Grown Woman (Bonus Video)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2013-12-13
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:24

Grown Woman (Bonus Video) - Beyoncé Music Video

Grown Woman (Bonus Video) - Beyoncé Lyrics

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  • Cute

    By strell relif
    Luv it
  • Grown woman

    By fredhead48
    If she is such a “grown woman “ then her videos need to be removed from under Queen’s heading and live here under her own listing. People may call her “queen bee” but she doesn’t hold 1/1000th percent of the talent that Queen still has! Move those Videos! Now please!
  • I wish I could just get the audio

    By SupaDupaSJ
    This song is delicious, would be great to have just the audio to add to my running playlist.
  • Bla

    By Hjwoody02
    Same stuff again and again
  • Great

    By Raabjr
    Wonderful creation!!!👌🏽🔥💯
  • Gr8

    By Isaiahmbitchell
  • 😑

    By Bo-Ze-Dog 😝
    Not impressed, this kind of music isn't my thing..
  • Awesome 😃😀

    By Bearface147
    I bet that was her when she was little still the best b
  • 😍

    By Baba_sanfor
    The edit tho, 😍😍 amazing
  • The time is now

    By ICUNurse/Cardiac
    Thank you B. Women need to know that it it is no longer just a man's world. Men are needed, they are desired adn respected, but women are as equal to them. Women hold the future, and I say this as a history buff, only because the greatist ruler of our known history, Queen Elizabeth, ruled the Golden Age. We fight now against the people that would silence our Science, our Knwoledge. Women can only take this march. Men are silenced dut to monitary influence.