• abbas best song

    By therreid
    frida's so sexy in this vid!
  • Incredible piece of short filmmaking

    By ShinyShiny
    Despite it's upbeat tempo, Knowing Me, Knowing You is a rather sad song on the pain of a breakup. This video is an excellent complement to the music. Apparently filmed in 1976, long before MTV and big-budget music videos, the simplicity of this video allows the emotion of the underlying story to shine through. Basic filmmaking techniques, well executed, make this video work. Lighting, editing, freeze frame, camera, and direction together give the impression of a series of snapshots into the lives of the performers during a particularly painful breakup. If you appreciate the song solely for it's danceable beat, this video is not for you. However, if you appreciate the song as total work of art and appreciate the story, no matter how sad, no matter how painful, you will also appreciate this video.