• Suspicions

    By pamski
    Loved it , but I Tunes ...What's with the Volume? Soooo Low! I can hardly hear it on my phone
  • Suspicions

    By Whalesong56
    Great video and song. When will you get more McGraw videos, old or new. Three videos are certainly NOT ENOUGH!!!
  • HOTTTTTTTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    By bo_hendo
    It's sooooooooooooooooooo stupid how they won't put more Tim Mcgraw Videos on here!!!!!! I mean why wouldn't Itunes want to put more HOTTIES like Tim:D on?!?!?! It just confuses me!!!!!!!! And BTW TIM IS soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!:D
  • Leather pants!

    By Currankei
    This one can really get a MAN going! Amazing voice, charisma... Tight leather pants. Totally awesome. No one sexier, man. AND, he's in favor of gay marriage! What's not to love? I have every album of his and of Faith's. Videos, movies... He is one lucky man and she is one lucky lady. And, man... He is sex on a stick! Rock on, brother!
  • My Timmy!

    By RacePrincess
    Any video/song with Tim McGraw is amazing! I absolutely love this man. This song is so cool I love that he put his twist to this tune. Keep the Tim videos coming.
  • Hot in leather

    By Deary2
    This is one hot video that can get a woman going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By critikzsuk
    iTunes needs more Tim videos. Come on people....there are only THREE! And one of them is a duet!! There should be more more more! haha Especially the ones with Faith Hill.
  • WE WANT MORE!!!!

    By Daughtry_fan_4_eva
    I love all Tim McGraw but I want more! Put more videos up!
  • What is Up With iTunes

    By CarolynMcEvoy
    Tim McGraw has a vast library of music videos - so why does iTunes not offer any except this one and a couple of unrelated pieces. Is the person who decides what to make available jealous of Tim? If no--- then load it up buddy! Let's get some more Tim on here!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Future Mrs.Tim McGraw

    By allison14
    Im only 11 years old and i LOVE him. My aunt and mother love him 2 He is soooooooooooo cute. Back to the song, awesome song with awesome voice.................and awesome looks! lol

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