind. The first amendment is the right to freedom of speech. Shakur believed that we all should exercise this right. He also believed that no badge of authority is just given respect but, it is earned just as anyone else will have to earn it. “Sh*t, I like to think that at every opportunity I’ve ever been threatened with resistance, it’s been met with resistance. And not only me but it goes down my family tree. You know what I’m saying, it’s in my veins to fight back.” It was in his blood to fight back that’s why he’ll never bow down to just any authority.

“I see myself as a natural born hustler, a true hustler in every sense of the word. I took nothin’, I took the opportunities, I worked at the most menial and degrading job and built myself up so I could get it to where I owned it. I went from having somebody manage me to me hiring the person that works my management company. I changed everything I realized my destiny in a matter of five years you know what I’m saying I made myself a millionaire. I made millions for a lot of people now it’s time to make millions for myself; you know what I’m saying. I made millions for the record companies; I made millions for these movie companies, now I make millions for us” here he says he worked and earned every penny he has and gained his respect along with it. Hard work gives you everything you deserve. Prompt: What makes you, you?

My life had many ups and downs, when I was a baby I was filled with smiles, laughed all the time, but that soon changed. I became an angry child or waterfalls of tears would run off may face during my child hood. Over time I learned to accept life, and then I learned to be happy. And I became a rosy cheek kid that tries to live an easy going life.

when I was a kid with a face as red as a burring flame on the sun and sad, it all seem to be tied to how my life was going, my father was arrested and I could only see him for short times compared to when I spent entire days with him. I started living with people I barely knew but my mom new quite well, these people where called grandparents. And the things I always knew where changing for the rest of my life and it was a lot for a kid of four to take in and, caused pain for many years.

Later in my life the streams if tears flowed so rapidly that soon I tried to make dams of rope at the line of the neck. My grandfather that I did not know as I child I learned to love like a second father had passed. So with the dames at a brake I knew it was time for a change. Whenever I would feel down I would search the ends of the earth to find the good in what is happening so that helped me learn how to except the negative thing that happen in my life. Once my grandfather passed who we depended on with most of our lives, poverty had soon come. We struggled to feed our self’s and we ended up having to move to a house a third of the size of what we once had. With that I learned to enjoy a loaf of bread instead of wanting a five course meal.

With all the challenges that happened in my life I grew to a bigger, stronger, and better person. Through my whole life the warmth of a mother hug and the kiss from the heart a grandmother gives when times seem blue helped me adapt the love and care I try to share with others. In the past I was a heated person temper as strong as an ox. But there is only so much anger a person can handle in their life and over time I became to be where only the biggest things can makes my blood boil. After having a past of anger and people who said I was weird and a nut, I decided to let it roll off the cheek and became determined to still be that nut but be the best I can, I adapted determination from that point on.

Through the roller coaster of my life I’ve lived hard painful times, with loss of love ones and massive changes. And I’ve had good times as well with love and happiness. People would think on how I was as a child I would be this miserable adult but they were wrong. I am living proof that challenges as hard as they may come can make a better person. I was a dark souled being that changed into a great, loving and, caring person. Who is determined and fallows my dreams. Prompt: Describe an important transition in your life.

Since we were born we were told how important college is, we were told that we should already know what we want to do, and what college we want to attend. Even though we really don’t have any fore knowledge on what college really is, we are still expected to go. This, to me is the hardest transition anyone can face, making it the most important.

Figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, we have been asked this question ever since the beginning of public school, kindergarten. Isn’t it ridiculous? Asking a five year what he/she wants to do when she/he is 20. Back then we all were oblivious to how fast life really moves; we didn’t know that outside of crayons and story time, there was a world waiting to be explored. Even though we had no idea where money comes from, or how a government works, we were still asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Present day, that question triggers anxiety, and pent up confusion, because the answer isn’t as simple as “rock star” anymore, now you need a real answer.

People say that high school is the best years of school you will ever have, because we can’t go back to it. Make your friends now, keep up with your grades, join school clubs, and get a part time job, pay your dues, graduate. It’s either now or never, go big or get a GED.
Being pressured into going to college is probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone, it isn’t the 1960’s anymore, and we have other options. With tuition rising and employment decreasing, graduating college and getting a job is harder than ever, not to mention student loans.

That’s why I feel this transition is so important, it opens the eyes of our generation, and things aren’t easy. We’ve all been handed a crystal clear picture of going to college being the only thing we can do. Growing up happens fast, and this still goes for the lucky ones that already have an idea of what they want to do after high school. For us, graduation will be the strangest feeling, no more school, no more summer break, no more standardized tests, we will all be floating around in our cap and gown trying to grasp the fact that we are done. I think that’s when you actually become an adult, because; isn’t that what adulthood is? Just a bunch of kids trying to figure everything out. That’s what makes this transition an important one, because it’s the hardest one we will face. Prompt: Discuss some issue of personal, local, or national concern and its importance to you

Police Brutality is a national concern we need to put an end to. The people who are supposed to be protecting us are killing us! We the people must eliminate this racism and brutality in our police force. There is no time to waste action must be takin now.

Brutality is not the way anyone should go. Our right as a citizen must be protected at all times. Nobody is above our rights or laws. Black minorities are the main people targeted by this threat. Most people would’ve thought we’ve move passed this racism. Equality is what needs to be seen in the eyes of not just officers but everyone.

In my own experience I’ve seen white cops treat other races (Mainly Blacks) as if they were animals. We are no different than anyone else. Cops need to accept the fact that we are all the same on the inside. People are getting shot and killed for no reason. In the United States, major political and social movements have involved excessive force by police. Prompt: “Describe a Person who has Influenced Your Life- Grandpa”

As the sun began to peak through the fine curtains, I clenched my eyes and inhale the sweet odor of homemade biscuits and smoky sausages specially made by my pleasurable grand-mama. My limps felt detached and strained but my stomach was roaring another tune, soon became in debate with worn-out body. I eased to the edge of the bed leisurely took a quick glance at the clock. I didn’t bother reading the time though; I just know it was too early to hear that faint bussing outside. It was Saturday morning and the routine remained the same as always, I shimmied over to the one window facing the back yard already knowing what I was searching for, my grand-daddy.

My grand-daddy wore a plaid red and black shirt, faded blue jean overalls and some dusty old work boot to mow the lawn in the early morning as, he rode his lawn mower from side to side and every few seconds he would briefly slowed down to spit his burnt sienna colored chewing tobacco, wipe his mouth with a bright white handkerchief and continue his journey.

My grand-daddy is the chief of the Totten family. Born and raised in Yanceyville, North Carolina. He received only a 5th grade education and from there worked in the family business of farmers. He is the second youngest of four brothers and a sister. Out of all of his siblings except his sister he was the only one to ever go to school and come out with a work ethic of devotion. He puts his all in everything he does from head to toe this man has gave honor to the Totten’s name. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on me, and describe that influence. The one person who has changed my life the most has to be both of my brother’s for good and bad.

My brothers have had the most influence on me because I don’t want to be anything like at all. They both have been in and out of jail not for anything big like rape or murder but for dumb things like weed. But it’s not the fact that they went to jail that scary me and makes me not want to be anything like them but it the fact I seen everything that my mother has gone through because of brother’s and that’s what makes me want to be nothing like them fools.

So yea that’s why I don’t want to be anything like my bothers they are good for nothing that just mess things up in my life and everyone else life there even messing up your life right now you don’t even know it. But for real if anyone how had impacted my life it would be them for the fact that I don’t want to be like them. But then you could look at it for another point of view and say they actually are good because of their massive mistake now I wound not make the same mistake they did. Topic: The Place That I Know Well

Texas is the place that I know well. I have been to Texas lots of times in my life. Texas is a great place to be at. There are lots of things that you can do in Texas. It is a place that you ca have a great time and also relaxes. It is the place that I know bather than anything else in the world.

Texas is where most of the things happen. You can feel the heat thrower your skin as you get closer to Texas. You can see lots of different things happening at the same time. Lots of cars passing by you as you go thrower the highway. There are lots of restaurant where you can eat at. You can small the different foods once you go inside the restaurant. Texas is as big as the United States.

Every time I go to Texas I just can just relaxes all day. I feel happy every time I go there. It is the place that can make you feel safe at all times. It is where I can see lots of things that can make you feel happy. For example every time I go to the beach I have a great time there. Also when I go to see family members and have a great time with them. Prompt: If you offered the role of the villain or the hero in a movie, which role would you accept and why?

Here come Jaeblast!! As the crowd would scream as I enter a nearby metropolis to save the day from evil. The role of a super hero is one role I would consider a choice of picking. Having superpower would be insane for me to decline that role because I would see myself as a protagonist and I believe I’m a good person by heart and soul.

I believe in superhero’s since the day I could open my eyes. As the year passed my inspiration for the famous superhero Flash has grown over time. Flash has been Favorable to me due to the fact that he was a scientist in his own field in which I’m going to college to study/Major in. Whenever I see or watch Flash I think of myself in a scientific/energetic way of thinking. The flash was a scientist before he was even notice as a hero of the comic books. Prompt: “Advice you can give to students just starting their high school career”

There are many advantages of going to high school and staying there for the full time that you should be there. At the same time there are many pitfalls and students can become confuse by the many decisions that we are forced to make. In most cases high school students want to make the best decisions about their future, and so it is important to learn of the various resources available to help make the right decisions as they will make an impact on life after high school.

There are many advantages of going to high school. High school will provide you with many opportunities that will help to develop life-long skills such as learning, social and mental development. High school helped me to lay down foundations for growth and development so that I can become a productive and good member of the community. The knowledge presented in high school can help build the necessary foundations for a career you may be interested in. Students can learn various subjects such as business, health, sciences, trades, skills and technology, all of which can be apply to knowledge needed for careers in these fields or other fields. Experiences in high school can also provide you with opportunities for career development. In high school students can meet partners in business, science, technology and other fields and they can learn about these careers and professions from experts in the field. In some high schools, experts come in on career day and talk to the students about the various careers and professions. I always love when they come in. These events can also help students to decide what careers they want to get into when the leave high school.

Another benefit is that going to high school helps students to build relationships with people such as teachers and other professionals in the fields already. When these professionals come in on career day, students can build professional relationships. You can get the experts as mentors and preceptors in the field. In high school you will also build relationships with each other and agree to go to college together. For me, I have very few friends that I can continue to be friendly with and hopefully go to college with. Some students would go to the same college and enter into the same or similar fields and in doing so long lasting friendly and work career relationships can be created. Another advantage in attending high school is that you get to learn about new methods and new technology in the workplace so that they can be more prepared when they leave school.

There are many resources in high schools that with help benefit students. High school will prepare students to make better decisions about careers and about colleges where they can advance and go into careers, or further studies that they may want to do. Sometimes, I am not sure what job or profession I want to do after I leave school. The guidance counselors in high school will hopefully help to guide and direct my career paths. Resources such as libraries, career centers, and academies like science academy or technology academy can help me to learn about these specific fields. Schools have resources such as the internet that I can use to learn more about colleges and careers. There are also many resources such as books, brochures and pamphlets that will tell me about careers and colleges.

While there are many advantages of going to high school and many resources to guide you, there are just as many pitfalls that can be misleading and dangerous. The large amounts of decisions that confront students can be overwhelming. Students may find pressure to make decisions and may rush into making decisions that they are not comfortable making. You might also rush and make decisions to please your parents. Sometimes I feel like I am being rushed by my mother to make a decision, but I have to remind her that I need to make my mind up. Another pitfall is that students could just be following their friends. Peer pressure could push students to make the wrong decisions for college, or peer pressure may force students to drop out of school. In high school you cannot cave into peer pressure. I had to make a personal decision for myself. High school students must be strong and make decisions best for themselves and their families. Another pitfall in high school is that students may become overwhelm by the many resources offered in school and that may result in the student not making the best and most timely decision.

To help with the pitfall that may occur in high school, I need to remain positive and seek the resources that will help me to do well and stay in school. Students should go to school and learn the school work. You should also do your homework and ask for help when needed. Students should go to their guidance counselors, or their teachers for additional help when necessary. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable asking for help. You need learn important skills like asking for help, talking with the teachers, being responsible and respecting to the teachers. These simple skills can help you to stay in school, do assignments and home work so you can get good grades, a good grade point average and meet all graduation requirements.

You should stay in school, so that you can graduate with good grades and then go on to further your education. Failure to remain in high school will result in poor grades, poor skills. If this happens, you will not get good grades, skills or knowledge that will help you to become a good person in the community. Therefore it is important to stay in school, use the resources, avoid the pitfalls and make the best decisions to stay in school. Prompt: Evaluate a significant experience or achievement that has special meaning to you.

Going to a different elementary school s every year or every other year wasn’t always easy. Living with that transition as a kid wasn’t easy at all to make friends. Events like birthday parties and having people over were always difficult to set up because I didn’t really have a group of base friends that I grew up with. Plus my parents are the type that they have to meet the others kids’ parents for me to even come to a sleepover.

Imagine being eight years old , walking into a new elementary school , not knowing a face in the school with butterflies in your stomach wondering how it’s all going to turnout . That was me at least four different times back in my elementary days. I would say the hardest task was to try and fit in. Every day was a new challenge to face because everyone knew each other and it was like I was the only crumbled cookie in a fresh new pack of opened Oreos. My teacher did try and make it better by doing all the introductions and trying to fit me in but I was still the odd ball in the pack. Plus as a kid was very timid, some would say anti-social, so that definitely didn’t help me. Honestly sometimes I even tried not to make friends because I knew I was going to end up moving. Prompt: Greatest challenge I have ever faced

Moving away from the place I was raised in and lived the most of my life was very hard for me and my family. It was scary, but at the same time it’s exciting to explore the new beginning of our life. My mind was thinking that if I move away from all my loved one and friends, I won’t be able to see them again and I’m afraid I won’t be able to make any new friends in United States.

After living in the Philippines for almost Prompt: “Discuss what makes you uniquely qualified for college”

College is the next essential step; it is also the most talked about after you finish high school. The reason college is known for being so hard is because high school graduates don’t really know what they want to be. People their age rarely know what they want to be. Myself I have spent countless hours discovering what I would like to accomplish. Anyone can say they want to do something; it takes some drive and execution to pursue something you enjoy. There are many cases where I could have quit and people would have loved to see me fail. At the end of all that I just had to remember why I was doing it, and was it worth fighting for. To prove them wrong I work hard for whatever it took a months or years. I just had to stay determined and put all my essential qualities to use.

