Glory - Kutless User Reviews

  • Make something new

    By maddpotterartist
    Worship is great...But Kutless you need to come out with a REAL ALBUM. A ROCK ALBUM.
  • Awesome!

    By brb602
    Great Job
  • Not again

    By Wild_indeed
    Remember when they did cool music? Hearts of The Innocent comes to mind...this kind of music is just being done to death right now
  • WOW

    By Specializedcyclist
    Thank you for putting out yet another amazing recording....
  • amazing

    By catalyst1818
    this album is out of this world
  • nice cd but one huge flaw

    By NobapDuile
    Its a good cd but the track number 8 which is "rest" and track number 9 which is "restore me" are the same song. So what can we do about that?
  • Great, but has a flaw

    By Jcmaster21
    It plays rest twice "rest" and it plays "rest" on "restore me" that is unacceptable and it needs to be fixed immediately
  • Good praise album

    By Dorhizzle
    This is a very good album. Kutless goes in a slightly different direction than they have in the past, aiming at more praise & worship with this outing. While Glory is more mainstream than their other albums, the songs are based on Scripture and are very uplifting. This album is definitely worth buying!
  • Awsome

    By Logman88
    This Album is Awsome. Kutless has done it again!!
  • Another winner!

    By Brookie4444
    Just listened to preview and can’t wait for my cd to arrive!

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