Kill This Love


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-04-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:11

Kill This Love - BLACKPINK Music Video

Kill This Love - BLACKPINK Lyrics

Cheonsa gateun Hi kkeuten akma gateun bye
maebeon michildeushan High dwien baeteoya haneun Price
igeon dabi eopsneun Test maebeon sokdeorado Yes
ttakhan gamjeongui noye
eoreo jugeul saranghae

Here I come kick in the door
gajang dokhan geollo jwo
ppeonhadi ppeonhan geu love
deo naenwabwa give me some more
araseo maedallyeo byeorang kkeute
hanmadimyeon tto like hebeolle hae
geu ttatteushan tteollimi saeppalgan seollemi
machi heaven gatgessjiman
you might not get it in

Look at me Look at you nuga deo apeulkka?
You smart nuga? You are
du nune pinunmul heureuge doendamyeon
So sorry nuga? You are

na eotteokhae nayakhan nal gyeondil su eopseo
aesseo du nuneul garin chae
sarangui sumtongeul kkeunheoyagesseo

let'S Kill This love

Feelin' like a sinner
Itt so fire with him I go boo hoo

He said you look crazy
Thank you baby
I owe it all to you

got me all messed up
His love it my favorite

but you plus me sadly can be dangerous

lucky me lucky you
gyeolgugen geojismal we lie
So what so what

manyage naega neol jiuge
doendamyeon So sorry
I'm not sorry

na eotteokhae nayakhan nal gyeondil su eopseo
aesseo nunmureul gamchun chae
sarangui sumtongeul kkeunheoyagesseo

Let'S Kill This Love

We all commit to love
That makes you cry
We're all making love
That kills you inside

We must kill this love
Yeah it's sad but true
Gotta kill this love
Before it kills you too
Kill this love
Yeah it's sad but true
Gotta kill this love
Gotta kill let's kill this love

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  • I love it ;-; 💜

    By Princess of march
    I really like their songs especially kill this love they’re probably my favorite K-pop band
  • OT4 STAN

    By Tgugyyd
    I mean if I wasn’t a 100% BLINK\crazed blackpink fan before this music video scams out, I don’t know what I am now. This video is my everything. Perfection.
  • Amazing

    By foreverwereeverywhere
    their videos only get better and better
  • The

    By ykalondra
    The visuals. The rap. The vocals. The trumpets. The drums. The dance. The fashion. The clothes. The girls. The production. The editing. The music. The video. The colors. The beginning. The song. The choreography. The chorus. The singing. The power. The potential. The taste. The style. The debut. The talent. The rhythm. The flavor. The success. The bass. The verse. The views. The queens. The internationality. The richness. The jewelry. The stylist. The producer. The humbleness. The beauty. The background. The breakdown. The transitions. The concept. The ending.
  • OMG!!!!

    By Tii Bundit
    One word “OMG!!!” Let’s Kill💔💔This Love!!!!
  • Nope

    By Justine361587
    I just do see the hype dududu was so much better this was boring
  • Queens came to slay

    By blackpinkstaysslaying
    It’s amazing. Periodtt
  • It grows on you

    By Mania0077
    I didn't like it the very first time but then again they have to change it up from their previous sound. They are evolving even though the BP hates don't like it. I think the visual are pretty good. I liked it when there was more choreography and less movie like production.
  • A masterpiece and good visuals

    By khlmr
    Visually pleasing, that you immediately get hooked on the song while seeing it
  • stream kill this love

    By jjailynn13
    I don’t understand all of the hate??? If you don’t like it, simply don’t buy or watch. People really care about my music taste. weirdos, yikes.