High School is a rough time for some students. Students are figuring out what they want to become and finding out who they are. 50% – 70% of students change their majors at least once; most will change majors at least 3 times before they graduate. Not only knowing what you want to do is important, finding out whom you are necessary as well. Why is this important as a college student? Many students when they get to college don’t have the hard work and will power to continue. Students don’t know what works for them to be successful. I have spent many methods on how to plan and make myself successful.

Someone once told me that they’re a difference between listening and learning. Anyone can listen but only some can learn. It is the same concept on having idea/dream, and someone who peruses their aspirations. I had teachers before that told me that “You would not go anywhere”. The only thing the teachers didn’t know was I did not take their “advice” into consideration. I kept myself from going the wrong way. The steps I took were I did all I could do, and if I was failing behind I made up the work. I continuing doing well and showed my teachers wrong. I could have quit and not cared but I was motivated because I had a goal to achieve.

Hard work over weights anything I notice that hard work is like practice. Everyone knows the saying that “Practice makes perfect”. No matter how bad you are at something the amount of time I’ve practice takes an effect. I have put so much hard work into school. That I’m ready for a new challenge college is that next step. I have prepared my whole life to get this opportunity. With all the knowledge I have learn from preparing and my high school practice college I am ready for college.

With all the things I have learned during my school years and my life lessons. I have learn a lot of new thing and will look forward to learning new things in college. Prompt: “Describe an important transition in your life”

It was my first year of high school. I was excited and nervous at the same time I was excited because it was a new beginning for me. It what significant to me because it was a big change for me. I was going from middle school to high school.

The alarm goes off it is now 5:00 a.m. it is time for me to get ready for school. I get off my bed and go brush my teeth then go into in to the shower. The water was freezing cold. When I got out the shower I rushed to my room and start getting ready. The time flew by so quickly. I got ready on time. I had few minutes before I had to go to the bus stop. I ate some cereal before leaving. Once, I left to bus stop I was walking with my sister. I arrived at the bus stop it was near the road where the cars were passing. The wind was blowing in my face because of the cars racing in the road. I could see the red lights flashing on the bus. The bus is getting near I start shaking and my hands are getting sweaty. I get on the bus and it feels as if I was walking into an oven it was hot.

Furthermore, we are getting near the school and I get afraid. I don’t know what is it like to be in high school and it will be a new experience for me. We finally arrive at school. There are many buses there also. Suddenly, they yell out “unload” when they say that it means to open the door and let us out of the bus. Everyone starts rushing off the bus and I am patiently waiting for my turn. I get off the bus and start walking into the school. I walk in the school and there are lots of people. I am squeezing in between the crowd. I finally walk through everyone and it is time to look for my classes. I think to myself I don’t know where my classes are the good thing is that there were teachers in mostly each corner. I got to all my classes. I would look around to see if I had any friends in that class. Luckily, I had at least one friend in each class. I just wanted the day to be over as soon as possible. The thing that got me nervous was that my sister would always tell me, “high school is not easy.” The first day isn’t that bad because the only thing we do is get informed of what we will expect and our expectations and what we will learn during the year.

Additionally, for me the transition from middle school to high school was a big change for me. The reason being is because I was already getting use to walking up later like around 7:00 a.m. Then, the following year having to wake up at 5:00 a.m. was a change. I had to get use to waking up at that time. It was hard because the first days I would wake up at the right time then, I would go back to sleep. I missed the bus a few times. I managed to get over that with time. The only thing I didn’t like is that I had seven classes. The other thing was that the classes were very apart from each other. For example, I had to walk from one building to another one in five minutes. Overall, I liked all my classes. For me high school was easy as long as I did my work. They start getting us ready for college. Prompt: “Discuss the greatest challenge you have face or expect to face”

Challenge? What is a challenge? It’s something that you have to accomplish or something you have to face. Well everyone has challenges. Small ones, big ones but I never thought I would face the biggest one ever. That is my dad death. I had no idea it was going to happen that fast. So that’s the biggest challenge I have to face in my life. It was so unexpected I have to face. My life has change since that day.

It began on June 30, 2014 that afternoon. I was hanging out with my friend Stefany. It was a great day. She left to go home. I went inside to my room. Then my mom got a call from my aunt. She told her that my dad had passed away. She came to my room. She told me and my sister that my dad has passed away. When I heard the bad news tears where rolling down my face. I had to call my older brother to tell him the news. He answers and when I told him. He was like your lying I’m like no I’m not. It was grandma all over. We went to see him in the hospital. It was the hardest thing I have to face to see. I almost fell to the ground and one of my aunts caught me. All the family was full of sadness and we couldn’t accept it. Later on that week it was his funeral. It was on Wednesday July 2, 2014. In the memorial service we were crying our tears out. When my family saw him it was horrible that we have to see him like that. During the service the ladies sung this song call “Yo Te Extranare” which it means I’ll miss you. That song is a dialogue of me and my dad talking. Every time listen to that song I always cry and be in pain, because it reminds me of him. Ever since the funeral nothing would make be happy.

On that Saturday that week. We had this church event which took place in the park that my dad would always take me. That was also the park behind where my grandma and dad work. That day memories just came to me and tears came out too. So I walk around and cry my eyes out. When I was walking around. My mom was telling the people from church that my dad died that week. And she also told them that I was the most effected about it. Anyways ever since my dad passed away my life change a lot. All my friends ask me how you can live life still without your dad. I’m like I just don’t think about as much. Ever since then I haven’t been the same girl that I used to be. My religious beliefs change and so has my personalities. I’ve suffering for my dad death and for something else I can’t say. Every time I’m going somewhere. Something always reminds me of him and my memories come back. Oh also when I go to my grandpa house. I always think my dad is going to be there even though I should know he’s not there. I just can’t accept that he’s gone. My family and my friends say “It’s okay [...] your dad is now in peace and not suffering”. I’m like “No now I’m the one suffering “. I wanted him to see me graduate and see I made it. He saw my brother graduate and now he won’t see me. He would always tell me when he was here. “Ya me voy a morir” Which means I’m going to die. I hated that he would always say that. I would tell him “Pa no tengas eso” which means “Dad don’t say that”. So my life has complete became a suffering life.
As can be seen life is so short. I want to live my life. Since my dad is no longer here I want him to know I’m doing everything so I would be successful. I want to become a writer, singer, and also an actress. He’s the only person that supported me on what I wanted to do with my life. So when I become one of those dreams of mine. I own it all to my dad. He made me what I am now and I want to accomplish everything I need to do. Now I’m not suffering as much for his death because I know he’s not suffering. And soon I would be with him. So this was the greatest challenge I have to face and still facing. Prompt: What are the three specific things you plan to do in Florida?

The three specific things I plan to do at Florida is focusing on class, basketball, and wanting on to become a more responsible person. I want to build the best educate for me. Be known as one of the best student –athlete who came to Florida State. To be known to teachers on my skills of focus. To be remember as an elite player that played the game. To be one of the best player on and off the court.

My focus is coming to Florida with a good mindset. My study habits would be up to par while in the hot steaming room with no A/C. my sweat would fall off my forehead like bullet shells. As I try to write a perfect paper. As I am proof reading the paper for the professor to receive the fulfilling grade of success.

As I’m done with my work for class I head to the gym with coach and the guys. As we practice on our plays for the games. While me and the team breathe hard with exhaustion. The coaches would let us take a break and drink a cold bottle of Gatorade. While we drink and take a break we discussed about getting the sunny beach college sate a championship.

As we end practice I’ll go off campus to go work and find a way to stay productive. To stay on the right path and let others go on the wrong. As I drive on the smooth road with the bright glowing sun hits my face. I would go out to find a job and make some more money to pay for books and food to live on. Then after work I’ll go to the donation and give the clothes that I don’t wear any more. I would clean up the streets of Florida to help the community out with a place to claim for good and clean areas. Prompt: Evaluate a significant experience or achievement that has a special meaning to you.

Many people have achieved different things in their lives. Some have achieved to get scholarships. Other where able to go pro in a sport they loved. There are a lot of achievements that people have been able to accomplish. A significant experience or achievement that has a special meaning to me is when I made it to Varsity Cross-Country.

The first time that I joined Cross-Country I saw that there were many good runners. That inspired me to try to be the best runner for the team. I attended practice every day and gave it all I had. But one of my biggest obstacles that was stopping me from being the best was my knee pain. My knee pain was really bad and that was slowing me down big time. Therefore my sophomore season wasn’t the best; I wasn’t able to become the best runner for Berkmar.

After I did therapy for my knee and I relaxed my joins I went back to running. But this time I did something different that I dint do the first time, I went to summer conditioning. Summer conditioning helped me out big time to become better and achieve my goal. I ran all summer long with the team; luckily I wasn’t having any knee pain. After summer conditioning finished our Cross-Country season started again. I was determined to achieve my goal that year. Two weeks into the season and we had our first race of the year. After getting an 18:29 for a 3.1 mile race I knew I was on track to achieving my goal. I kept working hard to get even better and by the time you know it I was top varsity for Berkmar High School. I finished that year with my best time of 17:52.

This year I am setting a new goal. That goal is to beat my personal record that I set last year. I’m going to put even more work in and I’m going to try more hard to achieve that goal. I know that I focus on my goal I’ll be able to reach it. The goal I am setting for this season it to run a 17:00 flat or less if possible.

My main goal that I had was been to become a varsity runner. That goal has been accomplished, now I have to set new goals so I can keep making accomplishments in life. A new goal I have is to beat my personal record of 17:52 and hopefully get a Cross-Country scholarship. Overall the achievement that has a special meaning to me is the fact I was able to become varsity for Berkmar High School. Prompt: ”Evaluate a significant experience or achievement that that has special meaning to you.”

One of the greatest achievements is to graduate and fulfill all the dreams and goals that I have set for myself. This world is full of people that had set goals, and dreams but never did anything to make them come true. I don’t want to be one more of those people that don’t do anything to not make them; I will do whatever it takes just to make it happen. I want these not only for myself but I part for my family. They have been there sense day one and I appreciate all their support.

Why do I say that I don’t only want it for me but for my family? Because, my family has been there for me without thinking about it twice, they have had my back, no matter what they will always be there. They push me to do my very best all the time, and tell me every time that I should never stop fighting for what I want, if I want it to go for it. Even when the get too pushy and very stressful I know they don’t do it to frustrate me they do it because they care and want me to do good in life and even though I feel like they pressure me sometimes I know it’s because they care.

By me graduating and entering college, would be the best achievement ever not only because I prove myself that I could do but because I would be making my mom prude, and for all of those people that didn’t have faith in me or never believe that I could have done it. I want to give the best I have and be successful. My mother is one thing that push me the most to do good, and I want to make her proud and show her that I can do it, and by that I will be giving her back a little out of all that she has gave me.

That is the main achievement that I have in mind, the one that is going to take me far in life the one that I’m going to be proud to say that I made it and that I did it all by myself, with hard effort but I made it. Everybody is born with a purpose in life, I know mine. Now the only thing I have left is to get to it and do anything it takes to get it done. Think of a place you know well. Describe the place and include feelings about it.

Have you ever wanted to go back in time, and visit that one place that brings a smile to your face? Meanwhile that exact place is so far from your reach, and on the other hand it’s extremely close to your heart. When I think of that place I only imagine Guatemala. There are three areas in Guatemala that I enjoy tremendously which are in some ways very different and similar at the same time.
Venecia, Guatemala is one of these areas that I adore to stay at. Primarily I’m fondled at the fact that my mom was born around this district. Also her parents and my grandparents still live there to this day. Every time I go spend time over there I fancy walking through the high stalks of green corn and getting lost for hours with my little cousin Yasmin. Another thing I’m delighted by is the morning breeze hugging my skin so tight that goose bumps appear throughout by body. Evenings were even better; my grandmother would stir up a cup of coco for my sister and me and included bread on the side to make the experience even more outstanding. I won’t ever forget the time when my sister and I put ten baby chicks in a circle and surrounded them with something. After a few seconds we would lift that something and the chicks would run in every direction. The place was to collect each one of the chicks until we got ten again. This specific moment made me feel butterflies and fireworks inside my tummy. Every single time I go to visit the moment is extremely pleasant and unforgettable. My heart speeds up every time I am able to go to Guatemala.

Another place I’m exited in Guatemala to spend time at is chela. Chela is located near the city. It’s three hours from the city but a hot sweaty three hours in the car. My mom’s little brother Rudy lives there in a two story home. I love going there because I get to share moments with my baby cousin. I remember once my brother, sister and I went to a water park like thirty minutes away. My eyes almost popped out of my head once I saw the price of each ticket. Each one of us had to pay one hundred quetzals, which is the name of the currency in Guatemala. In U.S currency it would vary from fourteen to fifteen dollars. The money didn’t really bother me at the end of the day. I saw huge slide with people shouting and screaming. The one ride that is unforgettable to me was the one where all three of us got into one float and were pushed in a giant swirling slide and we at got wet and at the end of the slide was a pool where we fell into. My heart was racing the entire time we were there. After the water park we headed back to my uncle’s house where we ate a fish that was whole and looking at me. This started to make my stomach to move from the smile on my face. After a few weeks my other grandparents, my dad’s parents came to pick my sister and I up to go stay with them until the day we had to come back to Georgia.

My father’s parents live the closest to the city. Its one and a half hours away. The interesting part of Chimaltenango, Guatemala is that it’s always mid-warm there and I love the sun beating against my skin. I adore helping out in my grandfather’s store where he basically sells everybody’s needs. The benefit of being his granddaughter was that I basically owned his store as well. What I mean by that was I could take anything and pig out on whatever I craved. Luckily that wasn’t the only thing to do at their house. At times I would help my grandma water all her crops such as bananas,plantans,mangos Prompt: A person that who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

They say ‘Never Judge A book by Its Cover “, but why does everyone still judge me because of the carrier I want to take or the job I would love to have. People are always telling me what to do and what is best for me, but I don’t want what happen to my cousin happening to me. I really want to be a doctor’s assistants and I will be because I have the skills for it.

My cousin always wanted to travel the world, but her parents never let her do what she wanted to do with her life, since they were the ones who were paying her college and her books. People and family members would always judge her because they thought she would never get to that level since most of us were poor. She knew that one day she was going to be traveling to many countries, and luckily the United States government sent a letter to her school asking for a voluntary helper to go to out the country and help others. When everyone doubt it her, she always believed in herself.

From the time I was able to realize that the U.C (University Of California) was the best for me and my future, I decide to do my research on it. 2nd PeriodPrompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Through out the good and the bad and the ugly she has been there. When i was sick feeling like i was on my death bed,she was there. When i just plainly need someone to talk to or a friend she was always there. That person is my mom. My mother has made the greatest influence on my life out of everyone i have know to this day. Throughout all the struggle she, me and my family as a whole she has been there and she was the one to keep it all together and kept a smile on her face even when she felt like she could just leave ,she stayed and fought through it all. She was my mother.

