• Red Bull

    By BoastfulCookie
    Peter's (from Family Guy) version is way better and it's funny
  • Blah Blah never watch it

    By Music Money Maker
    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The song is boring!!
  • Where's the album?

    By Riley Ombac
    This isn't for the music video (Hell, I loved it!), this is for iTunes. Where the hell is the Ray Of Light album??? I tried searching for it around here, because it was up on here before, and now it just disappeared...
  • cool

    By musicwillneverdie
    really like this video. :] its cool how its the same director who made lady gagas telephone video
  • weird!!!!

    By sweetbannana1
    this is a very WEIRD music video but i like the song
  • Stunning

    By Ja999
    My favorite Madonna song ever and her hottest reinvention. This song takes me back to 1998 everytime I hear it, definitely a modern classic!
  • And I feel!

    By Evanescence rocks
    One of my fav Madonna videos to ever come out now all we need is Human Nautre!
  • Wow..! Fast..!

    By Al!ce
    Great song! This video is faster than a ray of light! The 1st time I saw it I was like, woah.
  • Excellent

    By skirmich
    Good song and Excellent Album too, BUT IM PISSED >> iTunes why you dont have the "Beautiful Stranger" VIDEO!!!!! i want it!!!!! my wallet prays for the day i can have that video on my iPhone G3
  • I like it.

    By #1victoriousfan
    This video & song are cool but the video is not explicit.

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