Mine (feat. Drake) [Video]


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2013-12-13
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:59

Mine (feat. Drake) [Video] - Beyoncé Music Video

Mine (feat. Drake) [Video] - Beyoncé Lyrics

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  • Disappointed

    By Suka328
    I bought this thinking Drake's verse was also in the video, but it's not. He just does a hook. I would've liked more Drake and less freak show.
  • ummm....

    By ...mystery
    weird thats all im going to say weird......
  • When the beat kicks in!

    By Connor Dalzin
    The video, lyrics, beat, song, drake's part. Everything is perfect. It is ralatible and beautiful
  • Deep

    By Happy Glad
    I love the message of the song… Stop making a big deal out of little things!!!
  • Nice

    By Follow in 1D
    Nice video a lot of work out into it
  • Deep and Unique

    By Jme-omr
    It's my favorite video and song of the entire album. I touches a lot topics that we all go through when in a relationship. Insecurities, feeling that you belong to someone, and that someone belongs to you. I love the visual of the video, it reminds me of previous Kanye West videos, (which btw surprises me that he was not featured on this album). About Drake, well, really good performance, his verses are really good, most likely he wrote them, and possibly even Beyonce's part. This reminnds me a lot to "Take Care" by Drake Feat. Rihanna, both visually and sound wise, as well as a few Kanye West Songs and Videos. Really Well Done !

    By SamSelez
    UGHHHH the visuals, the melody, the message! Props to Drake for probably writing this song, I respect Beyonce a lot for supporting it and going full out for conveying the themes of relationship identification in this video, so smart and so much thought put into it, Really great stuff