My moms name is Yezzet Lewis Thomas. She is a Licensed Practical Nurses or LPN and she is working on her RN degree (Registered Nurses). Born in France moved to the United States when she was 2 and has 9 brothers and sisters her family was a military family with her dad serving in the military. One reason i chose her to be my biggest influence on me is the fact she was always there for me. when i was younger from Elementary to Middle school I had a really hard time making friends and had lots of issues with me being bullied and my constant stutter did not make it any better from my point of view, It just gave others more ammo to fire at me day after day and i struggled with life. But i always knew i could come home and wait to 8 o'clock the time she gets off of work and just talk to her about it like she was my best friend. She was always on my side and when i needed stuff done school wise she would stay up late to help me even if she had to go back to work at 6 in the AM. Describe an important transition in your life.

My name was not called to participate in the 2014-2015 Peachtree Ridge, three day soccer tryouts. The coach said, “we do not have your physical on file”, but yet I turned mine in to the lady soccer adviser and she said she will put it in the day I gave it to her a week before. The JV coach told me to ask Coach Sutton, the Varsity coach, to see if I can still tryout. When I walked over to him, and informed him on the situation, he looked me up and down looking at how I was dressed, I am new to the soccer world so I had some; black vans, shorts and two hoodies on, that day was the day it started to snow, and he said, “well if it is not on file then I will not let you tryout.” I was outside for hours just practicing in the cold after school, from 2:10 to 5:00.

Being told in front of the whole soccer team and new comers, that you can’t tryout, is embarrassing, and it really hurts you. I knew I turned in my Physical Form but they “did not have it”. Later on that day of the tryouts, my mom emailed Coach Sutton, and informed him that I did turn it in to the Soccer Lady. So the Coach replies saying that I am able to come to the second day tryout and I will be evaluated closely during the tryout. I told my mom no, I will not go to the tryout because I will feel the pressure and know they are watching me closely, I also did not want not meet their standers and still not make the team. Plus, I did not have much experience to the game of soccer, so I thought it would be best of me to not go and work on my skills for the game till next year.

So from the day after the second tryout, I was practicing soccer left and right, outside working on ball control, my touches, juggling, and at parks working on my shooting. I have improved a lot from the tryouts. I am glad that I decided to go off and improve my skills, I am more confident to tryout now, but still will be nervous and feel the pressure. I moved schools my last year of high school, to Berkmar High school and I am trying out this year, I will be attending Conditioning, did not do it at Peachtree Ridge, but I will now. Seniors have to try out for Varsity and juniors too and then sophomores and freshman have to try out for JV. So I will be preparing myself for Varsity tryouts, and the Varsity Coach, is also my Psychology teacher. He knows I am trying out for soccer and has been informing me the updates on soccer. I got my physical done and now I am just getting myself ready for conditioning.

My future career goals with soccer, is to make it to an MLS (Major League Soccer) Team. MLS is only teams held in The United States, so American Teams. I have a few teams in mind, for example; Orlando FC, New York City, New York City Red Bulls and LA Galaxy. In 2017, Georgia will have their own MLS team, I would like to try them out first.

So ever since that day after tryouts, I have opened my mind to soccer, learned more about soccer and would to take it up a notch in my life. I may not be much good but all I can do from then and to the future is practice. Prompt: Discuss What Makes You Uniquely qualified for This Position

Not everyone is qualified for every job or career. I know I have the potential to be a police officer. Wearing the blue is not the easiest or most popular position right now but I am motivated to do it. Having the dream is the first step to a goal. However, having certain capabilities is also key to success in performing specific tasks. I am very perceptive so I can notice elements that are out of the ordinary that may disrupt society and I also possess a sense of justice to act out this role. I can see myself right now in the uniform and looking out across the street.

Perception is a necessary skill for all law enforcement. Without it, criminals would continue to wreak havoc and no one will be any the wiser. If a situation seems off, I will notice. I know the symptoms of being under the influence of hard drugs: drowsiness, hyperactivity, sweating, irritability, paranoia. Liars will not fool me either. I will note the delay and uncertainty in a person’s response and the many gestures that accompany deceit. Then I will politely ask for the truth. There is another sense that is required for this position.

A sense of justice is a key component to upholding the law. The privilege of safeguarding other people can corrupt. Many act as if they are the rulers of the land but I would consider myself a servant of society. Abusing power is unthinkable to me. There are government workers who accept bribes and practice favoritism. I would treat all citizens as equals, not favoring the rich, a gender, or any particular ethnicity. This country is founded on principles of equality and should be enforced by only the fair-minded.

Professions require a certain set of skills. Applicants that want to be police officers are weeded out first for the incapable. I have astute skills to notice illegal and abnormal activities and I also have a clear sense of justice. I know I will pass the training and perform well in the field. In the not too distant future, I will assist in keeping the country, the city, the people in uniform. Prompt: ?

I was born in Guatemala. When I was about five years old my mother contacted some people and I’ve lived in Georgia ever since. Growing up was a real struggle. Bills were paid late, sometimes there was no dinner for me and my siblings, and eventually we would relocate to a different apartment. This happened several times until money was no longer an issue and we moved into a humble house.

My brother had it the worst out of the three kids my mom had. There was always the language barrier, but he was lucky since the school actually bumped him up a grade. Even with all the stress he managed to graduate. My sister was a total different story, however. Greilyn was always involved in extracurricular activities, and throughout her high school years she had at least one Advanced Placement class. She would juggle sleep, homework, sports, and after school clubs all at once. She wasn’t able to attend college because she didn’t have legal papers at that time. My brother, my sister and I were able to get a worker’s permit two years ago and my sister and brother were able to get a stable job. Both Heber and Greilyn moved to Florida, my brother with his wife and my sister with her husband.

Family problems arose back at home. When I was in seventh grade I started to miss a lot of days in school. Some teachers told me I wouldn’t get anywhere in life and that’s where I stopped caring about anything that had to deal with school. This was when life knocked the teeth straight out of my mouth. I would have mental breakdowns time after time. In the 10th grade, I barely passed the first semester and I failed four classes the second. When I got to my junior year in high school I realized how important school really was and I made a life plan to become a mechanical engineer.
I moved to Florida with my sister for the first semester of 11th grade and that’s where I recovered my lost credits. I went from taking advanced classes to standard classes in less than a year. I didn’t give up there and I’m still here standing. I know my story is merely one of thousands, but nothing would mean more to me than being the first in my family to go to college and prove to myself that I am no failure. I have always believed that one cannot get back up if they have never fallen. I’m grabbing life by the horns and taming the raging beast. This is only the beginning, for one day I will also prove the world, and those who doubted me, that I [...] am a successful college graduate. As the window bust from the hard wind I Can feel the the heat rise as the flames spread extremely rapidly from the garage to the living room. The flames started in the garage it was caused by the wires in the walls the Fire department said it was an electrical fire. I can remember the harsh smell of wood burning that made my stomach ache. The heat of the fire felt liked when you open the oven after a long time of preheating. One of My Greatest challenges that I faces was my house burning to the ground in the spring of 2007. This experience Changed my life completely it showed me things about family and friends, Showed me to Value things more, but it also made life harder.

It was 11:48Pm on a Wednesday night everybody was asleep except my brother he was up watching TV when he notice a burning smell coming from down stairs, he rushed to see where it was coming from when he notice the garage was in flames, He run upstairs panicking to wake everybody up. Once he thought everybody was up the flames was already spreading more and more. As we try and put on our shoes we hear window bursting one by one. We all rushed towards the front door were you could barely see anything because the house was filled with black smoke, as I inhaled the smoke I remember getting lite headed jumping out the fire. Then once everybody was out we notice my baby brother didn’t make it out. The fire man said it was too risky for anybody to go back in the house, even the fire marshal gave up on him. My older brother wasn’t going for it he broke loose from the fire man and ran fast thru the back yard to the back door and up the stairs as he heard my brother scream for help. He yells to my brother to just roll down the stairs. He rolls down the stairs and he and my baby brother jumped out the house together as soon as they jumped out the whole entire house collapse. My brother had 3rd degree burns in many places. They Fire department called him a miracle because they never seen somebody make it out a house like that. My family lost everything, 5 dogs all our clothes shoes furniture and pictures everything. At the end of the night we were placed in a hotel for those whom didn’t have a house. We stayed in a hotel for about 2 months until we finally moved back to Chicago for 2 months to stay with my grandma.

After the fire everything was different crying myself to sleep every night waking up in tears having nightmares of that night, I felt like I was reliving it all over again night by night, Not going to school every day because we had no clothes or shoes. When my house burnt down I left my best friend she stayed in that neighborhood she was the only person to know and understand. At that time I didn’t care about school at all. Going to school and people asking about was the worst. People making fun of me because I didn’t have a house I hated school just because of that. Nobody could understand what I was going thru at a young age. Moving from hotel to hotel school to school I went to 5 different elementary schools a different school every year. Having to make new friends every year was hard being insecure of my situation to tell people was the hardest. I used to go to school just to go not even caring about it. Until my 5th grade year and I meet this teacher who was so cooled and I could talk to her bout everything and she made me realize school is what I need. She taught me I can just write my hurt and my problems out with poetry or just start writing when I’m upset.

As time moved on things started getting better, we started getting our life back together. Started building a home back together getting everything back to normal, even though it was hard and we struggled but my mom always managed to get it done. We noticed family wasn’t always there for you when you need them. It was us by ourselves against everything all the problems with no help, even my mom mother wasn’t there after time went back. It showed us life can be gone in a blink of an eye. After that it made us stronger and closer as a family. It made us strive harder to get everything we wanted and once had because we lost it all in one night. It showed me that I need an education to be successful in order to get everything I want. Prompt: The lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to later success. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

High school is a great stepping ground for young adults to experience responsibility, freedom and to prepare themselves for college and the work field. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s up to you to correct them and better the situation.

Having responsibilities is a huge thing to have. You always have to stay focused and on top of things. My freshmen year in high school I failed second semester Biology. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to make it up so that I could still graduate on time and have a good college look at me. I went to my counselor to ask her about any programs that the school offered for kids that failed classes. She offered me a chance to do a afterschool program called Credit Recovery. The program was $100 for two weeks and class was 3 hours long. Having to do Credit Recovery for those two weeks I still had to say on top of doing my classwork for school and working. Me failing Biology set me back but also made me realize how much school Is important to me and just how badly I wanted stay focused and do the right thing.

Freedom can help or set you back in life, it’s up to you to keep everything in order and to still do what you’re supposed to do. For example wanting to go out with your friends, instead of studying for a quiz. I honestly think Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

From a young age my grandparents were always on my butt to go in a straight line, to stay focus, and to never do something I would regret in the future. My grandparents always had a huge influence in my life. To this day I can never be any more grateful to have them. The example they set is the example I want to set to the lower classmen.

From 5 in the morning to 6 afternoons, Monday thru Friday they would come with tiredness written all over their face. Just knowing they’re busting their butts just so I can go to school and knowing I don’t have to worry about anything. Because of them I want to strive for success, I want to be someone with a doctor’s degree or a business degree, just something that they could be proud of. I was given an opportunity that wasn’t given to my grandparents and that was an education.

I’ve face situations where dropping out was the easy way out, but why quit when I’m so close to getting a diploma, why quit on something my grandparents would be so happy about, why let them down, why not graduate so they can tell their friends and family that they raised a successful kid, a kid that didn’t give up. My grandparents would tell me “ if you want to be successful go for it, we would be by your side; nothing stopping you from being someone important in life.”

It’s my senior year and its crazy to think that I made it this far, I’m the only one in my family that’s about to graduate, I’m breaking a curse that’s been in my family for generations. My grandparents are the reason for me to finish my education. Every day I would get lectured about what kind of life I would have if I don’t finish high school, I don’t want to be behind a lawn mower working 11 hours a day in the heat. Having an education open so many doors for different opportunities in the future. Prompt: Discuss the greatest challenge you have faced or expect to face

Everyone has a challenge that they expect to face. My greatest challenge that I expect to face is going to college and being successful in the future. Those are my greatest challenge because it is not going to be easy. I am going to have to put a lot of effort and not mess up. Once you mess up it is very hard to get back up, and since it is about your future than it is very important to not make that mistake.

It is not going to be easy because colleges do not just accept anybody. They require much information such as the SAT or the ACT. Which are a test that every college requires, and you have to meet the average point or above. Also a certain point of GPA and above, resume and other important requirements. College is the real thing, it is more freedom and that is where you already know what you want to do in life. You have your mind set on your career and at that moment you already know what you should do and expect to do.

To be successful in my future I have to do something I enjoy doing and that gets me good money for it. I want to do entrepreneur, because I want to have my own business. I do not like it when people boss me around. Therefor if I study entrepreneur I would be the one bossing people around and they would work for me. I enjoy that because it something I like to do and I have always wanted to have my own business. In college I want to study entrepreneur, but it would not be easy. Even though it would not be easy I would not give up, it would be a great challenge for me.

College is the time to get your things together and start working extra hard. It is not going to be easy but one should not give up. It would be extremely stressful and hard but that is just how college is. I am the type of person that gets distracted easily so I paying attention in college with no distractions would be a challenge. I would have to set up goals and learn how to accomplish each one of them. When you set up goals you have to be determined and find a way to achieve them. It is a lot to do but it is something I expect to face. Prompt: The greatest challenge I am expected to face.

As a child I had almost everything handed to me. What I would ask for I received, I had six pets for crying out loud. As time prevailed getting what I wanted when I wanted wasn’t so easy anymore. Now it’s my last year of high school and it could not be any more stressful than it is now.

It’s the last first day of high school I am struck with “senioritis” as soon as I walk through those double doors. Saying to myself “I can’t wait to graduate and get this year over with”. By May all of this will be over and I’ll be left to my own devices, by May all my friends would have moved on ,and I’ll be stuck thinking to my self what’s next? By May my time would be up Prompt: Discuss a place that has changed you.

It’s a shame how few people choose not to go to college. I plan on going to college and have a bright future. One particular school I’ve been seeking is Morehouse. I plan on attending a school with a positive environment and fair rules. I have learned unique history and facts about the school as well.

Not too long ago I visited Morehouse College my sophomore year. I was in this mentoring program called BEAMERS we went on a field trip to visit the school. This experience changed me. I remember stepping off that rusty bus into the quiet school. The halls were silent and echoed every step you took. The lunch room smelled like a 5-star restaurant. I said to myself: “I’d love to attend this school”.

