Burn the Sky Down (Bonus Track Version) - Emma Hewitt User Reviews

  • Wow!

    By mjg2222
    Just stumbled upon her and I can't believe my ears…so good. Sad but soooooo good!
  • Beautiful, Dark, Fantastic Album..

    By eenerslewis
  • Sheer PERFECTION!!!!

    By mikeygoestohollywood
    Emma is a rare breed of female trance singers. Most of the time (with few exceptions), all the female vocalists trance artists use in their tunes begin to sound alike. Not Emma. Her vocals are beyond ethereal. Her range is INCREDIBLE. The best moments on this record are those when Emma uses her spine-tingling lower register (Miss You Paradise and Rewind are good examples). She has amazing vocal control over her unique vibrato and warm and emotional vocal tones. As far as I'm concerned, the only gripe I have about this stellar, mature, and immaculately beautiful album is that it could be twenty or thirty songs longer. This beautiful woman's solo career is going to be something very, very special- and I can't wait to be hete to witness it. By the way, some of Emma's most beautiful moments are the stripped-down acoustic/strings arrangements of a few of her songs and collabs that can be found on the remix singles of the songs ("Waiting" with Dash Berlin; and her two solo tracks "Colours" and the crowning glory, "Miss You Paradise". The acoustic versions of these songs are in a lot of ways superior to the originals because they showcase Emma's incredible vocal presence much better.) If you buy only one album this year, make it this one.
  • Awesome.

    By s.n.c
    every song magical!! Great album!!!!!
  • Beautiful

    By Omar. M
    Beautiful, Different, Pure! I also recommend the Trance remixes!

    By kevntoo
    Absolute perfection! Love you, Emma!!

    By chazzz
    I havn't even bought the album yet, and I know it's gonna be amazing!!!!

    By Lori Circeo
    ……yeah. Love it. That is all.

    By Passion24_7
    At last this amazing singer/songwriter has a solo, debut album. Ever since I first heard the song "Waiting" by Dash Berlin over a year ago I have been following this girl like crazy and when I found out she was releasing a solo album I couldn't be happier. I literally waited until midnight to download this album and she does not disappoint. Other great singers for example Marilyn Manson and Gwen Stefani worked with Emma on this album and she deserves all the fame and recognition she can get.
  • Haunting Album, beautiful songs...

    By LilithFair89
    Have been looking forward to this album for quite some time and I certainly wasn't disappointed. A slightly darker departure from her trance roots, this album provides a superb departure from Hewitt's usual trance outings. Really looking forward to the release of the full remix package in June also...this is going to be on the ipod for a long time to come!!! Beautiful stuff...

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