Two Step (Live)

Dave Matthews Band

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2004-01-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:48

Two Step (Live) - Dave Matthews Band Music Video

Two Step (Live) - Dave Matthews Band Lyrics

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  • awesome!

    By noeeeelllleee
    i love this version and i hope they put on say goodbye too because i love that version tooo! but i also noticed that the dream girl video isn't on itunes so im hoping that they will put that one on and other live versions too.
  • This is the song

    By ahexom
    This was the crash tour and at that point two step wasnt the 15 min song it is today
  • iTunes Solves Everything

    By iTunes Rep.
    There are sync issues, however it is because the audio file is always the first to load, leaving the video a short second behind. This can be easily overcome when it is purchased and downloaded. iTunes correctly detects and syncs all audio and video footage for optimum performance.
  • Way too short and not synched up..

    By Jersey82799
    I have never seen/heard a version of Two Step under 4 minutes, I didn't even think it was possible. Don't waste your money, don't download this video.
  • The Entire Song Please?

    By raparris22
    What happened to the rest of the song? I don't think Dave has ever played a 4 minute version of Two Step....
  • Don't Buy it

    By jaydonna
    It doesn't work, just comes up as audio and is really short
  • Not synched

    By jerwood29
    The audio and visual are NOT synched. Its actually way off!!! This is an amazing version of Two Step but the video is hard to watch because of the synch issue!!!!!!!

    I don't know what the other review was trying to say, I think they need to delete and reload the video again. This video is full of energy, and one of the best versions of Two Step out there. I still think "Two Step in the rain" at Giants Stadium was the best version, with the Piedmont Park coming ion a close second, but only because I was about ten feet away!
  • this video deserves 6 stars

    By tonyk
    this video shows what its like at a show. a dave show is truely a fabulous time. its a must do.
  • The words do not match dave's mouth

    By dmbfan92
    when dave sings his words don't match his mouth and this is very annoying when you watch the video... unless it only glitched on mine this is not worth buying

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