As soon as we made it to the college we sat in a class room then talked to a student that attends Morehouse. He told us the GPA requirements, which was a 3.7 at the time. He explained Morehouse is a private, four-year, historically black college. We were also informed that Morehouse was an all-male school. This statement was a shock to many including myself. The crazy thing was Spelman College was right across the street from Morehouse. Spellman was an all-female school. The student informed us with much information about the school but our tour was nowhere finished.

The best part about our tour was coming up next. The student informed us with unique history of the school. There is an obelisk named in honor of Howard Thurman. Thurman was an African American author, philosopher, theologian, educator and civil rights leader. He was a graduate of Morehouse College. There were many other celebrities that graduated from this school such as Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was enrolled at more at the age of 15 after skipping the 9th & 12th grade. These unique facts went on and on like a broken record.

Ever since the Morehouse tour I’ve never been the same. I met the requirements to this college. I would be more than happy to attend it. I hope ever school high school gets to tour this college. It is truly a life changing experience. Prompt: Discuss the greatest challenge you have faced or expect to face.

Throughout my entire life challenges have been with me from the beginning. No matter what I have faced challenges and been expecting to face more that are thrown my way. Without dealing with these situations in life I don’t think I would be as successful as I am now. Challenges to me are basically things to where I have to push myself in order to go where I want to go. Plus learning how to never give up and stay at the task at hand.

The greatest challenge I expect to face in life is getting my mom and brother a bigger house and a better lifestyle for them. I really expect to do all that through basketball as a matter of fact and I have a great feeling that I will be able to accomplish this as well. Basketball is really my wife in this world because I have become so phenomenal at it that I have been attending colleges and camps. The only reason for me even wanting to play is because my little brother looks up to me and he wants to see me make it big for the family. In the future as I finish up high school, I expect to have matured well enough to be ready for college and hoping that I will be succeeding in that as well. I already know that for me challenges will forever come my way but as a humble human being I will never complain. I’m going to always push myself to get better at what I love and loving something I always wanted to do.

The other challenge I expect to face is trying to find the college that’s right for me and depending on how great of a school they are education wise and activity wise. I have visited colleges any basketball or any other athlete can ever dream of. My recent visits have been North Carolina or UNC, Kentucky, Birmingham Southern, Georgia State, FAMU, Florida State University, Georgia State, Louisville, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, and that’s pretty much it. For me visiting those schools it took a lot of hard work to get there and that’s not even including sports wise really. Those colleges expect major things from kids attending, and I can get really lazy so it will take me some time to bypass all of that. A college I was really considering going to was Florida State University. With that being a highly attended school in the country they acquire kids to be outstanding scholars. For me to get in there I have to do exceptionally well in high school as of now since I’m a senior. Because if I didn’t loiter around in my freshman and sophomore year, I wouldn’t have to worry about much as a senior. But that is a challenge I am facing at this moment and I know I can overcome it. Especially knowing people are here to support me as I continue on with the success I’m at I know I’ll be okay.

That is really the greatest challenge I have faced in my life because there were days to where I just wanted to give up and stop playing basketball all together. But I had to come to my intellectual gift and do what I what destined to do as my heart desired. Another Challenge I expect to face is overcoming my laziness and putting forth the effort as I am told to do so. But I have overcome that already but if I want to get in a successful college at this moment of life I got to just get through it. Another college I was looking forward to coming to see was Tennessee. I wanted to consider them on my list because their high school requirements aren’t as major as Kentucky and so on. But it will still be a big obstacle for me to get into. Plus their courses have to meet my needs because I wouldn’t want to attend if they aren’t as good as I thought. But there are a lot of athletes in my shoes and especially professional athletes as a matter of fact. So really it doesn’t bother me knowing I have to face a colossal obstacle at hand. Prompt: ?

The high way a never ending sees of concrete and steel. My hands dire and tit on the old polished letter wheal my first day on the road. I stop pull over and scream not in anguish but it in nervous excitement over my future I was going to university to some no surprise to others dis belief. My interest confused and angered my friends and some family I wanted to become a geneticist something never herd of by my pears. Growing up in Canada theirs a wall much greater than in the states not racial not nationalist theirs was a learning wall my wall from the time I could remember I had trouble with words not on the page but in my mind. I could read and understand words with the best of them but the second I was told to write my mind went a blank not with ideas but in how I could put them on paper I couldn’t spell. I was put in to “special education” or prison school for short I was hindered broken not rite my self-esteem was crashed and my life in question I was lost. We moved I thought it was over I thought I was free I was wrong the same thing for four years till the 7 and 8 grade my case manager wanted to test me. This was my chance to prove myself I was accepted in to a recover program where you are put in to regular classes but have a counselor.

In middle school my science and history classes I could sleep in class and if she asked me a question, I would keep my head flat on the desk and answer every question correctly quizzes and tests no problem 100 all day long. Till I got to high school my teacher asked me to write an essay I was terrified so I wrote as little as possible, I was steaming I couldn’t write what I wanted the things floating in my head I couldn’t get them out. Meany years pass I slowly but Shirley made my way to AP classes my writing improved and but compared to my AP classmates I was far from them but I’m getting better every day.

“life is hard it will beat you down if you let it but it’s not about how hard you hit its about how hard you can get hit and keep going “ Rock 4 life will never be easy I learned this form a young age but thing that seem hard for some might not be for others. Wrestling was never a hard thing for me ya there where hard practices but its temporary it’s, better to work hard and get your hand razed then to playing around then to be on your back gasping for air. If you’ve wrestled with something, your whole life wrestling for 6 minutes is easy. So many people ask me is it hard is it hard it’s not about weather its hard it about whether it’s worth it, university is no different just another opponent I haft to wrestle agents but before we step in the ring I’m just letting you know university compared to my previous opponents is just a bump in the high way of life. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

My parents are the ones that have made me who I am. They are the reason to why I am in school. Thanks to them I want to do my best and become someone in life. Each one of them had their own part in order for me and my brother to get here.

My mom, she has worked really hard since the time she got here in order to bring my older brother and me here. She has always given us what we wanted and works hard for it. She has two jobs morning and afternoon. She leaves at 7am and comes home at 11pm from her second job. Sometimes my brothers and I don’t see her the whole day. We would have to say up in order to see her and when she has off.

She tries to hang out with us When she doesn’t work she would take us to the park or anywhere we want. Somehow she always finds a way to spend time with us even though she might be tired. She did her best for me now it’s my turn to do my best for her and give her the life she deserves. Furthermore my father has always been there for us and gives us what we need.

My father on the other hand has only one job. He works in the morning and comes home at 4pm. Somehow he finds a way to pay bills send money to my family In Mexico and have some left to give to us so we can buy what we want. He would give us advice to keep moving forward to not give up and to go for our dreams. All my father wants is for us to be happy and get education. He wasn’t given the opportunity to go to school and be someone in life, but even though he didn’t go to school he is very smart. Now it’s up to me to give them the life they deserve.

End Second Period Fifth PeriodPrompt: Indicate a person who has a significant influence on you and describe that influence.

Every girl grows up being a daddy’s little girl, they grow up seeing their dad as a super hero. All the dad hears from his little girl is “daddy do this, “dad what’s that,” “daddy open this.” You see him and his like hulk to you because his so strong and brave! I’m so blessed to have the father I have, his a hard working men, he provides me with my needs and wants, his always pushing me to do the best in school and the ultimate best part is he supports me in everything I do. He sees so much potential in me that I don’t even see in myself.

Since the day I was born I have had a roof under my head and never an empty tummy. Never was I left untaken care of he always provided me with all my essentials. He always tried to give me what he couldn’t have and I appreciate that so much! Every morning he wakes up at five even if it’s raining cats and dogs or it’s snowing outside he always manages to go out and work. When he comes home late at night with his hands full of blisters with his feet hurting and walking like a grandpa when his no were near 70 and all he wants to do is go shower and go to sleep only to just do the same routine next morning. Even if I don’t get see him twenty four seven…. Prompt: Greatest Challenge I had faced.

Being a little kid sounds good and joyful. Mostly all kids have a good childhood and some not so many that good. People like seeing little kids laugh, smile, giggle, and play. I wished I had a childhood like that it would off change me. I would enjoy my years but I couldn’t because I had responsibilities when I was a little kid.
When I was a little kid I had to look out for my little brother. I had to help out my mom around the house and help here clean houses so we can get money and pay the bills and for food. Also on top of anything my dad left us or abandoned us when I was 8 years old. When I was 10 I had to work in a job so I can help out my mom, Prompt: A Personal or national issue that is important to you

The distribution of wealth in America is one of the biggest issues to me on a personal level and is a big problem on a national level too. Economic equality doesn’t seem like a priority in this country with the lopsided balance of wealth in this country. Surveys have been done interviewing Americans of all different backgrounds and economic status and most thought that the distribution of wealth in America was a lot closer than in reality what it is. There are a lot of people in America struggling, out of work and not meeting their financial needs and that I see as a big problem because, the situation could be handled better to where everyone can benefit.

Now I can’t ever see Americas wealth being distributed equally because, there would be no drive to work and achieve goals and make more money. I do believe that the gap between how much the wealthy, the middle class and poor people make is way too wide. 40 % of this nation’s wealth go to the top 1%. That means those big C.E.O‘s guys like bill gates 40% of the whole nations wealth goes to those guys. The average these guys get paid is 380x more than there average employee and in the fast food industries over 1200x more. Now I’m sure that’s these guys work very hard for their money but its very hard to believe that they are working 1200x or even 380x harder than their employees. Also the richest 20% of Americans own 84% of the nation wealth.

There are so many people on food stamps and other government assistance programs because, of this problems. You have people with degrees and can’t find jobs that pay well enough to provide for their families and daily lifestyle. There are millions in this country who struggle to make ends meet financially and very few rich people, but yet the ratio of how much they make versus millions of Americans is ridiculous.

There is also a big reason why the rich make so much more money than the poor. Normally poor people are unaware of this situation and just trying to get by in life. The poor and middle class a lot of times do not educate themselves to this situation and it seems as the rich care more because, they want to keep all the money there making. If we want to make money and solve this problem we have to wake up and realize what’s actually going on with our wages and demand a better distribution of the wealth in this country. Prompt: ?

A good lawyer can the be the biggest factor in a case. A great example that many people have heard was is the o.j. Simpson case. Many people thought that he commit the crimes. Most of the proof connected to the crime he was accused did point to him, however Simpson brought the bet lawyers money could buy. With his lawyers he was found not guilty which surprised many people. I personally do not care if Simpson was or was not guilty however his case did teach me the importance of a good lawyer.

When I was a boy my brother was arrested for murder, later they found the real killer but he spent two years on the inside. When I found out he was guilty I felt tears falling my face. My family could not afford a very good lawyer and we had to use a family friend, Joe Vincent. My mother said that Vincent was an okay lawyer but the prosecutor was like Peitho, the Greek god of persuasion. My mom would not let me attend the trail (she thought it would be inappropriate for a seven year old.) I had to grind my teeth or I would yell at the top of my lungs. When my brother was convicted many of my own family members believed he was guilty. That reinforced my belief that a lawyer has the power to win any case. That’s why I want to be lawyer to make sure the right people are convicted.

If a lawyer is good enough he can be the main factor in a case. Even with all the evidence stacked, like the Simpson case, a lawyer can still win your case. A convince judge or jury that a man is guilty or innocent, that is why I want to be a lawyer. After the I read about the Simpson case I a light off went in my head, I saw that could help a lot people by just being their lawyer. I know now that there is a lot to being a lawyer but I still want to help people by being their lawyer.

Something else I found out about lawyer is that many people could not afford the good ones. I plan on doing a lot of pro bono work. I want to help everyone I believe to be innocent. Many people who cannot afford a good lawyer and are found guilty and have a harsher punishment, however people of considerable wealth usually get off quite easy because the can afford amazing lawyers. There are many examples of the rich getting off easy besides the Simpson case. Walmart is sued every for some another but they can afford the best lawyers alive. I believe many big companies can sell harmful food or underpay their employees not because they bribe government officials but because they get the best lawyers they can buy to convince the government that everything is fine.

Those reasons I not only want to be a lawyer but I want to start my own firm, because many lawyers abuse their powers of persuasion for money. My firm will be about help people who can’t afford a good lawyer and of course those who can because I need to make a living. I will try to be the best lawyer I can be so no one has to watch their innocent brother go to jail. Prompt: Greatest challenge I have faced

Having to grow up looking different than other can be difficult especially when your overweight .you get looked at differently , judged differently , and treated differently and this has been my greatest challenge faced so far .

What do you think of when you hear of something that weighs 224 pounds? Big and heavy right? Well that was me, a big 14 year old girl with low self-esteem. Everywhere I went I was looked at differently than others. I didn’t even want to leave my room because even my family looked at me differently with eyes looking straight at me up and down with disgust and disappointment knowing that I could do better , but I didn’t care I ate and ate whatever I desired I don’t even know what I ate most of the time because the more they looked at me like that the more I wanted to eat but then I realized I was getting bigger and unhealthy so I ate less and it was a nightmare but then I started noticing results but it still wasn’t enough but I didn’t give up on myself .

As time passed by I was being judged because I was still over weight. People called me fat, ugly and people made fun of me in every possible way they could. I was embarrassed of myself I was even made fun of for trying to lose weight and everything I ate I didn’t know what to do that I would just cry to sleep but I kept telling myself hard work will pay off and people will see that they were wrong to bully some overweight girl because I will shine .

As I got older I started having more friends and they were all thinner than me and every time we went out together all the boy would have their eyes on them but me .I knew is was because of my weight cus no guy likes big girls well at least that’s what thought and all I had on my mind is that why don’t they look at me like that? , why don’t they think im cute ? so I lost more weight . Prompt: Who has influence me the most

I was between the ages of 12-14 when I realized that who has influents me by my parents and my sisters. My parents and sister are my influence because they have been there with me since day one; they also my parents and sisters always told me that what I should do and don’t, Also all of them helps me with everything.

My parents and my sisters have been there for me since day one. If I ever need any advice my parents and sisters will always be there for me. Also everyone who influence me they will always have my back and tell will always give me good advice for any problems I have/got Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Every time I think of my first day of sophomore year I can picture it in my head like if I am living in the moment. That night I had to go to bed, my eyes were opened as wide as three school buses put together because I could not sleep from how excited I was to go to school. I kept reaching under my pillow for a little white iPhone 4s -that barely functioned just to glance at the time. It was barely twelve or twelve –twenty around that time. I was so anxious to meet new people eat lunch with friends and just the feeling of arriving as a sophomore made it tough for me to fall asleep. I had no Idea I was going to meet someone that will make a difference in me and the way of seeing things in life. You never know who will influence you for good or bad.

