By Pit Mom 271
    I have a lot of Journey videos and they are all awesome! The live stuff is the best and when I’m in my car, its JOURNEY JAM all the way!!!! Miss you Stevie!!
  • Steve Perry is AWESOME!!!

    By Alive for today
    Both reviews are spot on! I was a lucky gal and did see Journey (sadly, only once) on their Escape tour. I can't say enough about Steve Perry's vocals. Magical. In college we would open up all our doors and have a 'Journey Jam'! The dorm was rocking!! My dream is to meet Steve Perry and thank him for sharing his gift. This is probably one of my favorite songs, but when I put them all together and start having my own 'Journey Jam', I love them all. Thank you again! You made music that touched the deepest part of my soul.
  • Rock Band Journey!

    By Jimmy Lee C.
    I can't agree more with the first reviewer. I never knew that one of the TOP 70's-80's Rock Bands who could really Play and write, and Songs expressed by JOURNEY's Lead Vocalist Extraordinaire Mr. Steve Perry who's purity, power, range,expressiveness of Pure Passion whatever the subject matter; his vocal instrument drove and continues to drive Everyone who ever saw and heard them perform live in concert,(what a Lucky group You all are!,) to have seen and heard live Amazing vocals of one the All Time Best Rock Bands, I first saw and heard on a TV show, "The Midnight Special." With host Wolfman Jack! Journey's musical talent as an all around group firmly placed them forever as one of the Most Popular, Best selling, widely sung and imitated by every Fan ever song they wrote, played and recorded! I too BEGG of iTunes to Please place any and All recorded Music Videos by Journey and those of Steve Perry during his all to short for me but brilliant Solo Career, i,e., songs like, Oh Sherri(y)! I want to buy them All! THANK YOU! From a music lover of those musicians and vocalist who could Truly Sing! Had a strong, powerful voice capable of expressing Every Human emotion that grips one's body and soul and makes them Stand up and sing in unison with trying to imitate one or all of the Band members or the Vocalist Powerful Voices,movements,&expressions! These Bands and lead Vocalist are of an era and generation of extraordinarily and prolific, Numerous Many Talented Artist that will be with us forever through these Music Video offerings! More Please!
  • missy64

    By missypaul
    I love you guys you make the best music ever plz send out more of your music videos,

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