Glory (Deluxe Edition) - Kutless User Reviews

  • Haters

    By Classy kidd
    All these haters ! They're singing for GOD, not you . Stop hating on one of the best Christian bands to date.
  • Grizz1870

    By Grizz1870
    I like these guys but I really miss the way they used to sound like "Not what you see" and "shut me out". This is like their third fourth worship album and that's all fine if they're wanting to express that. But you could still have those messages in a rock setting. They just need to bring out an album that blows us all away and reaches back to their roots.
  • Wow!

    By 5Schultz
    Thanks Kutless for leading me into worship with the Creator! I cannot wait for us to worship Him together before His throne someday!
  • simply great

    By Corstra123
    What a great album this is. The lyrics make this stand out. Reminds me of Petra indeed. The power of Thruth, strong vocals and instruments. Thank you.
  • Unbelievable

    By Kacey R.
    Kutless return to your original style!!!!!! I saw these guys live 2 years ago they sang 99% contemporary that wasn’t their own stuff, Kutless is the biggest let down I ever saw live, I’ve been done with them ever since and I have never listened to another song of theirs ever since!
  • Love it

    By John Jerackas
    I don't want a rock Christian album. Some of the bad reviews are because it isn't rock enough, were singing about God, it shouldn't sound like an AC DC rock concert. I love their newer albums, keep them coming. I'm not old either, only 39.
  • What happened to the old Kutless...

    By Matty Q.
    What happened to the christian rock group we all used to know and love? There isn’t anything wrong with this album or their new style, but I just miss their old stuff.
  • I miss the old school

    By NAIST
    I so miss the old Kutless!!! I need the rockin Kutless!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise music is great but its no enjoyment to me when that's were you are rooted in!!
  • Good but miss old Kutless

    By loveGodloveothers
    I'm thankful for Kutless in being faithful to what God has called them to do in ministry. Their songs and lyrics are great. Personally I loved their hard rock sound and do miss that. They have changed and are different, but that's what bands usually do. Still, I'm so grateful they are still following Jesus and seeking to make His name known!
  • ...

    By whetsell
    What happened to the rock??? I know what you're thinking.. Why if I didn't love the album why give it 5 stars. Well I give 5 stars to the band for sticking with playing music for Jesus. Giving glory to God and not themselves. But as far as the band I feel they went more mainstream. Not just for this album but the Believer album as well. The rock isn't there anymore. The only song that could be argued for a rock song off this album is "Rest" which would be the 1 and only song I would buy off this record. Disappointed?...yes but don't let us stop them from making good worship music for others to enjoy! I wish this band the best of luck with their career.

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