It was a brand new year at my high school. Everyone is excited well, almost everyone. As I walked in the building I saw Amanda, one of my classmates from last year. We never really talked it was a Hi and bye kind of thing but this time she was more excited to see me than ever. I could tell by the way she approached me and yelled my name out across the halls. I guess you could say she was lonely and didn’t want to roam the school alone on the first day. I didn’t mind at all because I was alone too. I pulled out a crumpled piece of paper that contained my schedule and I started to scan the routine I had to take. As I placed my schedule back she asked me what I had for first period. “I have French first what about you?” I responded. I recall the smile she carried on her face when she said, “OMG I do too!” We both pulled out our schedules to compare them and it turned out that not only did we have first period together but, we had each other in all classes.

Never did it cross my mind that Amanda and I would have classes together. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

I Know like every college essay, people talk about their mom being their hero, but in my case I truly believe my mom is my hero. My mom has faced many challenges in her life and she always makes it work out to her benefit. I watched my mother struggle with 3 jobs, she worked in Columbia University in the human resources department, she worked as a mom, and she was my teacher. Even to this day no challenge stops her from reaching her goal, I am glad to say in 2016 like me she will be graduating but she will be getting her bachelors’ degree.

When I started the second grade things started to become hectic because I was always getting in trouble at home and my mom being a young mother didn’t know I had a hereditary learning challenge where I have a difficult time hearing and pulling phonetic sounds. She thought I was being lazy and would make me stay up late on school nights to finish my homework. Years later we discovered that my brother came out with the same hereditary reading challenge, we also discovered that the gene was given to me and my brother through my dad who had gotten it from his mother.

My mother wasn’t always the happiest or patience woman, my dad expected a lot from her and so did we. She was our mom, a co-worker, a wife, a teacher, and a chef. A lot of her responsibilities became mine when I entered 6th grade. I was responsible for leaving for school at 8:05, after school going straight to karate class, at 6 o’clock leaving karate to go pick up my brother and sister from afterschool and taking them home so they can start on their homework and I had to help them with their homework too. When I entered the 7th grade I told my mom that it was a lot of pressure to go to school karate and pick up the kids on time to get them home, so she placed me in the same after school program so right after they release me I can get my brother and sister and take them home. Things soon became very complicated when the girls at my school wanted to fight me and would chase me home every day after school. So my mother had to lie and say we lived with my aunt so I can go to the same school as her kids. So my mother would drive me to school every day right before she left for work and I would have to take the bus home to get to my afterschool. When my mother got home at 6:30 she would say hi to us and go straight to the kitchen to cook dinner. MY dad expected dinner to be done when he got home because he worked 2 jobs. My mother did all the parenting because my dad was always tired and sleepy when he got home so she had to do a lot of the disciplining herself. Sometimes her choices weren’t the best but she did the best she could. Prompt: Describe an important transition in your life

Imagine waking up one morning to the bitter sound of nothing. You’re the last to wake up but that could’ve fooled anyone with the amount of silence flowing throughout the entire house. I remember walking downstairs to the kitchen on June 3rd 2015, and seeing my family gathered around the dinner table. Without them even saying a word I already knew what was coming next. I mentally prepared myself for what I was about to hear but there’s not enough ways in the world to prepare yourself to hear that your home isn’t going to be your home anymore.

After 15 years of living in the same house and learning this place like the back of my hand and watching as what was once the little tree outside our house grow every day, or watching the progression of the fresh black concrete fade as the days went by to a dry grey color, after all of that; this house wasn’t going to be ours anymore. This was the same house I learned to ride a bike at, where I met my best friend the first day we moved here from Texas when I was only 3 years old, where I had my birthday parties, where I experienced the most important milestones in my life; letting go seemed more than impossible. Moving day came and I watched as each room in our house became empty; it was almost as if we were never there.

It was an emotional roller coaster. Although a part of me was hurt I had to push my feelings to the side and be a support system for my parents. I did not let them know how I was feeling about the whole situation and just tried my best to uplift their spirits. I didn’t want them to feel in anyway guilty because I knew well that everything was done that could have possibly been done to try to keep our home. I was grateful to them because although we were in a tight situation money wise they pushed every penny they had and still managed to give our family a nice house to live in. it’s a beautiful place really it’s a town house, 2 story, wood floors with white rooms. The first time I walked into this house I felt like crying because I knew there was no going back to my old house. After nights of crying and missing my old home, I realized change should always be good. No matter how difficult the situation might be, or how “impossible” letting go may seem to you at the moment you always have to make sure that you use your time wisely. That’s exactly what I did. This situation might not seem like the most tragic thing in the world, and that’s because it’s not. This transition alone though ,has taught me to enjoy every second of what I have while I have it because you never know if the next day you’ll wake up and it won’t be there for you anymore.

I learned to take advantage of my time because you can never go back. This is a lesson everyone should learn in their lifetime, I know it’s a cliché thing to say but I never really found the true meaning of this until I experienced it firsthand. Time is everything and sometimes you don’t get warnings as to when it will be gone. I’ve lived by this everyday but never really embraced it like I do now. You need to enjoy everything till the last bit of it. Losing my house was an awful point in time for our family, but we learned quickly from this. This happening made us learn to value everything in our lives to a further extent. This was a lesson well learned and well needed. Sixth PeriodPrompt: The greatest challenge that I expect to face

Ok, so since I’m talking about my greatest challenge I thought about it, but I realized I cannot think of one. So I decided to just write about the challenge that I am facing now in my senior year of high school. So really this is the greatest challenge I have ever faced. So come with me in this challenge and image what I’m going through.

So one day my consoler had called me in to his office and had showed me what my credits were. So I saw it and I wondered and thought to myself. Am I really going to graduate with my senior class in May 2016? But first for me to do that, I need to go through some steps in order to graduate. And believe me it’s a lot of steps. So the things I need to do are mandatory.

So what I need to do is? 1. Pass all the classes I have this semester and next semester. 2. I have to do credit recovery this semester and next semester. 3. Do 2 classes online or from a different place like faith academy, phoenix, and a different place that which I forgot. 4. Pass all of those in those classes and then I need 1.5 credits of the following: Arts, foreign language, or technology class outside of Berkmar. And this is a lot to do on my part, And not to mention a lot of money for all that. So this year I really got to step up my game a lot on my grades. If I want to pass and graduate next year may.

This right here had got put to the top of this list of challenges. But anyway let me continue on this. When I had got home and told my mom and dad what I needed to do. We started looking up what I can do and how much everything is going to be and everything. I can tell u right now it’s not going to be cheap at all. When I was talking to my consoler, and he was telling me a lot of things I need to do. His face didn’t look like a good one. He told me that it would be a lot of work for me and was telling me to just finish it next year in December. And he was saying that it won’t be cheap because of where I had to take it. So I said ok and that I was going to go ahead and try it.

The reason y this is a big challenge for me is because of what my consoler said when I had left his office. He said and I quote that it was going to be hard and he told me that it’s not impossible but he didn’t say it was possible. So when he said that I said to myself this is a big challenge for me do I accept? And in my head I said yes I do challenge accepted. So now this will be the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Now let me see if I can compete this challenge or is it going to be a fail? Never know till I try. Prompt: You have been elected President of the United States; write your inauguration speech for us.

Greetings, my fellow Americans of the United States of America. As your new President, I would like to share my feelings and changes I have in mind to put our country in a positive direction. But, before anything, I would like to thank the citizens of America for making me their new President and giving me a chance to better our country.

First, I have a speech for you America, a speech to demonstrate my options, or plans for this country of ours. Let’s all face it; America is heading upside down, Economy/National issues. Our war on isis has been going on for a bit now, and our previous president has done NOTHING to get us out of the situation, instead he used his 2 cents and made things worse. But , my goal on the other hand , is to bring our troops home and end the conflict with isis , simply by destroying them , talk is cheap , serious action needs to be done, quickly. Now , promises have failed this country so now I will say , America, I will give you my word , isis will no longer be an issue for the United States.

Secondly, I would like to address the welfare problem; it has completely gotten out of hand. Most people on welfare get money every month, without even giving an attempt to get a job or make something of themselves. It’s nice to know where my tax dollars are going, along with many other Americans. But now that I’m in office that will change. The welfare policy will be if you sign up for welfare and you don’t have a job currently, you have 4 months to find a job and be accepted or else if you don’t complete the task, you wouldn’t be qualified for welfare and have to wait 1 year before you can try again. You only get $100 for groceries, every month, which should be great because you will have a job if you’re on welfare.

Lastly, I would like to address the complication of cops, and how some people have their opinion that police officers are to overpowered and they are serving brutality to African Americans. Police officers do their job; they risk their lives to save others. If you’re not in the situation first hand , dealing with the subject , you have no right to share your 2 cents on what you think the cop is doing, because when it all comes down to it , you will need them before they need you. So with that being said I will change the law to where, if you fail to cooperate and listen to the cop by the first instruction, you simply need to be taken in , because you failed to listen and follow direction , and it would be a fine for Failure to follow instructions.

In conclusion, America I’m here to create a brighter future for everything and everyone. But most importantly make a brighter future for our country, The United States of America. With that being said , expect bigger and better things , thank you for electing me as your President. Prompt: ?

Challenges can be helpful or they can be stressful. Either a good stress that motivates you to do your very best or the bad kind that can lead to health problems and bring you down. Either way it goes, challenges help us, regardless if we like what the challenges is. My greatest challenge is happening right now, deciding what college to go to.

There are many different colleges that I can apply to. Most of the schools, I don’t even know the name or where they are located. I want to be a high school art teacher. Meaning I most have 4 years of with a major in education and art as my minor. I originally thought that it that art would be my major and education would be my minor. I was born in Missouri, so it would be good to find colleges there, because I already know the area. Atlanta is my second choose, it is where I am currently living and where I most likely be living for another year.

There are two school that interested me Slayer University and Kaplan U. Slayer has class that I would have to go to, but Kaplan u has online classes which is way more convenient for me saying that I am no actually in Missouri at the moment. Although, I might miss out on the experience of campus life, online classes seem a lot less of a hassle. Now that I have chosen the schools that I am most interested in I have to make a plan of action. I must first look at the requirements and see if I meet them. Then I must make sure I have a place to stay for which ever school I end up going to whether with family, a dorm with a roommate, or even an apartment. Either way it goes I will need to get a job that will allow me to study and attend classes.

Another challenge that would go along with this is that Georgia and Missouri are very different places. In Georgia I feel like a car is a most have thing most of the stores and restaurants are miles away. When I lived in Missouri, I and my friends walked to almost every store and restaurants, the stores were never further then 1-2 miles away from where I lived it was great and we never wasted gas. In Missouri it’s in the north meaning it snows. I used to roll in the snow as a child and December was that happiest month for me because I love when the temperature is below 20 degrees. In Georgia I hate it, here it never snows and the temperature doesn’t even go below 40 degrees. It’s too hot here; if I do end up going to a college in Georgia it will have been my last possible option.

My greatest challenge was deciding what college to go to. Now that I have looked at the pros and the cons, moving to Missouri or staying here in Georgia I decided that Missouri is where I belong. Having already lived there for most of my life and having family close by it would also be the smart choose. Yes Georgia has its pros, but the cons over way them. This challenge has affected my life in a good way. I the way that it made me think about what I want to do with my life after high school it gave me another challenge. That is to get in the college that I want to go to. Prompt: The Person Who Inspired Me The Most

The women who took care of me for 17 years always told me, “Do something that you love and not something for the love of money.” My mom has been and always will be my number one supporter. She was the person who encouraged me to be comfortable in expressing myself. She was the one who wanted me to strive to be someone that I would be happy about 5 years down the road. My mom is the reason I’m going for this. I always knew cosmetology was something I loved and wanted to do for a very long time.

I can remember the first time I started wearing makeup. I woke up one morning feeling bold and snuck in one of my mom’s mascaras out her purse that felt like a never-ending cave. Being only in 5th grade, I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve seen my mom put on her bright lipstick and her neutral eye shadow colors with peachy cheeks before and it just excited me about wanting to be exactly like her. I was terrified that my mom would catch me, but I honestly couldn’t wait to ask her. I only finished putting mascara on one eye and left to school like that.

Throughout the years, I went through some pretty bad embarrassments. My first year of middle school I decided I needed a new me, a new haircut. I chopped off my hair. My nest of hair looked like I closed my eyes and sneezed when I cut it. My seventh year wasn’t any better. I used to watch a lot of videos on the internet. So I decided to experiment on picture day. I see these girls on TV that made any eye color look just absolutely stunning. I wanted to do what they did. I remember wearing this flamingo bright pink on my eyes with some lipstick that looked like a basket of red apples. I don’t know how I survived school. All those years and my mom always told me that practice makes perfect.

As I grew older and my mind-set changed, wanting to be a cosmetologist never did. While everyone wanted to be a doctor, computer expert, or even a zoo keeper, I wanted to dedicate my life on making other people feel good about themselves. I’ve been told that a cosmetologist isn’t a job a hundred times that at some point I started to believe them. My mom is the one who said, “If it makes money, it’s a job.” My passion for hair and beauty is unbelievable. I made sure I got ahead on my high school credits to attend Maxwell and start early. My goal one day after high school and later finishing up cosmetology school is to open up a business over in Texas. I know I’m setting the bar high on this one but I’m going to for it and I’m sticking to this. My mom encouraged me to do this and make it happen at whatever risk. She’s all the support I need to make this happen.

