• journey rocks

    By rockin rob M.
    a great group, that is a part of the soundtrack to my life. ty journey. i'm glad i get to share my memories of your music with my kids.
  • Fo Sho

    By gdub68
    Yeah I saw this tour in Long Beach, a young Heather Locklear sat right in front of Video IMO was Send her my Love..but everything they did was amazing. Steve Perry's range was unlike anything I have heard then or since. I am so glad I saw them at least once in their prime.
  • More Journey videos please!

    By shortstack40
    Please, Please, Please add more Journey videos!!! Faithfully was one of my most favorites!!!!!

    By steve743
    i love journey and this is very cool!!! i just wish separate ways worlds apart was on here! Perry on!!!!
  • Journey ROCKS!!!

    By Zak3
    Ok wouldn't it be weird if that last revue was from a guy!! :)ha But really JOURNEY IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!! And iTunes you REALLY have to make more vids!!!
  • 4 words: JOURNEY IS THE BEST !!!

    By Perrylover1983
    Journey is the best band ever !!! and, Steve Perry is the sweetest guy on the planet !!! Their music is simply perfect!! I love you Steve !! You make my life worth living!!!
  • Please ADD MORE!!

    By KL90
    iTunes can you please add more Journey videos such as 'Separate Ways' ?!?!! Also please add Steve Perry videos too!!!

    By starsetter
    Steve Perry is the best there is! iTunes, pls. we need more videos from Journey/Steve Perry (music videos or live performances). Steve Perry is indeed the VOICE!!! Love him!
  • Love Original Journey Members!!

    By sparrow777
    Good to see a different video I haven't seen before. If Journey came back to this they would rock the house! But, I Tunes staff where are the classics, like "Lights", "Loving, Touching, Squeezin", your snoozing!
  • What a Flashback

    By cmvsm
    I feel sorry for the kids these days who don't have access to the talent of bands like Journey from the 80's. Steve Perry's voice was just incredible and no matter who you were or what walk of life you came from, it was hard not to be influenced in some manner by this great music.

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