Housefires III - Housefires User Reviews

  • This is a copy of my HOUSEFIRES II review, but why not?

    By dddwyer
    This is kind of a review for I I and III -- not for individual tracks so much as just the experience of something so refreshing: I've heard II and III and this is the real deal. It's hard to find prerecorded worship music which genuinely sounds Spirit-filled -- it's usually very craftsmanlike product with just signifiers of emotion. But Housefires' stuff is terrific and feel genuine. The musicianship is superb, but the spiritual connection is, and I appreeciate that the audience is recorded well so that the listener really feels a sense of a house in worship together and not a bunch of people performing songs for an audience. Highly recommended.
  • A must!!!!😀

    By Whirlwind0022
    This group has become one of my favorites! Housefire II and this album makes me realize how blessed we are with such talented worshipers who love God!
  • Phenomenal, annointed and powerful

    By JesGeorge7
    As always Housefires deliever a solid album that allows you to soak in the presence of the Lord. Reminscent on how good of a Father He is. Thank you.
  • Amazing!

    By Nikki13336
    Such a great album!! This band never disappoints! Don't go another day without this album. Yassss lord! 🙌 #kaplesyrup
  • Really disappointed

    By Leigh800
    This album lacks the passion and spontaneity that made Housefires II great. I've been waiting for this album for a while, but was really disappointed by the lack of creativity, originality, and passion on this third record. Most of the songs are extremely repetitive and long. I would recommend downloading "Yes and Amen" "Fill Me With the Fullness" "Abide" "On and On" I wish I could have given this album 5 stars, but it really lacked the passion and "umph" that Housefires II had.

    By ronnysison
    Wow! I have cried so much to this!!! Jesus thank you! The worship in this album is truly from the heart and anointed from the Holy Spirit! So blessed to have Housefires here in Atlanta & call them Home! MUCH LOVE!!!
  • Amazing

    By Justikun
    Simply just amazing.
  • Yup

    By Maaatix
    Love it. And I love Patrick Barrett

    By MandyKdot
    This new album is slamming my heart with simple and profound love love love. Best one yet. ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥❤️
  • If you I like a short phrase in constant repetition

    By David Housholder
    Worship music tastes vary. Some will (and judging by the reviews have) appreciate this album. In my case, if the song repeats a single phrase over and over and over I wonder why reviews call it creative writing. I bought it based on the reviews of how powerful it was. I may try it again sometime, but I think it will remain a $9.99 disappointment. There is a hypnotic effect of short phrase repetition, but I prefer music with content like from Daniel Bashta or Matt Redmon or Third Day.