My mom wants me to aim high but walk through stairs. Applying to Paul Mitchell School is the first step on my staircase. Being accepted to this school would be an honor and privilege to attend to. This school is everything I want. Paul Mitchell is every future cosmetologist dream. The challenges I would have to face are going to be worth every sweat and tear being a student here. This is where I set foot outside of my box. Through this school, I will be become the person I’ve long waited to be and I know my mom would be so proud to call me her daughter. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Role models, we all them or at least someone we look up too weather that person is real or fictional. Personally speaking I have several role models but the main one that I can say has had the biggest influence on me is batman. “Yes batman” the dark night himself. Going back I remember watching the old series batman and just thinking he was (in simplest terms) awesome! Since then he was already a part of my life but it wasn’t until the beginnings of middle school when he really impacted me. To begin with, I wasn’t a very social person most throughout my life. More or less due to the fact that I had terrible self-esteem because of previous encounters with bulling in elementary school. To worsen things I was already a naturally shy person and my face would always turn tomato red and my palms would start to get moist every time I would get called on to answer a question or even do something simple like walking to talk to the teacher. As years passed by things got worse and they weren’t looking any better as time passed. Thus watching my entire favorite hero’s on TV and such I really got into the character batman. This is because of the entire hero’s that would pass on TV, they all were likable friendly extrovert kinds of people and batman was the complete opposite. He was quite, serious; he wouldn’t play and had no friends, in addition to the fact that even some civilians (the people he protects) fear him. All that though didn’t bother batman. He would still carry his duty and protect the people regardless of anything. So eventually what started to happen was that I found myself relating to batman’s person or character. In doing so, it made things start looking up for me. How? Because I could now be myself and not feel completely down about the way I was. If batman could be serious and scary to people but yet a hero at the same time, why not I.” maybe not a hero” but at least out there handling my business without caring what people think. Anyways as the years started to pass I would just feel better and better about myself. It got to the point that it would show through my character, personality, voice; just everything that I was indeed feeling more comfortable with myself. So By the time of high school I was a different person. I was more out spoken, people would approach me and not say that were scared of me or such. Everything was going great but then things took a slight turn. Those kids that I had problems with bulling in elementary school were going to BHS as well. Everything was still all well until I would see them or they would have the same class as me. I would just feel a huge explosion go off in my chest and my head got really hot and my mood would just change for the worst in a second. The reason for that was that I couldn’t forgive them for what they had done to me previously. This experience or event however let me to be able to relate to batman a little more in the sense of forgiveness. To begin with, watching batman I noticed that no matter what any villain did or how corrupt and psycho that person was, he never once hurt an enemy to the point that they were in the hospital or anything. Instead he would warn them before he did anything and if they didn’t listen then he would take action. From all that though, what I took in was that he forgave the bad for himself to be the better person and not give into a bad path where he would end up being the same or no better than the people he fights against. Thus I admired that and decided to forgive all my enemies and such and just be the bigger person and carry on with my life. In doing so I was able to finish high school and carry on with the world and with ease all thanks to my number one hero/idol batman. Literally I feel like my heart just dropped to the floor and I am terrified to pick it back up. My eyes were locked at the end of the board all I had to do now was to take my steps and do my dive. Every step I took I felt like the board was getting longer and longer and I wouldn’t be able to reach it but at last I was at the end and you better believe I was riding that board like it was my life on the line. Shooting me off like a cannon ball I majestically did my dive and I went into the water like a fish causing no splash at all.

Being in the water felt really peaceful like if it was another world I could hear people clapping and chanting like animals fighting over a piece of meat as I arose to the surface I could hear the scoring from the judges overall they thought it was a good dive. Coming out of the water knowing that I was done competing felt great my heart was no longer on that board it was right back in my rib cage. Considering that it was my first meet I thought I did pretty good looking at my team from a far I could see them jumping up and down and cheering. Getting closer and closer to them made my smile stretch all the way up to the ends of my ears I was extremely happy because knowing that I made them proud gave me great joy in seeing them. Arriving to the bench where my team was stationed at felt like I was arriving to home from a long trip.
Minutes after I had taken a seat to rest and to think about overall on how did I began to realize that I had come so far to be at this level. A short woman with big ol’ white hair had started to rally up a commotion about me to my coaches. Suddenly I felt a pounding on my shoulder coming from someone wanting my attention I slowly turned around to acknowledge the person and it turned out to be the women with big ol’ hair. Looking at me with her big eyes I knew she had some news to tell me and it was good news. Prompt: ?

The past mistakes make you rethink your choices and decisions to better yourself. “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” My life has been impacted in many ways as I grew up starting when I was 5 years old and barely came to the United States in the year of 2004. I thought my life would be such a hurricane due to what had happened in my family especially with my own mother and led to changing the way of living with my brother. Family is very important in our daily life. Family supports you on anything, loves you regardless how much someone can fail them and family are people that are always there for you helping you with important things such as your education or deciding what type of pathway you will choose when going into college. People in the world do not realize how much impact they can cause into someone’s life either for better or for bad such as falling into depression or finding better ways to make them even better as a person.

Fairy tales don’t exist maybe in movies and shows but not in real life where many broken pieces with unanswered questions will be found, unfortunately some stories don’t end with a “happily ever after”. A couple of months had passed by since I arrived from Mexico to Georgia. A lot of changes were going on in my family, one started with my mother who was being strange all the time, who at times made her own kids feel like the only mother they had was their grandmother and aunts. A few days passed away, my brother and I were playing outside until we saw our mother walking by with a bag that was full of her and my little sister’s clothes. She had told us that she was going to sale those clothes or donate them but who could of thought what she said was all a lie. Days and a couple of months went by no type of communication was involved after my mom left with my little sister, until it was my little cousins birthday party was when I finally got to see my little sister and this time would be for forever. Someone I did not see was my mom.

Years have come by and there was no communication done with her. Almost 15 years have come by with no word being heard from the person that gave me birth, I forgot who my mother is, how she looks like and her way of being. All I remember was that I had a mother who just didn’t care about hurting her own kids or leaving them without thinking about how much they will end up needing her throughout the years. During those 15 years of life for 3 years I fell into depression where all I wanted to do was commit suicide simply because seeing my friends with both their parents made me jealous and feel worthless. I always dreamed of having perfect parents who would last forever and be an example for their own kids. Fairy tales don’t end with happy ending sometimes you have to create your own beginning by having people that will help you and never give up on you and end up with a happy ending.
The years continued to go on until I was 10 years old. My brother was going into his last year of high school unfortunately my family was breaking apart economically. My father had it very tough with my siblings, grandma and I. He had two jobs in which he got paid well but that money wasn’t enough for the bills that needed to be paid. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Did you ever had that feeling when you’re hopeless? Or that moment when you just want to give up? Or that feeling when you’re stuck and don’t know how to get out of the situation? I had, a ton and I feel like I’m the only one with problems. That’s when I need help but like friends aren’t always there. My sister Elsy has helped me time to time and gave me advice even though I don’t do what she tells me what I should do in my own problems.

My sister Elsy, loves to create pictures on paper. She also influence me on “Not giving up” and “There’s more than one way.” Whenever I need advice, she’s the one that can give a hand. She even has her bad situations of her own, when she draws. Elsy makes an image on a paper, yet it doesn’t seem right to her, so she keeps on trying till she gets it right. Then there’s me, I doutle something and it comes out awful, so I do what Elsy did. I keep on tryin’ till I get it right.

Elsy also helps me when there’s a boy problem, in relationship, sometimes I need help on what to do. The feeling when I was being a toy and my feelings didn’t have meaning. There’s problems everyday and it never quits. Elsy tells me to drop it and go to the next one or better to stay single. She was right and I realized I needed to think of myself first and for what is best for me. I give people advice, yet I don’t know why I don’t take my own advice.

Elsy also influence me on planning for my future after graduation. My sister has a big future ahead of her and she knows where her place is at. It made me think,What am i going to do after graduation? Which college am i going to go? Where am I going to be in the future? Of course Elsy lend a helping hand and step by step my plans grew. I would go to college and learn fashion arts or music. After college I head off to country to country and with my career, I express it. Soon I would settle in a very wealthy house with new members.

Even though Elsy is younger than me she is a big influence for me. Her life was like a shadow being behind me between middle school and high school, that is how she understands what I’m going through. She knows what is best for me “I’m telling you this Sandy because I don’t want you to end up in the garbage out in the world.” We act like cats and dogs time to time and I hate it when Elsy acts like a parent. But Elsy had helped me through rocky times. I love the fact that she’s my sister and I can always count on her when I need a hand. Prompt: ?

Donald Trump wants to beat everyone in poles but where does he really stand in the economy? Lately all he has been arguing about is immigration insisting that Mexican immigrants were “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.” and arguing Mexican immigrants bring “tremendous infectious disease” to the country, which is not true, not just that but treating tariffs because he is “rich” as he claims in CNN news. “I’m rich and not using lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care I’m rich” and expects us to believe that he’s really going to makes U.S.A a better place when he plans to hurt people and family’s and doesn’t care about other races other than the legal people whom according to him do not make crimes or are not spreading diseases

As many people have heard Donald Trump is working with Univision as head management in miss U.S.A pageant. as soon as this 20015 pageant ends he claims that he is not satisfied because of a “non-completed agreement in his contract.” When in reality he is just trying to make an honest buck out of Univision that happened to be the biggest Hispanic news industry and the TNT network news interview him and ask him “do you regret the comments ?” Donald Trump: “”Not at all had I said people from all over the country” TNT network: “how much are you sewing them for?” Donald Trump: “I’m sewing them for a tremendous amount of money for defamation” when really the person who should be sewed for defamation is him for saying people from the middle east and Islamic people are destroying our country Prompt: Evaluate a significant experience of achievement that has special meanings to you.

It would be best if you started thinking about your future nobody knows where you are going to be in the future so it is the great thing to start thinking. It would be great if I achieve my achievement that I always have been achieving for. And it is to start a business of my own to have a better career in the future but in order for that I need to have education also a lot of money to build the business that I am trying to build because it will need a lot of equipment that is necessary for the business. So I going to try to build up as fast I could to make some money for me and to have my own house also I would like to graduate from high school because I’m trying to be the first member of my entire family to graduate from high school. It has so much meaning to me because ever since I saw my brother dropout I was thought that I going to the first to get a high school diploma to have a better job than my brothers, I would like to buy a new house for my family. In order for me to get there I need to get the all education I need in school but is going to worthy it because it will help me in the future with other jobs or working company of hand works so it won’t be difficult for me in the future when I need to do those types of things with self in company or jobs. One day I was doing hands work in the job to clean up the mess that they have made there but it was so messily that I will need some people to help me in the back. Prompt: Discussing the greatest challenge I have faced and expected to face.

I read a quote before; the quote said “It might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find its way.” It had an unknown writer, but that don’t mean the worlds where not powerful. What do this quote means to me is that life is a challenge. In which it is, but that don’t mean you can’t get passed that challenge. My biggest challenge is my IEP. What does IEP means to me; well I should say what it did mean to me. IEP means to me is a small problem in life that I have struggled with for a long time. The real meaning is “(IEP) — to help kids succeed in school”. I have an IEP in reading, math and writing.

I would say reading is my biggest one, it not that I can read it just means I struggle with that the most. I have the biggest fear that one day I would just get called out in front a whole bunch of people and be told to read something. People are my biggest fear when you say something or something they would laugh. When I am by myself when I read for miles, it seems I forget all the worlds when I’m around people. I have been getting better though, I read more and also out loud.

Math is the easy for me; I can do it with flying colors if I know what I’m doing. For math all I have to do is listen to the teacher and ask questions. Really math is Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you can describe that influence.

Role models are people you look up to and admire. They can be celebrities, family members, or a friend. They can also influence you through many ways like maybe through a song or a picture .Their influence can either be positive or negative. My mother has influenced me to be hardworking, supportive, and positive.
My mother has influenced me to be hardworking, because she started working at a young age, she has her own business, and she started from the bottom. My mother started working at the age of 13 in Mexico, and she was taken out of school. She practically was the only person bringing home the money, because her parents didn’t work enough to support the family. This made me realize that working hard in school pays off, because not everyone has the same opportunities in other countries. My mother owning her own business influences me to strive to own my own business someday and be the best I can be. She is her own boss and doesn’t have to worry about someone else constantly being over her. Also she started from the lowest point to building her way to the top. This shows me that it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are you have the potential to be a somebody and not be nobody.

My mother has influenced me to be positive, because you are able to see a different outlook on life and many doors open for you. My mom has gotten to where she is today by staying positive, no matter how bad a certain situation got or if she was going through a tough time; She always looked on the bright side. She would always overcome that certain obstacle. This taught me that no matter what obstacle I face, I will overcome it. Also staying positive can lead to opening new doors for me, because mom has had many doors open for her. She started working for the first time when I was 8, and she would get mean comments from her coworkers .She didn’t allow that to affect her instead she stayed positive, and she soon started to get more and more opportunities. She was able to buy the store she was once an employee at, all because she was positive and kept her cool throughout the time she was working there. This has made have a different point of view on things and not to hold grudges towards other people.

My mother has influenced me to be very supportive of myself and others, because being supportive towards other people can really show others what’s important to you, and what you care about. My mom has been very supportive about my plans and goals for the future. She has sat down with me and asked me about my future plans, and she listens to what I have to say. She also gives me advice on how I shouldn’t be to insecure on what other people say about me and always do my best at whatever it is. This has really taught me that I am really fortunate to have a mom who supports me, because not everyone is fortunate to have parents who support you on your plans after high school.

In all, my mom has been the person I admire the most; she has influenced me in many ways the words can’t explain. She has taught me that it is important to be hardworking, because hard work pays off. Also that having a positive mind set can lead to new opportunities. Also that having support in your life can help you . Prompt: Discuss what makes you uniquely qualified for this position.

The reason why I should work at Footlocker or any other shoe company, because I have the potential for working with shoes, and Im also an excellent shoes salesman. I really want this job, because I can finally help support my mom pay some bills and help my family with the rent, and also make her proud. To be honest I really think that working at footlocker is going to be an easy task to do because once a customer walks in the store imam greet them with respect and let them find some shoes that they are looking for, and if I see them struggle then imam walk up to them and ask them if they need any help or any shoes that they are looking at in particular.

There are going to be some strengths and weakness that I’m going to have when I work there, and my strengths are greeting the customers with a smile, asking them if they need any help, going to the back room and going to get their shoe size and then going to the register and ringing them up correctly. My weakness are knowing the type of shoes that they want that will be comfortable for them and also seeing which shoe will be in style for kids and adults, but I can manage to get to that by researching online and looking them up to get real comfortable with hooking them up with shoes. I feel like that I can be way better than the other workers that I’m going to be working with because once a customer comes in and ask one of my co-worker that they are looking for some shoes that they can play basketball in and then they’re going to be like I don’t know what you’re talking about, then that is when I come in and be like I know the perfect shoes that can be fit for you when you play basketball, then I walk over to that section and show them and then they are going to say hey I like these, then I ring them up and tell them to have a nice day and come back and see us again. Another reason is that I’m very organized and very nice when it comes to talking to people and I’m also very friendly, for example if you come up to me and ask me a question I am going to say sure I can help you with something and then walk over there and see what the customer needs help with and then once they ask me that they need a shoe measure, I’m going to go and get the thing to measure their foot to see what size I need to get. Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Is there a person who significant influence on you. Like your parent, your friend, and your cousin. What makes you unique person you are today. The person takes you places you like to go. Who makes you happy when you are in a bad day?

There is a person I significant influence. That is my dad. He do is best for us, have insurance, makes go to school and buy us food. My dad tells me what is right and wrong. Each day if we do something wrong he would repeat the things over and over again in a good way.

