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  • 80s Hard Rock

    By Robert in Kentucky
    Warrant set the stage with an album packed with hits. Jani Lane’s vocal performance not only nails the hard driven songs, but is exquisite on the ballads. Warrant was a main staple on the 80s hard rock billboard charts with hits like “Where the Down Boys Go” and “Heaven” to name a few.
  • A Staple

    By imsfan
    I was hooked when I first heard Down Boys, then being fortunate enough to catch Warrant twice supporting their first two albums. Their onstage performances were phenomenal, true showmen. I loved Jani's style and range, "I Saw Red" is a showcase in my opinion. It was a double edged sword with Cherry Pie how it became so popular yet a burden mentally i.e.:VH1 Behind the music. I even became sick of the song after awhile, knowing its usefulness now is strip clubs. I understand bands continue on but I'm not down with the sound or singer. I'm just thankful for the great jams and memories that Jani left us.
  • Good Rock Album from a Great Era

    By chevyorange
    This album is good top to bottom, the real deal 80s rock sound with ballads and rockers. Frankly, I didn’t like much after this album but I will have to revisit them. This album is a just decision to add to a rocker’s library in my opinion.
  • Perfect Music

    By silmarilln
    Album is amazing better any garbage made in the last 2 decades iTunes Where is the bonus track version? Bring it back!!
  • Great Album!

    By goats rule
    There are some awesome songs on this album! Warrant is a great band!
  • I have to be honest

    By Brybarion
    I hate hair metal but to me this is the best album Warrant ever put out. I takes me back to when I was with my mother rockin out. This was what was cool along with Slaughter even in the early 90's when Nirvana was blowing these bands out of the water thank god. This was one of the bands that out lasted the others of that time truthfully. It died with Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie killed them dead. This album is worth it. All of these songs are Gold.
  • Stands The Test

    By Foreign Canadian
    I loved this album when I was sixteen, and I'm listening to it right now, at an age I will not mention. Jani Lane will be missed. Under-rated for sure.
  • Incredible album!!

    By CVEG
    DRFSR, Cherry Pie, Dog Eat Dog and Ultraphobic are 4 of the best rock albums a person can buy!...Period! Warrant is one of the most underrated rock bands ever. And the 2 albums that were completely overlooked (Dog Eat Dog and Ultraphobic) were every bit as good, if not better, than their first 2 records. From top to bottom, Dog Eat Dog is one of the best rock albums I've ever listened to. Some of Jani's solo stuff is stellar too! Damnit Lane, why'd you have to go?! You are greatly missed man! Goodbye, and I hope you are at peace....CVEG
  • Great, Fun Music

    By TakeItEasyBaby
    This is really just a fun album with lots of upbeat, good times types of songs. I saw Warrant for the first time when they opened for Motley Crue around 1989. I left the show wishing they had played longer! Jani Lane was a great frontman and an incredible, under-rated singer and song writer. While this is not their best album, it is a good one. I went on to buy every album they made (with Jani) and was fortunate enough to see them in concert several times through the years. I am a music junkie and have seen many, many concerts by some of the best in the business over the past 30 years and to this day, I still have to say that Warrant with J Lane as their frontman was one of the most fun, high energy shows I could go to. I love their Live album and as for studio albums, I'd have to say Dog Eat Dog and Belly to Belly are my favorites, although there are gems to be found on every one of their disc. 32 Pennies, Sometimes She Cries and Heaven are my favorites from this one. I was shocked when I heard that Jani had died. What an incredible loss for his fans and for music in general. He was one of a kind and I never would have thought the death of a musican that I didn't really know would ever have any kind of impact on me. But this one really got to me. I loved Jani Lane and his music.
  • RIP Jani

    By Kristian Josifoski
    I was so shocked to find out he died. I always loved Warrant.

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