Anthony Brown & group therAPy

  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 2013-04-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:30

Testimony - Anthony Brown & group therAPy Music Video

Testimony - Anthony Brown & group therAPy Lyrics

This song's dedicated to
Everyone who made it
Through many test and trials
Hopeless situation

Now you have a story that the
Angels can't sing in glory
You're redeemed from the hand
of the enemy

(Here we go) Whether its in the court room
Or fighting in the board room
Trying to feed your famili
Or kicked out undermeath you
God is more than able he can turn the tables

So turn and tell your neighbor now its
Time for you to return the favor

Can I a witness just need one witness
Thats gods still working miracles
Opening doors that were closed before
He's still making ways
When others say that there aint no way
If you know this is true
This is what I need you to do
Get up with me and say

Can't nobody tell like it me
Can't nobody say it like
You don't known the story like me
Cause it's my it's my
Testimony say

Can't praise him like me say
Can't nobody praise him for me
He's given me the victory
And now I got a I got a Testimony

Anybody ever had a sickness
Been bound by any illness
Laid up in a sick room
And the doctor said theres
Nothing he can do

While they called your family
You cried out lord please help me
Cause you know deep down
inside that he would heal you
Now lets fast forward

Now the doctors can't explain it
Some way some how you made it
Never stopped believing
Now your walking in your healing

Everythings not perfect
But you don't look what you benn through
Now you can tell somebody
If he did for me, he can do it for you

Say it's my it's my hey it's my testimony say
I got a I got a I got a testimony say
Say it's my it's my hey say it's my testimony say
Now I got a I got ai got a testimony say

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