We love him anyway he does. He takes the places you like to go. I wanted to go to the mall or the book store. My dad was doing something he was watching a soccer games, he said to wait for the break time. He will drive you there. I have a sister we always fright, so my dad would say when you get order you won’t have each other backs and regret what you have back then.

My dad would always tell us a story when he was small. Each time we talk during dinner time he would about his stories. He would say your parent can’t stay with you; you have to do it on your own. When we have some kind of party, he doesn’t like other people talk about his family like that. There are some people doesn’t like us. Most of the party we go there are my mom she has a lot of friends. He always asks us about our day. He always asks us about our day. When we get home from school he would say that to us. My dad wants me a good life, not like my parent right now. My dad work at a Mayer Electric Suppler, my mom work at a nail place each day is like that. My dad doesn’t want us like them. He would want us always to go to school. Seventh PeriodPrompt: Think of a place you know well. Describe the place, and include your feelings about it.

Home; there’s no place like it. It’s my favorite place to be but also the place I loathe the most. The 13 years that I have lived in my house there have been so many memories made with my family and friends. Memories full of nonsense and memories full of love and fun.

All the foolishness and nonsense began when I moved from an apartment, into the house I live in now. I was only 4 when Daniel moved in the big blue house next to mine. Daniel is significant due to all the memories we made together and because he’s my best friend. Daniel was the more creative, fun, and mischievous one between us. For example, one day when he and I were together and we were bored he thought of this game called “adventures” and I would always look forward to playing with him. Daniel to me was like a role model and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be me today. Although Daniel moved away not too long ago he and I are still best friends and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Growing up as a kid I would say I was different from the average American kid. And not only was I different so was my home/ lifestyle. I found out from experience that there’s no place like my home. My family is from Bosnia and in Bosnia we do things different than here. Even though I was born here in Georgia, I’m still very Bosnian due to my family. For example, in our culture we don’t wear shoes in the house; I learned to take off my shoes whenever I enter a house. I was different and unique because my parents weren’t really accustomed to the American life and they wanted me to retain all of our Bosnian culture but America changes you. America changes you because surviving in America is different than Bosnia. In Bosnia it would be easier to find a job, make money, and live a regular life but I had to forget about simplicity and an easy life and get accustomed to our economy. Although life may be harder here in America when I’m home everything is easy that’s why I love being home.

Now that I’m all grown and finishing high school soon I see my home and family in a different way. I understand everything my parents were trying to retain and teach me but still accept that I had to change to survive in America. Just like my mom had to learn English so she could get a job and provide for me and my family I had to do the same to provide for me and now also for my mom and dad. I also realized home isn’t home without your family and your family doesn’t only consist of blood relatives. An actual family for me consists of my blood relatives and my friends Daniel, Elvis, and Donny. If it weren’t for every one of them home would never be the same. They all created me and created my home to be the way it is today.

So when you think about it there’s really no place like home, and that doesn’t just include me it includes the whole world. I’m, sure everyone feels the same. If it weren’t for me moving into this house, for me meeting Daniel, for me changing to get accustomed to the American way of life I wouldn’t be here today and I wouldn’t be the [...] I am today. Prompt: ?

Many states are known by their stereotypes and other people around the world actually believe those stereotypes. New Jersey is one of those places that people believe only loud mouth and reckless citizens reside there. However, that is only what is shown on television just for the amusement of society. This voluptuous state is full of way more than just their stereotypes, we represent equality and togetherness. Being born and raised there, has taught me how to be a mature young lady. It has also taught me that your family can be spanned out across an entire state, and they will always be there for you. New Jersey is a place that I know well and that will stay in my heart no matter where I travel to.
I lived in a small town that resided in Bergen County called Hackensack. It shared a small area with two other towns; Englewood and Teaneck. These towns were so small that you could walk over the bridge and you would be in Teaneck. Everything was so close to each other and it was very convenient in any type of emergency situations. Walking down the streets of Hackensack, you could just smell the aroma of flowers sprouting from the ground and smoke from the buses. You could hear people greeting you every five seconds that you walked down the street with a warm ‘Hello”. People always had bright smiles on their faces like they had all won the lottery, even when it was like a blizzard during December. I lived near a diner called Fairmount Diner, Target and B&W Bakery, which were right across from the train tracks. You could smell pancakes dripping in syrup from the diner and freshly baked pastries containing sugar and flour from a mile away.

Hackensack became a gigantic influence on the way that I live my life. It has molded me into the model young woman that I have grown to be. Even after moving to Georgia, Hackensack is still in my heart no matter what and always will be. It was just one of those places that allowed me to be as creative as Leonardo da Vinci and I have learned to express that in my current location too. Whether it be through writing or drawing, I am a creative person. New Jersey taught me about family, equality and individualism in many ways that I could never possibly forget. That is the one place that means a lot to me and I am planning on going back really soon. I will be going back to see old friends and reconnect with all my family. Hackensack, New Jersey is a place that I know well and is also a place that will stay in my heart forever. Prompt: ?

Many things in life help you become a better person and make you see how you should be. In my life there was one thing that really made be treat people differently and really began to love life. This was something that hit me like a fast ball and it was something that changed me forever.

Heart beating fast, eyes bulged, Nothing was more important than this moment. I gave all my focus in to my cousin as she picked which hand the freshly covered in copper penny was in. My expressions and body turned firey inside and out as she somehow managed to pick the right hand again. Me becoming envious decided to change it up and do anything so that my cousin wouldn’t win. The first thing that came to my head was that I should hide the penny in my cloths but I only had on my non pocketed jean dress and I had no pockets to hide them there so that was out of the question. The last and most secure place to me to hide the penny was in my warm moist mouth. At the time this seemed like a very intelligent Idea. Until my cousin chose a empty hand and I opened up my mouth and me still being the jealous person that I am decided I never wanted her to even see the penny again so I had made a decision that wasn’t well thought out.

I swallowed it! When it happened I could taste the copper slowly go half way down my throat. It happened so fast that I didn’t realize that I had done something complet ley wrong Prompt: ?

Chorus Room

Who am I? I always repeat that question to myself. I realize that I’m a different person then I was three years ago. When I view myself in the mirror I don’t see all the agonizing misery that once took a place in me. I recognize a different person, someone who is overjoyed and at peace within their self. I only found this new conception because of a chorus room.

High School pointed out all my flaws the moment I walked down the street at 6:25 a.m. to get to the bus stop on time. I arrived at this huge contraption at 6:45 a.m. As I walked in feeling apprehensive and insecure seeing all the different types of people. I found myself trying to find a familiar face to socialize with, but instead I ended going to my first class of a new environment.
In first period looking at 4 white walls and too timid to try and make conversation to new people… in comes some old friends and I was so excited to see them and start to make conversation. And soon it was time for Chorus. Chorus ended up being my safe place. A place where I could be myself and no one could judge me. I met all kind of different people in, and two of them became my best friends. They brought me out my shell and opened this new person that is present here today.

The Berkmar High School Chorus Room changed my life completely. I never was in a place where I felt so welcomed and felt like I belong. I always had to hide who I was because the fear of being rejected by society. But I wasn’t rejected, I was accepted for all my flaws something that High School didn’t do. High School pointed out all flaws but The Chorus Room made me embrace my flaws. It was the best thing that could ever happen to me.
I grew and grew into a person you wouldn’t even recognize three years ago, by my looks, maybe a little. Yes, not by the way I walked or talked or even the way I ate. But by how jubilant I was how nothing bothered me even loosing friends. Prompt: Discuss the greatest challenge you have faced or expect to face.

People face a lot of different challenges throughout their lives. Some are able it to make it through and others just quit and fall off. Well I am not a quitter. I have faced challenges before and if I have to go through that situation again; I am sure that I will succeed. Prompt: ?

The person that has the most influence on me in life is superman, or you can say one of the strongest people I know……my dad. He’s like my backbone that keeps me straight. There’s so many different thing I have learned from him and YouTube. I look up to my dad, because he goes out to work every day to provide and help my mom, sister, and me. I can tell working year round is not easy, but you got to do what you got to do. He’s taught me how to not waist money depending on other people to do the same thing I can do. There’s no telling where I’d be without him.

He raised me to not be dependent on others, and different ways to make money the clean way. He introduced me to many different things that I know for a fact I wouldn’t be doing without him today. We hang out more as best friends more than farther than son. Year round we are working and riding our horse. During fall and winter we hunt, and in the summer time only I fish. Mainly because he’s not too good at it like I am. He’s the one that taught me most of the laws of life that I know. The top two of them is “Every day is a new day”, and “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow”. Sometimes I think about what if I wake up one morning and he’s not there anymore. Prompt: ?

Its 12:34 a.m. and I wake up frightened that I hear the phones from my job ringing. Ever since that moment forward I realized that needed to go to college that I wouldn’t be able to work at a fast food like Pizza Hut. In life, there are challenges you have to change to be a better person in your future. In this moment, I realized didn’t want to work at a place where I would be bossed around in a way that I felt uncomfortable. I have faced many different situations to the point where I feel that I can’t be having someone treat me this way. Thanks to this job I’ve realized that I need to work hard to get easy money. In other words, I need to go to college and face another hard challenge to get to where I can make easy money and not have to deal with people treating me however they want.

As a young teenager you want to make your own money to get your own things. In high school you face many situations and challenges in which you realize you need to be more dependent on yourself then your parents. Now as a senior I have realized its worth coming this long way and doing all I had to do to get where I am today. I am thankful for everyone that has helped me along the way and has pushed me to keep going. When I first started working my family supported me telling me if I didn’t like the job because if I did it would mean I liked easy money in a way that isn’t fair. In other words, it would not be right that I would work so hard to get so little money. There are many places in the world that can change a person. It could be a church or a certain place that you visited. It all can affect you from the way that they act, to the Future decisions you make. One place in significance many can relate to is prison. One place that I may Say has changed me is the football field. This place in many ways has changed me to become a better Individual.

To begin with, being on the football field alone conjures up memories good and bad. One way that it has changed me to be a better individual, is to always work hard. A moto that has always been self-evident every time I suit up, and walk on to the football field. For instance, one memory that comes to mind is the very first time I step foot on the field. I could remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Tuesday evening and hot as devils toes. The sweat trickled down into my eyes where it began to burn with no chance of it stopping at all. Then the coach called for individuals. I could not have taken another second of this. My knees began to tremble under the weight of my fatigue, but then one of the head coaches pulled me aside and told me calmly, “ you got this son, just keep going and never, the pain of today will be your gain tomorrow, I believe that you will go far.” Ever since then have always worked hard.
In addition Prompt: ?

It was a warm sunny fall Sunday afternoon. It was a tough very stressful decision to make. Choosing a University to attend next fall. This experience has shown me that it’s tough to make a decision without your parent’s having a say. In what could affect you as you transition into your next phase in life.
Receiving letters from different colleges is very exciting. Just to know that they are mailing and calling you just so you can come to their college is very fun. Seeing your mom’s face turn bloodshot red, because she is tiered of all the college drama. Colleges will go to war with each other so they can lure you in to come on their campus. Prompt: Discuss what make you uniquely qualified for this position.

Continuing my boxing career is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Because as a kid I loved things that were physically involved .However it may seems very easy sport. But it’s really not. Meanwhile looking at the TV while two fighters are taking the hits may seem a little cool. But the fact that it can damage their brain in a long term. However it’s hard to believe .Let us not forget that boxing is still one of the best sports that was invented during ancient Greece and Rome.

Since I was 8 year old I loved boxing. I use to watch it a lot. I basically like sports that physically involve punching. Meanwhile I am new to United States of America .on the other hand, there was an Afghani family that that just moved to USA. My family knew them well. However one day I was watching a boxing match and he saw me .He asked me if I want to join a boxing club? Well he was a great boxer in Colombia .he had won a lot of trophy and medals and etc.Bascially the next day he takes me to the gym and my training begins. However know that he knew I loved boxing and how I take it serious. He decided that he will train me very seriously and he won’t take it easy on me. However, for some reason I love his idea about training me very seriously .Because there are two different types of athletics in this world. One that takes it serious just like it’s his or her passion. On the second hand there people who does for the time killer or the money. Well to me doing a sport for money is stupid idea. However there’s people in world that does it for the money or to kill time. But however to me boxing as always been my sport, and my passion.

It was early in morning. The sky was still dark. While we were in car, going to Gym.my coach said today is a big day for you.when we arrive in the gym .I Saw couple of parents there and couple of students. It was a big day for me.It was my first boxing match. The first round went very well .But however during round nine, my hands were giving up.it was hard for me to see.Becuase I was stuck in a corner. However every time I would try to clinch on him. He would throw a jab and hook. Which was hard for me stay on balance. He would try to unbalance me but it wouldn’t work. Now that round nine was over my coach told me this is the round that I have to go full power. Because we can’t take the risk of going all twelve rounds. So the round started and I was dizzy I was acting like I was okay. But I got caught with a hook and he put into his corner. And he landed a lot of punches .But meanwhile I was waiting for him to do a single mistake and KO him. He seemed very tired. We still had a minute left on the clock. Well he drop his hands and my reaction was fast I duck down and jabbed him twice and I throw a right hook which made him off balance .From that point it was my turn so I throw many punches and my last punch KO him. And I won the match. Everybody thinks that boxing is an easy sport. It’s not it take time to build speed and power punches. From that point on I learn my lesson no to wait for opponent to attack first. I should always start off.

To conclude, boxing has always been part of my life. To me boxing is like having a best friend beside you. “According to some, boxing is just a sport, but according to me is not just sport, it’s my passion, my life.”

I have faced plenty of challenges but the most important one that I expect to face is going to college. However, I just think of myself everyday of where I will be in the future. College is one of the most important things in someone’s life because without college you’re going to stay getting paid $7.25 an hour. College is a must have I see people every day struggling because they didn’t went to college. I think that everyone should go to college if they want to be successful.

People that go to college great treated different then everyone else because people know that they are going to be successful people in life. The other people that don’t go to college get treated like crap. For example, I know my cousin that work at a mall and they were clowning him because he didn’t have a high school diploma. You don’t want to be like my cousin because even if someone asks you if you graduated you will feel embarrassed to say no. That’s why it’s important to go to school and do what you have to do to get that education. Prompt: ?

About 300,000 kids in America that plays high school football .Only 2,000 of those kids receive division 1 scholarship to college.100 of those 2,000 kids that make it to college go to the next level and that’s the NFL and most of them won’t make the team. Well I’m one of those 300,000 kids that is fighting against the odds to be able to earn a college scholarship. It’s a tough challenge that I have to face it’s my senior year, and I have no, stars, no ranks, and only one way out.

