• Spanish Version of ABBA's Last Big Hit in U.S. and South America!

    By TexaninTn
    This is the Spanish-language version of "When All is Said and Done", which became ABBA's final Top 30 hit in the United States back in early 1982. Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) sings this one about the sadness following the breakup of her marriage to ABBA band mate, Benny Andersson. This song, also, became a hit in Mexico as well as several other South American countries. Anni-Frid (dark hair) and fellow ABBA vocalist Agnetha Faltskog both sing Spanish amazingly well, considering the fact that they are from Sweden. Anyway, this is a nice video. And, it's great to finally see ABBA videos--some that are new to me--turning up on iTunes after all of these years of not seeing any.