• La IslaBonita

    By Reed girl 72
    This is one of my favorite videos .I will explain why .Two years ago . I performed as Madonna in a talent show that was presented at our Miami ElksLodge948 I did karaoke to her song and sprinkled in a little hint of Latin spicy choreography to my dance routines Everybody loved my interpretation of her It was such a thrill to come out of my shell and try something new and daring .She is truly the Queen of 80s pop.oops forgot to mention that I also like her other video Like A Virgin. .signed Lover of 80s dance pop
  • Cool song

    By doglover1011
    This song la isla Bonita a named after Cuba becuse she marrid a Cuban man and had a dutar that is half Cuban lurdes
  • greatest

    By Kika1645
    my favorite Madonna's song ^_^
  • Good

    By Fvcg6679
    Just good video I like the music

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