Year after year hearing the sound of a buzzer going off and hearing cheering and joy, but not from the people beside you nor behind you, but across the field of grass another team has defeated you again. The years of having losing seasons. This is the year that it’s not going to happen again and I can’t let that happen either. Definitely to the underclassmen who are the future of our program. Prompt: ?

The definition of challenges is to arouse of one’s action or effort to stimulate the quality or requiring full use of one’s ability, and energy. One of the greatest challenges that I am facing right now is high school. Why is high school my biggest challenge you might ask. Well it’s simple deciding what to do with your life after high school, what career, and what field. All can take a lot and put stress on you.

My challenge is to finish high school and decide what to do with my life. For some of you who do not know. High school is not what you expect it to be like. Walking the hallways felt like an evening commute home on the I-85. The school lunch can only be described as a weeks ago bread. Every day you walk/drive home exhausted. Some days I would come home not remembering anything at school. I would always question myself.

The hardest part about a high school life is to get past the distraction you face every-day. Walking to class in the traffic filled hallway, my lungs rapidly pace itself, my muscle straining itself, and all to do what. Walk through the hall. So much work just to walk in the hallway. Why it is that people like to hang out at the doorway. No common sense. Doors are meant for walking through, not standing and blocking it while people try to push their ways across.

Out of all the little distraction I face every-day, one challenge still remain. What would I do after high school? After 4 years of high school I can still not make up my mind. There are many options but I cannot pick which is the best for me. What college should I go to, what field should I do what about the military? All the questions I want to answer but simply cannot.

In conclusion, I am currently trying my best to figure out what to do with my life after high school. I do not know whether I am going to which college or if I am to attend the military. Whatever happens in the future will happen depending on my actions this year. After all what is the point of a challenge if it doesn’t make you try your best. Prompt: Discuss a place that has changed you

Have you ever been told that the whole point of life is learning to live with the consequences of the bad decisions we’ve made. It only takes a place and a wrong decision to change your life around and sometimes your future plans. To me it all happened around the end of the school year of senior year. I was a 16 year old girl attending Berkmar High School. I decided to drop out of high school to have a job and depend on myself because of family problems I had a sick dad who got fire and a stepmom who only work part time. My only choice was to help and hold down my family. Dropping out of high school is an issue face by many teens today including me unfortunately. There are many causes to drop out of school but with those causes come many negative effects. Out of those effects I learn that school is really important and brightens anyone’s future as so makes our career easy.

School was really a waste of time for me. I had zero interest. I’m sure school is a huge benefit if you are actually interested. But it only was making me angry and depressed. I honestly never thought I would drop out of high school. I loved school; I love learning, being organized and the socializing when I was in elementary school to middle school. Things change; sometimes they changed in bad ways. I was very hurt and felt like I was worthless for not being able to continue my education I was basically committed to demonstrate to my family and friends that I was that one person with honors cords and the crowd cheering me while I walk to receive my diploma. A lot of those people were disappointed at me. I felt like I was the definition of a high school dropout. At that point I decided to help my family out since money was needed around that year. I told my dad my decision and he agree he said he understands I want to help them out but he told me I had to promise I will come back to school and graduate. As a teen I just want the best for me and my future family so of course I will be a high school graduate and a collage graduate as well.

There are many reasons why any dropout decides school is not for them as many people say now days. I was once one of them. I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t graduate on time I was already behind. All those negative thoughts made me not believe in me anymore. I started skipping classes. I didn’t care about school anymore, I didn’t care about my grades anymore not even the classes I was doing good at. At the end of the year I decided to drop out what the point of going to classes is when I was already failing them I kept asking myself. Until the day came when I decided to not go to school anymore and be welcome to the real life “having a job and depending on you.”

During that time I was struggling to find a job. I felt like nobody was there for me. Everybody was still going to school to finish what I couldn’t finish my junior year. I felt left behind alone and helpless until I met a friend who works as a waitress. I told her what was going on and if she could help me find a place to work at her job. Finally they hire me at her job at that point I was really happy and felt like everything was getting better. I hated working every day from 2pm-2am I got home really tired I wanted to give up but I would have felt like a loser until I realize how hard and stressful is to work. To remind you it was my first job at age 16. I hated the job I knew this wasn’t for me that’s when I realize and open my eyes and told myself what was I doing here. I rather wanted to be at school then working somewhere I hated it.

Finally summer came I decided to go to summer school and finish some classes. I was doing goo still manage to go to work. Then finaly Prompt: ?

The smell of salt in the air and women in bikinis all around us. What would you think your at? The beach of course a place where most would spend spring break at or for just relaxation. This place I know well is Myrtle Beach, SC just place I can’t forget. I do have feelings for this place I didn’t spend much time their but I really have somewhere in my heart I could not forget.

To start off why this place means something to me is because my dad choose this play to spend time there as a family, well now since he is not with us anymore that place is just a reminder of my pops. Not just of the memories I have of it is special it is also a beautiful resort I would recommend to others to enjoy. With its crystal blue waters and a great view of the atlantic ocean something you can’t see everyday. “Dad, where’s mom” I asked. My dad looks over, sighs, and says to me “She’s Working son. She’ll be home later”. I’d look up at him, and see my dad smile at me like there’s nothing wrong, and hug me. My dad knows that I and my sister know that she’s been leaving. He didn’t want us to worry because we were just kids. So he’d make up things like “She’s working” or “She’s at the store”. My dad was having a hard accepting the she was leaving, and so were we. Abandonment doesn’t just affect the other parent but the kids as well.

As a kid I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. I could hear yelling from my parents especially from my dad. I’d hear bits of what they were saying. My dad “You need to stop….” My mom “I’m going….” I hear a door slam and just curl up in my bed, blanket covering me, hiding. My mother was like any other mom working, cooking, cleaning, etc. then she got into gambling. At my age I didn’t know what that was. A little after that she would go missing. It started with a couple of days to weeks. I don’t know what my mom was thinking. She had five kids my older sister, me, my little sister, and twin boys. My mother had taken up a gambling problem. My mother would take my dad’s money and go to a casino. Win or lose she’d go. She lost so much at one point that we lost our house. Not just that house but two more after that. She’d come back to my dad all broke, but he wouldn’t care because he loved her. Once she was back the cycle would happen again. This happened until we were going to another house and she brought along her “friend”. I say “friend” because she told my dad he was just a friend but in reality she played him. That “friend” turned out to be the guy she ran off with. Him over my dad. It left my dad devastated.

My dad had a hard time accepting that she had left him for another man. That she had gave up on her husband and kids. He couldn’t handle the fact she had did not want him. My father wasn’t the same after that. He’d throw himself into work. If he was home he’d be working on something. He became silent not talking. My dad has never been through this. So he didn’t know how to deal with something like this. How can you. The night that he found out that she was leaving I found my dad in his room crying. My father is crying. I couldn’t help but just hug him. It was my dad. A man I never thought can cry. I found him at the edge of his bed shaking his head while slow tears just falling from his cheeks. He hears me come in with my older sister, and tries to wipe up his tears. Saying he’s fine don’t worry. My dad is a very prideful person. He never wanted us to see him weak or down so he would always be happy no matter what. It was just sad because he wasn’t the only person who was struggling. My sister and I were too

Like my dad I was having a hard time dealing with this issue. I felt it was my fault. Like I could’ve done something to change what happened. Like what can I do to bring her back. What can I do. I had many trust issues built on this. I didn’t trust anyone because I felt as if they weren’t telling the truth. I didn’t trust that people would stay in my life. I felt like what’s next to go, my dad. I felt like I could never believe in happily ever after. I thought I will be alone all my life. I became emotionally depressed. Because my mother had left with no emotion at all. Just packed up and left. This was the moment I felt abandoned. From there I isolated myself from everyone and everything. I didn’t want to let people come into my life and just leave like she did. I built my wall to keep anyone from getting in friends, family anyone. I’ve been like this for years but keep it to myself. I didn’t feel the need to open up to anyone.
Years passed by now and I’m eighteen now. I still have issues but I’m trying to get passed it. I’ve accepted she has left. I’ve been trying to get back in life and experience it. I have a better perspective on thing and how they work. It hard but I found what I want to do and be in life. I want to be a psychologist. I want to be a psychologist because I want to help treat the minds of other so they don’t have to feel like I have or bad in anyway. I made my goal out of this situation. My goal in life is to help anyone and everyone so they can be happy in life. It doesn’t matter friends, family, strangers anyone that feels sad or mad or even alone. I want to help them. Prompt: ?

One of the places’ I know best is where my parents were born and raised. This place is where I can find freedom. Every year I go visit I feel like an eagle soring throw the blue sky. My heart starts to race every time my family and I go visit. Every year we go visit my parents family, it shows me that family is what really matters in life.
The first year I visited my parents’ home town was when I was ten years old. We had left the house around two in the morning on a Saturday night. That night my mom and dad where ready with the luggage and everything in my dad’s ford f-350 (king ranch). My brother and sister had woken up when I walked in there room and told them to get ready so we could leave. While my brother and sister started to get read, my mom started to look for our passports, while my dad checked the truck for anything that might cause a problem with it.

After my mom and dad had done everything they needed to do we headed off on the freeway. My brother and sister half asleep in the truck and, my mom and dad as well. Me on the other hand, my heart was still racing and just jumping with joy inside. My dad started driving and it would take us one full day and three more hours just to get to the border. My mom and dad toke turns drive and I also helped them out a little as well. After the long drive we finally reached the border and there were a lot of people there. The line to cross the border was very long, more than the down town Atlanta traffic is on a game day. After the 3 hours we spent at the border we were ready to hit the road again. It was my dad’s turn to drive again, pulse he was the only one that know the shortest way to get there without taking the long way like last time. Prompt: ?

Three specific things about me is I like American History, because you can learn so much about American in some many classes. So I want to go to college get my major in history and might become a teacher on day.

Another specific thing about me is that I’m a hard working person, I ask questions we need, and always caring about each other. So I hope to keep that positive feeling with me till I die.

The Final specific thing about me is my family is Athletic, because my parents played sports while there were young and in high school. My sister is playing two sports right now Softball and Basketball, but I’m the only person that doesn’t play high school sports. But I still play sports after school.

So I hope that you let me in your University to played sport and be a positive student in life. Also to accomplish my goals I set while I’m there. Prompt: ?

Donald Trump wants to beat everyone in poles but where does he really stand in the economy? Lately all he has been arguing about is immigration insisting that Mexican immigrants were “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.” and arguing Mexican immigrants bring “tremendous infectious disease” to the country, which is not true, not just that but threating tariffs because he is “rich” as he claims in CNN news. “I’m rich and not using lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care I’m rich” and expects us to believe that he’s really going to makes U.S.A a better place when he plans to hurt people and family’s and doesn’t care about other races other than the legal people whom according to him do not make crimes or are not spreading diseases

As many people have heard Donald Trump is working with Univision as head management in miss U.S.A pageant. as soon as this 20015 pageant ends he claims that he is not satisfied because of a “non-completed agreement in his contract.” When in reality he is just trying to make an honest buck out of Univision that happened to be the biggest Hispanic news industry and the TNT network news interview him and ask him “do you regret the comments?” Donald Trump: ”Not at all had I said people from all over the country” TNT network: “how much are you sewing them for?” Donald Trump: “I’m sewing them for a tremendous amount of money for defamation” when really the person who should be sewed for defamation is him for saying people from the middle east and Islamic people are destroying our country

The real question is do we really want a guy to run for America? He can barely hold his tongue when it’s his turn to speak, just common sense as a child, even a child knows better. they know when they are permitted to speak and when they should start speaking and how without being rude if you ask me I believe Donald trump was a troubled child and still is today don’t get it wrong he has good qualities but I still feel he shouldn’t be given such a higher power when his idea of respect is as ideal as a three year old child. Late ArrivalsPrompt: Who is someone you look up to and why?

There are many different people that come in and out of your life. All of them teach you different things. Some come in to teach you how to survive, and others just to mess your life up. Many of the people that stay are the ones who love you and the ones you learn to love. The very two first people that will teach you everything are your parents. My prime example is my dad.

My dad is literally a pain in the neck when it comes to my studies and school work. He’s always on my back when he comes home from work. “Kevin get off your phone, that’s not helping you study!” I always seem to make the same dumb mistake by saying,” yeah dad I did that already.” Usually he always likes checking my homework. He is such a perfectionist, doesn’t like not even the slightest mistake. My dad is also always asking about my grades. Like any other parent he turns into a loud parakeet and yells at me if I have a bad grade, but never does he hit me for any reason.
My dad has probably taught me the most valuable things in life. When he was only fifteen years old, he was in the army back in El Salvador. After one year he decided to run away from the military and flee his country. When he arrived to the U.S. his mom told him he had to work, because she didn’t have enough money for the both of them. My dad has been independent ever since. He always tells me how I should value my life and that I should appreciate that I have both my parents. With my dad I can play around but he’s also showed me when it’s time to be serious. My dad is like my mentor. He always pesters me about how I shouldn’t do a lot of the things he did, because he doesn’t want to see me suffering like he did.

This man has always been there for me. Blood is thicker than water they say, and my dad has proved that to me. There’s never a time I don’t like going out to work with my dad. he’s taught me so much of the things he knows. Always says that when he dies he wants me to be known the way he is. My dad has never given me a bad example. Yes he may drink and stuff but he always likes to do it behind our backs so we won’t see him. He’s never offered us anything and even though he says you should try a lot of things at least once, the way he’s raised me I could never. He has always been there for me and my family. Never had we had to suffer the way he did. There’s always been a roof on our heads, clothes on our body, and food in our mouth. He may not seem like a big deal to you, but when I grow up I want to be just like my dad and if possible even better.

I’m very lucky to have a man like that in life. He has always stuck by my side no matter what. My dad has taught me what it’s like to be a man. All the memories he’s given me I will never forget. All the stories he’s told me I hope to pass down to my kids. I want my dad to be remembered for an eternity. I look up to my dad because he’s the greatest dad alive! I am uniquely qualified as a vet because of my love for animal’s, past experience and achieving my goals and accomplishments.
My passion for animals is to love them in many ways, giving them their different needs. Figuring out the problems by performing good connections and communication. I am willing to heal the broken hearts and outer skins on the helpless animals and not only the pets but the pet owners.

In my 19 years I’ve grown up with pets all my life, so I am aware of the requirements into keeping a pet and providing the right care for them, I’ve learned that every day I am learning something new about different species and still want to continue to gain new knowledge.

Studying animals all my life has also made me want to participate in an actual animal shelter, and maybe my own someday, I plan to better myself into the new things that come my way to help these animals and teach others the right way. essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay essay

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