• What about the girl?

    By Martini4u
    And the girl in the video is Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona from Burn Notice), so between Johnny Depp and Gabrielle, two hot stars in one video!
  • What about Mia???

    By Yokohama Dave
    Okay, what can you say, Tom is the greatest and all the mention of Johnny, but come on... not one mention of Mia? What's the world coming to? I saw this video for the first time at the Hard Rock in Amsterdam a few years ago and Ms Farrow stood out as a world class act!! I'm my mind, she's the key to making this video the huge sucess that it was.
  • Has no one noticed the other hottie?

    By AdamFan100
    One of my favorite videos of all time. The song rocks and yes, Johnny Depp is in it - which makes it even better. But don't you notice Joey from Friends at the end?
  • One of my all time favorites!

    By Huckdaddy
    Classic tale, great video!
  • kinda

    By TheOfficeFan15
    u can kinda tell thts johnny depp but kinda cnt. but thts not the point! the song is great, the video makes sense and if ur a johnny fan.......well thts just a little extra plus for u than! 5 stars for Petty!
  • eddie rebel=johhny depp <3

    By Lilladooza4eva
    ahhh!!! i love this video soo much i love tom petty and its 100times better with johnny depp!!! you cant top it!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy this now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this video!

    By Danicalifornia23
    I love Tom Petty Music and I love the fact that Johnny Depp is in this music video! He's my favorite actor!

    By DeppLover110
    I'm a huge fan of Johnny Depp! I hugged him in Crown Point IN when he was shooting his new movie. I'm also a fan of tom petty. this is one of my favorite songs.
  • OMG loving it!

    By waiting4depp
    OMG i remember when i first saw this video a couple yrs ago, i was like AHHHH, and all the sudden i remember hey let me put it on iphone so i can take johnny everywhere! tom is an awesome artist and depp is hott n a great actor! i love u johnny!

    By toocoolkitty25
    This video has the one the only Johnny Depp as Eddie Rebel now let me tell you that Johnny was the living and he is a legend well at least to me I know some Johnny Depp fans knew he was in this video

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