Mariachi Blues

Andy Broad

  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 2016-07-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:26

Mariachi Blues - Andy Broad Music Video

Mariachi Blues - Andy Broad Lyrics

[Intro - Paddington Bear]
And as for the bread!
I know we're working through a tight budget
But we could at least add some sauce

[Verse 1 - Magma Marshez]
Grindin' like Paddington
Get that money, get that acclaim
I'm like 100 percent, certify me, can't deny me
Run circles round your face
Just say the Boss Baby shake
Pikachu, Pokemon, wait
This the best anime

Paddington, I'm so woke
Paddington, you're so broke
Paddington, you're on coke
Mickey D's, ice cream broke
Paddington, you gon choke
Paddington, you're a joke
Paddington, fresh tomatoes
Paddington, took yo hoe!

[Instrumental Break - 2 B*tches Fighting]

[Verse 2 - Miguelithoe & Magma Marshez]
Bitch it's Miguelithoe
Catch me sippin' on some Tito's
Or some SlimFast
Bitch I'm skinny, you're a fatso (fat bitch!)
I'm fucking rich bitch, and your ass, penniless!
2018, make my debut in the theater (Great Gatsby!)
People talk shit but they won't say it to me
LGBTQ, fakes thought they knew me
Got my senior pics, thought the guy wanted to do me (we had a connection)
Searched him up on Facebook, "wait, what, who's she?"
Love, Michael yeah, my life is a movie
Fuck blue lives cuz Mariah is skinny!
Paddington, bitch, fuck that old hoe Winnie!
You just mad cuz a night be winnin'
(Bye broke bitch, bye hoe!)

[Bridge - Magma Marshez]
(Let's get woke now)
The only way to fix America's gun problem is
More guns
More guns
More guns (boo, boo, boo, boo!)
If you see me on your block and you get fuckin' scared?
More guns
More guns
More guns, ay

[Verse 3]
I just blew your mind like "woah!"
It's because I'm so woke!
Yeah, fuck gun control
Kiss my cousin, got my crew, yeah bitch, let's roll
Don't come into my school or I'll go... (wait and see!)
Don't be actin' like a fool, I'll put that heat right on you!
Get your children a gun!
Get your parents a gun!
Get your grandma a gun!
It's all in good fun!
Guns are cool now!
We know what do now!
Next time it fuckin happens your head will go boom, ow!

[Verse 4]
Blood on the dance floor, all my songs sound the same
I don't drop tapes or albums, 2080 in the spring
I wanna boyband, got Michael here with me
Where are the other members?
We 2018 Heathers
Draped in a red hat, blue duffel coat
Maybe, red coat, blue hat, I dunno!
Green coat, yellow hat cost 10K!
Leather suitcase and my orange marmalade
Blowin' up, yeah dynamite, homemade
Halftime show, yeah you want barricade
To see my outfit custom-made, tailor-made
Trippin' up and down my dick, Bey, Lemonade
Yeah, I'm a healthy boy!
Eat all my minerals!
Bitch, I'm in the future, you're in peripherals (honk honk!)
Pipe, pipe yeah, get you on my intervals
Hop on my song, get wet like a pitcherful (drip drip!)
And I know whatcha sayin', "J.Rey why do you have to go act this way?"
Maybe I'm just gay for the NRA
And maybe y'all just sheep and it's because-

Paddington, I'm so woke
What I do doesn't hurt you
Paddington, you're so broke
Paddington, you're on coke
Doesn't affect you
Mickey D's, ice cream broke
Paddington, you gon choke
I fuck dogs
Paddington, you're a joke
Get over it
Paddington, fresh tomatoes
And where I do it, it's legal
Paddington, took yo hoe!

[Produced by Magma Marshez]

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