• Mr.

    By John Paul Broski
    The power of this song and this voice proclaiming it is astonishingly profound!..... Love, love, love it- and have for years!..... Still gives goosebumps every time I hear it!...... Oh, yes, I can only imagine what it will be like!..... Perfect lyrics!..... Makes you look Heavenward!.....
  • Phenomenal

    By Timklinemd
    My fiancé introduced me to this song about a year or so ago. I instantly fell in love with the message and the music. Little did I know the significance of this until she was stricken with cancer and passed away last fall. The song and video have almost become my anthem and dedication to her memory. The day she died I kissed her and said 'baby, you don't have to imagine any longer.
  • good but....

    By TangyBubbleGum
    I like this song but the actors and actresses look depressed like their gonna die, and it sort of makes me feel sad (while I am looking at their faces) but maybe that's just the design of the video. I don't know, it's a good song but not a good buy!
  • I can only Imagine.........

    By Gods favorite !
    This song changed my life forever ! when listen to music I tend to lose sight of the words and focus on the beat of the music, but the lyrics Jumped at me and caused me to REALLY think about standing face to face with my savior, and what I would do on that day ..........I thank God for giving you the gift of song !!
  • Nurse

    By Rick_1960
    My father died in early 2005, a week later this song was palyed on radoi stations in the twin cities & let me know that my dad was truly in our Lords arms. Praise be to God!!
  • Praise God

    I love this song sooo much!! Everytime I hear it I start tearing up. This is amazing!!!
  • More stars!!

    By Iamthebestpersonintheworld
    I ***LOVE*** this song!! Iam dancing to it at church and I makes my want to cry everytime I listen to it!! Anyways... GREAT JOB MERCYME!!!! Love you and God bless <3
  • Awesome

    By Tocurious
    I don't know if I have ever heard a song that has ever touched my heart, as this song does.. Puts perspective on things for sure!!!!!
  • Sad and happy

    By cool gril
    I did this soing at my middle school pary thing this video shows all this peploe that need help I sartre to cry to god I love god
  • Goodone2

    By Buggv
    Oh how I love this song if I should ever get married this song will be in my wedding Beautiful Beautiful

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