Blonde - Frank Ocean User Reviews

  • frank 💚

    By (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⊙ω⊙ ಠ_ಠ
    no one does reviews anymore but years later and this album is still a musical masterpiece. Anyone who hates this album is lying
  • 10 starts

    By Bob Yams
  • Beautiful

    By tylmill
    its a masterpiece, not much else to say.
  • Incredible Life Changing Masterpiece/Piece of Art

    By Elijah Petersson
    This album should literally be hung in a museum, people might think I’m hyping this review up, but I can never say that. When you first hear this album your life feels completely different, you start to appreciate everything. The second time you hear, you get this feeling of nostalgia and years worth of happiness and enjoyment, and finally the third time you hear, you just take in mass experience that this man can create and the phenomenal quality of the album itself. This album changed my life completely and it will change yours, you just need to notice this man’s craft and the pure amazing feeling that he carry’s with him, listen more than once if you don’t think at first it’s a masterpiece. We will hopefully remember Frank Ocean and listen to this piece of work for years to come.
  • yes.

    By yeetustothefeets08
    so good mouth watering, worth robbing an old man for money to buy this
  • happy 5th birthday blonde

    By blyss18
    This album came out when I was working two jobs right before I left my home state to move across the country for college. The livestream had kept me occupied and then Nikes came out. I was stressed all day at work the 20th bc I didn’t want to be on the floor and miss the drop. I finally got to leave and looked at my phone and 8 minutes ago the album came out!!! I RAN to my car to listen to it and drove to the town over and back to listen to it in the car the whole way. This album felt like an end and beginning and I listen to it once a month. It makes me feel like I’m ready to be a new person or take on the world again. it’s riddled with heartbreak but also with hope. I hadn’t bought an album on Itunes in YEARS but I had to buy this. No matter where I go I knew i needed this with me. Frank Ocean will never know or comprehend the fact he changed my life this day in 2016. I entered high school with Channel Orange and entered college with Blonde. It’s been a few years but hopefully a new album will define me once again. thank you always.
  • :D

    By Wavy_.kate
  • Life changing

    By Johny Pizza
    Frankie daddy 😩
  • Classic 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

    By A to tha V
    One of the best R&B albums ever.
  • perfect

    By The Onion Ring

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